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SharePoint and Exchange Conference 2010 and User Group meeting wrap up

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This years SharePoint and Exchange Conference, the seventh in order, took place this week. For the second year I was there as a speaker and had just as great time as last year. It is currently the largest conference in Scandinavia focusing on SharePoint and Exchange technologies and its growing for each year.

Göran Husman (MVP) and Beatrice from Humandata has done an excellent job in putting this conference together and finding such good speakers; both national and international. Thank you!

The conference had some extra icing this year with presentations about three brand new Microsoft products; Internet Explorer 9, Windows Phone 7 and Xbox Kinect. All I can say is that I'm all in - amazing stuff!

I presented two sessions; Playing in the SharePoint Sandbox and KPI for the People. Thanks to everyone attending and for the interesting questions. Funny thing is with us Swedes that the interesting questions always comes after the session, we're quite shy over here... As promised below are my presentation slides (all powered with Office Web Apps).

User Group meeting

A couple of weeks ago we had the Sweden SharePoint User Group meeting at the Microsoft HQ in Akalla. It was good to see such crowd even that far out of town. It was a really good to listen to Pontus Haglund introducing the new Microsoft Lync.

I did a session about Visio and Visio Services and my presentation can be found below.

SharePoint 2010 + Visio 2010

KPI for the People

Playing in the Sandbox


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