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  • Status of ChartPart for SharePoint 2010

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    Chart Part

    I have recently been getting quite a few requests and comments about the status of ChartPart for SharePoint - a charting Web Part that I built about a year ago and shared on Codeplex. This latest version have had more than 6.000 downloads which I think is amazing, version 1 had close to 10.000 downloads.

    I temporarily put this project on hold a couple of months a go, due to two major reasons; the built-in Chart Web Part in SharePoint 2010 and that I'm currently writing a book (which essentially means that I have no time at all). Now we now that the out-of-the-box charting Web Part is SharePoint 2010 Server Enterprise only and I only have one and half chapters left on the book.

    So I aim to produce a new and improved ChartPart for SharePoint 2010 as soon as I return from my (well deserved IMHO) vacation.

    If you have any requests, ideas or rants about ChartPart for SharePoint then head on over to the Codeplex site and discuss or submit a feature request.

  • Summing up the year of 2009 and embracing 2010

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    The year of 2009 is about to close and it’s time for me to summarize this year, as I’ve done for the last few years (2006, 2007 and 2008). This year has been one of the most inspiring and exciting years for me in a very long time. I have been doing so much fun stuff this year.

    The most significant change has been starting to work for my new employer Connecta (after nine years at basically the same employer). I needed some new challenges and I now work with some really talented people from whom I learn and share so much. As you readers know, it’s all about SharePoint for me and I have done some awesome projects this year that I’m proud of and really looking forward to some SharePoint 2010 gigs. I also finally got my MCT certification and already scheduled a number of courses for next year, looking forward to meet some aspiring SharePoint students!

    Another really cool thing is that just a few weeks ago I signed a contract with Manning Publications about writing a book on SharePoint 2010, first chapter is due in a few days. This is something that I wanted to do for some time; it’s hard work but it makes me get even better – and that’s why I’m in the game. More details on the book in an upcoming post…


    I continued to blog about things that I’ve found interesting – not as much as I had hoped for. I’ll try to get better next year, even though focus will be on the book for the first few months. But if I take a look at the statistics it looks like it has been a great year – thank you all new followers. The most popular post this year has been:

    1. Running SharePoint on Windows 7 – one of the first things I did on Windows 7
    2. Creating SharePoint 2010 workflows with Visio 2010 – awesomeness in a box
    3. SharePoint Service Pack 2 known, found and experienced problems – there are always problems
    4. Web Part Properties - part 2 - Editor Parts – great response on this series
    5. Web Part Properties - part 3 - the .webpart file – a runner up…

    SharePoint Community

    I’ve made a big commitment to the SharePoint community this year – and I like it, I like it a lot! It has been so fun and rewarding commenting, tweeting and meeting with the incredible SharePoint community. Can’t imagine any other community that has so much fun together! Unfortunately I missed the highlight conference in Las Vegas and the chance to listen and meet the rest of you, due to the change of employer. I hope I can make it for another year.

    Here in Sweden we started the site to gather all SharePoint interested people and the Swedish SharePoint User Group under one umbrella and we have reached close to 500 members. The User Group here in Sweden have had some great meetings and presentations with a great number of people. Thank you again to all speakers and participants. Next year will be awesome!

    Speaking engagements

    I’ve been fortunate to have had a few presentations for the Swedish SharePoint User Group (in February two sessions and one in September) but the most fun presentations I’ve had was the one in Copenhagen at the first European SharePoint Saturday and the one at the Swedish SharePoint and Exchange Forum. It was awesome meeting all these cool people I only have had 140 characters discussions with. One of my first assignments with my new employer was a SharePoint 2010 seminar which we presented on a huge cinema screen in an almost full theatre – just loved it! I hope I will get more opportunities in 2010 do some more SharePoint love!

    Personal Projects

    As always I fiddle around with SharePoint as much as I can and I finished version 2 of ChartPart, which you can find on Codeplex. ChartPart v 1 had about 10.000 downloads and version 2 has had close to 3.000 now (and 4.000 in beta). Together with Keith Dahlby I got the SharePoint Extensions Library out – and I’ve received very good feedback on it. Two other projects also ended up on Codeplex; Windows Live ID Authentication for SharePoint and TweetPart. I will try to get these updated to support SharePoint 2010 to 100%.

    Last years predictions

    Last year I did some predictions, as I’ve done now for a couple of years. I guessed that 2009 will be a year of constant betas – and man I was right. Windows 7 betas, Office 2010 betas and SharePoint 2010 betas has been making my days wonderful/peculiar this year. I predicted that Office 14 would hit the streets – now we now that we won’t get the final bits until mid 2010. I was right about Internet Explorer 8 and Windows 7. I also predicted that Microsoft would go for more open source projects and I think they very well have lived up to that – just take a look at Codeplex where Microsoft have released a great amount of awesome projects.

    Predictions for 2010

    What about 2010 then? We all now that Microsoft is focusing everything on Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010 and they will continue grow even stronger. But I think that during the later parts of 2010 Microsoft will have something extraordinary coming in Windows Mobile 7. They must have, otherwise it’s game over for sure for Windows Mobile.

