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Turn off analog TV? It's happening right now!

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Robert Scoble is writing about that the analog TV will be turned off (Turn off analog TV? It’ll never happen) in two years and that he thinks this is not going to happen. This is exactly what's happening in Sweden right now, by the next few months the last analog terrestrial broadcast is turned off. I think this is great except for that almost every TV has analog recievers and you therefore have to buy another box, with a new remote etc etc. Thank god I'm using a Media Center computer :-), anyone have any suggestions for a good HD Ready dual digital-TV tuner card compatible with Windows Vista?

HD Ready I also think it's sad that the digital-tv broadcasted here in Sweden is not HDTV, it's still plain old PAL. The last few months have been great for the flat-screen market and almost every screen sold is HDTV ready, so a lot of people will be dissapointed when they are watching TV and doesn't experience the HDTV feeling. So when HDTV is coming most people have to buy new boxes, once again...

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