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Announcing Windows Live ID Authentication for SharePoint

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I’m glad to announce that from now on you can find my project Windows Live ID Authentication for SharePoint on CodePlex.

Windows Live ID Authentication for SharePoint is a project that has been developed for some time for the upcoming Swedish SharePoint Community Site, which will be an awesome site with some really cool features of which this is one.

I have previously tried some of the available Windows Live ID providers for SharePoint that are out there on the market and the best (previously) one is the provider from the Community Kit for SharePoint, originally developed by Keith Bunge. It has a great basic application design, but had some things that annoyed me and some things I wanted to change, therefore I created my own version, with the CKS version in mind, which I hope that you find useful.

There are a lot of features in the provider and I have some even greater plans…

  • All configuration done through the SharePoint web interface; Central Administration or in the sites
  • Forces users to register once registered
  • Profile information that is more community-like
  • Profile images
  • Web Parts for displaying last logged in, last registered and all users.
  • Users can be locked
  • Approval of users can be turned on
  • Profile changes can be published to announcement lists
  • Four predefined roles for permissions management

You can download it now from, you will also find a document with installation and configuration instructions. There are a few known bugs on which I work on, but if you can spot them or others, please report an Issue on the CodePlex and if you have any suggestions I really like to hear them.

In upcoming posts I will dig into some of the features a little bit more, but until then here are some screenshots.

Configuration in Central Administration Logged in users menu Configuration of the Live ID enabled Web Application
Configuration in Central Administration Logged in users menu Configuration of the Live ID enabled Web Application
Last logged in members web part Edit personal profile Built-in Live roles
Last logged in members web part Edit personal profile Built-in Live roles

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  • Ian Morrish said

    Installed as per codeplex instructions. The extended web app has good looking web.config settings and profile admin site on NTLM Default zone has LiveProfiles list. Clicking on login brings up the _layouts/login.aspx page. Is this correct? URL will be but I haven't got the DNS entry created yet (just using hosts file).

  • Wictor said

    Hi Ian, when configuring the WLA for SP similar configs should be done to the web.config, so that when you click the std Sign In link you will be redirected to the live id servers and then back to the .ashx file. Pleas mail me for better support (wictor{a}

  • Carlos Morales said

    Hi Wictor, I am happy with this sleek solution you built, and that I've been using for about 3 months now. Do you know how much of a deal would be to upgrade this to work with Sharepoint 2010? That's stopping me from upgrading to the beta. :)

  • loogares said

    Hi, i would like to know if there's a way to make work this solution in MOSS2010 if not, do you know any application i can use to provide LIVEID login in MOSS2010? I allready know about the shetab one, any help would be greatly appreciated

  • Madnik7 said

    Here is another solution works for SharePoint 2010 with claims based authentication. It is SharePoint Trusted Identity

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