    Another thing we will see starting emerge from Redmond is a new Internet Explorer, it’s loosing market shares, so I expect some major improvements in standards compatibility and of course some new creative thinking.

    Thank you and a happy new year

    That’s all folks. The last year of this decade is over and it’s time to grab the bull by it’s horn and face a new one…

    Happy new year!

  • ChartPart 2.0 for SharePoint - Release To Web

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    Finally I’ve found the time to make the last work on ChartPart 2.0 for SharePoint. I have been working on and off on this release for quite some time – but now it’s here!

    ChartPart 2.0 for SharePoint is a Web Part that allows you to instantly create charts based on your existing SharePoint lists. You can make columns, bars, pies and even 3D charts.

    ChartPart 1.0 stats ChartPart version 1.0 was released last year and have had up until now close to 10.000 downloads, which I’m very proud of. I’ve received awesome feedback on the Codeplex site, on Twitter, my blog and when I met people and told them that I was the one who made it.

    ChartPart 2.0 has been in beta/RC for quite some time and has had about 4.000 downloads, which also is awesome! People have been asking me when is it due, when is it ready…and now it’s done! It’s uploaded and free to download. You can even get the source and make your own implementation.

    New Features

    ChartPart 2.0 contains a number of new features such as; better 3D charts, more customization etc. But the most interesting two things are 1) you don’t have to install it in the GAC (which several people asked med about) and 2) you can connect the ChartPart to a list view and filter the graph.

    3D graphs with SharePoint

    For a full list of features just head on over to the ChartPart 2.0 website on Codeplex.

    Another interesting feature that is new in 2.0 is that you can edit the .webpart files and set a Lock Down Mode. This allows you to restrict your users from editing certain properties, such as colors, graph types etc. This is one feature that I hope can make the ChartPart 2.0 be used in larger companies.

    I’d like to thank all the thousands of people who has helped me out by downloading ChartPart 1.0 and those who has submitted issues on Codeplex. A special thanks to those who helped me with the translation into other languages; Arash Aghajani, Frank, Alexander Bautz, Anders Dissing..

    ChartPart 2.0 in Chinese

    What are you waiting for, go download it…

  • ChartPart 2.0 for SharePoint video demonstration

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    I just had to try out Community Clips from Microsoft Office Labs and made a short video demonstrating the new version of ChartPart 2.0 for SharePoint . The video shows rendering and customization of the graph, how you connect the graph to a list and some of the 3D features.

    Community Clips is an awesome and simple video capture utility that from now on definitely will be a preferred tool in my toolbox.

    Enjoy...and if you like go ahead and download ChartPart 2.0 at (currently in beta).

    Updated 2009-05-11: clarified that this is ChartPart 2.0 for SharePoint (Services) 3.0

  • Tip: Store your Codeplex passwords

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    Here is a tip for you Codeplex users out there.

    TFS Connect dialog If you are using the Visual Studio and the Team Foundation source control then you are prompted for username and password every time you open up a project. This dialog does not contain any functionality to store the username and password. If you are often opening projects and/or switching projects entering usernames and passwords can get annoying.

    If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7 you can store the usernames and passwords in a pretty secured way using the Credentials Manager.

    The Credentials Manager is found in the Control Panel, just search for it. To add a username and password all you have to do is click on Add a Windows credential and then enter the name of the Codeplex TFS server ( and then you username and password. Click Ok and then fire up your Codeplex solution in Visual Studio and you are ready to get back to coding!

    Credentials Manager

    Until next time...

  • Announcing Windows Live ID Authentication for SharePoint

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    I’m glad to announce that from now on you can find my project Windows Live ID Authentication for SharePoint on CodePlex.

    Windows Live ID Authentication for SharePoint is a project that has been developed for some time for the upcoming Swedish SharePoint Community Site, which will be an awesome site with some really cool features of which this is one.

    I have previously tried some of the available Windows Live ID providers for SharePoint that are out there on the market and the best (previously) one is the provider from the Community Kit for SharePoint, originally developed by Keith Bunge. It has a great basic application design, but had some things that annoyed me and some things I wanted to change, therefore I created my own version, with the CKS version in mind, which I hope that you find useful.

    There are a lot of features in the provider and I have some even greater plans…

    • All configuration done through the SharePoint web interface; Central Administration or in the sites
    • Forces users to register once registered
    • Profile information that is more community-like
    • Profile images
    • Web Parts for displaying last logged in, last registered and all users.
    • Users can be locked
    • Approval of users can be turned on
    • Profile changes can be published to announcement lists
    • Four predefined roles for permissions management

    You can download it now from, you will also find a document with installation and configuration instructions. There are a few known bugs on which I work on, but if you can spot them or others, please report an Issue on the CodePlex and if you have any suggestions I really like to hear them.

    In upcoming posts I will dig into some of the features a little bit more, but until then here are some screenshots.

    Configuration in Central Administration Logged in users menu Configuration of the Live ID enabled Web Application
    Configuration in Central Administration Logged in users menu Configuration of the Live ID enabled Web Application
    Last logged in members web part Edit personal profile Built-in Live roles
    Last logged in members web part Edit personal profile Built-in Live roles

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