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Announcing: msfeedicon version 2.0

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msfeedicon is now released at version 2.0 and is a major update to the previous versions.

msfeedicon is a plugin to the Windows RSS platform and Internet Explorer 7 Feeds and appears as an icon in the Windows XP/Vista system tray and displays when you have unread posts in your subscribed feeds. Whenever there is new posts in a feed msfeedicon will show an alert window with direct access to unread posts. No more need to have the Feeds Favorites Center visible in Internet Explorer nor Internet Explorer open to see when your feeds are updated.


  • Runs at startup (customizable*)
  • Icon in the system tray displaying if there are unread posts or not
  • Alert windows (customizable*) for new posts with direct access to the feed
  • Notification of new versions of msfeedicon
  • Free
  • Feed statistics
  • Mark posts unread automatically* (customizable)
    • Internet Explorer 7 only marks feeds as read when you close the tab with the feed or you navigate away from the feed
  • Enable or disable the automatic feed sync
  • Icon in system tray indicates if the feed sync is downloading or is enabled/disabled 
  • Install and uninstall program
  • Force an update of all feeds
  • Customizable*
  • ...

* is new in version 2


Requirements are checked during installation.

  • Windows XP Service Pack 2 or Windows Vista
  • Microsoft.NET 2.0 Framework
  • Internet Explorer 7


The download is available at:


Icon in system tray

Icon in system tray

Alert window when a feed is updated

Alert window when a feed is updated

Menu of msfeedicon

Menu of msfeedicon

Settings dialog

Settings dialog

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