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Great hosting site - DotNetPark

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I have moved this blog to my own domain, and I decided to have it hosted at DotNetPark.

DotNetPark has an excellent service at great prices. For me it was important to have ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server where I hosted my site and they have all that and more. I can easily publish the site using FTP from Visual Studio and connect to the SQL Server using the Enterprise Manager or Visual Studio. Their interface, called DotNetPanel, provides you with everything you need to host your site.You can also have a number of services installed at your request, for example how about Windows SharePoint Services!

I just want to say thanks to DotNetPark!

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  • James Douglas said

    Just want to share that I am very happy with my hosting provider They offer mssql express and their price is quite affordable Check their site at <a href=''> </a>

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