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Internet Explorer 8 passes web standards test

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Microsoft is currently in the middle of the process of creating the next generation Microsoft web browser, with the fantastic name - Internet Explorer 8.

A few days ago, the IE team reports, the internal build of Internet Explorer 8 passed the Acid2 browser test, which is used to ensure proper support for web standards. Acid2 test on IE7 This is not the case with IE7, take a look at the picture on the right, it should render to a nice smiley...

During the first half of 2008 a (public) beta of Internet Explorer 8 will be released, which is great news. I really hope that we all will get the opportunity to test quite early builds so the community can have their say. Internet Explorer is the browser that receives the most complaints, so if a lot of web standards devotees have their saying in the development/evolution process of the next generation IE we will probably get a better browser.

My guess is that with some luck we will have a new Internet Explorer to download for next Christmas.

If you are interested in some more reading on the predictions on Microsoft releases for 2008 during the weekends then check out Mary Jo Foleys - What's on Microsoft's agenda for 2008 or Steven Binks - What to expect from Microsoft in 2008.

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  • quikboy said

    I'm guessing IE8 must be really something big. With increased competition amongst Firefox and Opera, Microsoft is now finally delivering. I'm thinking IE8 will be a big contender for the best browser award. If IE8 were just some nice good updates like IE7, Microsoft doesn't have much of a hope. I'm thinking that IE8 will really be something revolutionary.

  • Ferdinand F. Liu said

    Which one do you think better? Comparing MSIE 7 and FireFox 2, I personally prefer Mozilla. I hate the way MSIE 7 manages resources. It consumes too much of (my limited) memory resource... And it lacks support of Clean CSS, low performance on executing tight-iteration in JavaScript with no-crash detection/antifreeze feature, no support for HTML-5 (I really love the Canvas feature). And the worst thing about MSIE... my web rendered dramatically different over versions, even after following 'proprietary' Microsoft 'standard' taken from MSDN (not to mention difference with other W3C-compliant browsers). Yeah, just hope it can be better browser. It takes years to update afterall (while FireFox release update within months)...

  • Wictor said

    Only time will tell which browser will be my prefferred one. Hopefully it should not make any difference in the future, if all browser follow the same standards. Therefore I hope that the implementors of browsers create other interesting features around the browsing experience that will help you choose your browser. For example integration to other applications (thick or thin). Today it is MSIE7, despite some major flaws.

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