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Preventing comment spam using LinkSleeve

Tags: .NET, C#, XML, Website

I have a lot of problem with comment spam on the blog as well as spamming on the trackbacks and the problem is spread widely over the blogging world. A lot of you turn off comments or have registration or other methods to get rid of the comment spamming.

LinkSleeve (SLV - Spam Link Verification) is a link spam solution that checks a text for well-known URL's in a text and tells if it contains any known spam addresses. This service is provided via an XML-RPC service without any licensing.

This service is ideal for you out there who have built their own blog application, and here is a simple implementation of it in C#:

public class LinkSleeve{        //
    public static bool IsSpam(string text){
        ILinkSleeve proxy = (ILinkSleeve) XmlRpcProxyGen.Create( typeof(ILinkSleeve) );
        return proxy.Check(text) == 0 ? true : false;      }
    public interface ILinkSleeve{
        //INFO: must be public for .NET 2.0 support
        int Check(string text);

The Check method returns true if the text seems to contain spam and otherwise false.

To be able to use this you need to have XML-RPC.NET library.


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