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  • Returning to Vegas for SharePoint Conference 2019

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    I’m excited to be returning to Las Vegas in May of 2019 to speak at the SharePoint Conference 2019 in May 21st to 21rd, at the MGM Grand.

    This event is one of the two major events, second one being Microsoft Ignite, that the SharePoint, OneDrive and Yammer product groups are announcing their greatest and latest features and also where you will meet some of the finest speakers and community members of our great SharePoint family.

    There will be over 200 session giving you all things you need to adopt, build and manage SharePoint Online and if that is not enough there’s even three days of Workshops, more than 20 of them, with even more deep dives into SharePoint, PowerBI, PowerApps, OneDrive – delivered by amazing speakers.

    Full Page Apps in SharPoint Online

    The session I will be presenting is about how to Build Full Page Experiences in SharePoint Online. We have for a long time build complete and full applications in SharePoint; sometimes as huge Web Parts, sometimes as sweet JavaScript injections and back in the days we could create application pages to create solutions that was a full page experience. In SharePoint Online this functionality has been quite limited, even though i blogged years ago on how to do this using a Sandbox solution (still an article that drives traffic!) . This kind of experience often goes under the name of a SPA (Single-Page-Application).

    SPC19 discount code WILEN

    This session will cover all the different options we have of creating these full page experiences in SharePoint Online, using SharePoint Framework Web Parts, zones and page designs. We will of course, if you know me, spend most of the time looking at the code, but also discuss different strategies on when to use which method. And last but not least, given the announcements on how SharePoint Framework and Microsoft Teams can be used together, this will be a topic that we’ll cover.

    It’s been a few years since I presented at the SharePoint conferenes, and it’s always been a blas, remembering one session where we spent an additional 90 minutes of QnA. Bring all of your questions you have on this topic (and of course anything else you think I or other speakers can help with) and get your answers – there’s no better way for you to get value from this conference than getting answers to your questions. 

    There is still a few more months to go until May and I’m looking forward to be able to modify the session to incorparate all the latest and greatest features in this area. We’re living in an Evergreen world so this session will be as fresh as possible when delivered – so you have to be there! For the latest updates on the sessions content you can always go to the session page at the SPC19 site:!/session/Build%20Full%20Page%20Experiences%20in%20SharePoint%20Online

    (I know it is currently tagged as an IT-Pro, we’ll fix that, so we can make fun of the IT-pros for realz during the session)

    Register and save $50

    Talking of being there, if you have yet not signed up for the conference, you should do it right now. And I can save you $50, that you can spend on gifts to your family for the holidays seasons coming up. Go to to register with my discount code WILEN (my awesome last name in all caps – and extra bonus for a correct pronounciation) and you will get a $50 discount. And even better, if you do it before the 15th of January you will get an XBox, a Surface Go or other cool stuff depending on your selected package.

    I hope to see you there, in my session! Happy holidays from Sweden, where the snow now has started to fall!

  • Speaking at SharePoint Evolution Conference 2015

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    It's just less than three weeks until the SharePoint Evolution Conference 2015 has kicked off - and I'll be there speaking. The Evolution Conference is by far the most important and interesting conference when it comes to SharePoint - online and on-premises. The lineup of speakers are incredible - no other conference will ever get this assembly of crew from all around the world. And in this case this really is "no marketing, no bullshit" (thanks AC & CJ). The sessions and their content is out of this world, ranging for hard-core developer stuff, to nitty gritty infrastructure details to well-polished shoes and ties type of stuff. If you're in this business - you should be there! Go register, there is till a couple of more slots available.

    The SharePoint Evolution Conference London 2015

    I'm truly honored to be invited once again to speak and this time I'm closing in on the pain threshold with four sessions, all of them very demo focused.

    Building solutions with Office Graph: This is going to be a fun session where me and my good buddy Waldek Mastykarz will go through the Office Graph, the service feeding the Delve application, with a nice set of demos and inspirational apps.

    SharePoint Online, Office and Azure better together: One of my favorite sessions, it is. This is a session that I've done for a couple of years but it changes every single time. It's about how you can leverage the Azure services for your Office and SharePoint Apps. Since the Azure services are constantly evolving the demoes are constantly re-written.

    Building rich search experiences Apps for SharePoint: Another session that I'll do with Waldek. This is going to be fun. It will be full of demos of Search related stuff. Things that you very easy can do to improve your SharePoint search experience and impress on your boss.

    Azure Virtual Machine Automation for SharePoint admins and developers: You're like me and fed up with carrying around a big ass laptop just so that you can run virtual machines. Fear no more. In this session I'll show you how to easy and fast build out SharePoint environments for test, dev and production in Microsoft Azure.

    See you there!

  • Speaking at Share-The-Point Southeast Asia 2014

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    See you there!I’m so excited to be once again going to Singapore and speak at the Share-The-Point Southeast Asia 2014, held November 25-26 2014. It is one of my favorite conferences and this will be my third time in the awesome country and city of Singapore! Everything is just great about this; the people, the speakers, the attendees, the city, the food – you name it!

    This year I will have two sessions:

    • Using Microsoft Azure for your SharePoint and Office Apps
      One of my personal favorite sessions, scenario based and packed with demos showing you tips and tricks, awesome Azure features and lots of code.
    • Building out your SharePoint Infrastructure using Azure
      Another really interesting session where I’ll walk you through the pros and cons, the do’s and don’ts of hosting your SharePoint infrastructure in Azure.


    If you are planning to be close to Singapore during those days you should make sure to get your conference passes as soon as possible! OR, if you have trouble convincing your boss about what you and your company will miss if you bail out of this, leave a comment (with your e-mail) and the first three persons will get a free pass (full attendance to the 2 day event, including catering and access to the exhibition area and all sessions) – what are you waiting for?

  • SPC14: Scripts for Real-world SharePoint Architecture decisions

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    As promised I will hand out all the scripts I used in my SharePoint Conference 2014 sessions. The first set of scripts are from the demo used in the Real-world SharePoint Architecture decisions session (SPC334). This session only contained one demo in which I showed how to set up a Single Content Web Application and using Host Named Site Collections when creating Site Collections.

    Creating the Web Application and the Root Site Collection

    The first part of the script was to create the Web Application using SSL, configure the certificate in IIS and then create the Root Site Collection. The Web Application is created using the –Url parameter pointing to a FQDN, instead of using the server name (which is used in the TechNet documentation, and causes a dependency on that specific first server). Secondly the script assumes that the correct certificate is installed on the machine and we grab that certificate using the friendly name (yes, always have a friendly name on your certificates, it will make everything much easier for you). A new binding is then created in IIS using the certificate. Finally the Root Site Collection is created (it is a support requirement) – the Root Site Collection uses the same URL as the Web Application and we should not specify any template or anything. This will be a site collection that no end-user should ever use.

    asnp *sh*
    # New Web Application 
    $wa = New-SPWebApplication `
        -Url 'https://root.spc.corp.local/' `
        -SecureSocketsLayer `
        -Port 443 `
        -ApplicationPool 'Content Applications' `
        -ApplicationPoolAccount 'CORP\spcontent' `
        -Name "SP2013SPC Hosting Web App " `
        -AuthenticationProvider (New-SPAuthenticationProvider) `
        -DatabaseName 'SP2013SPC_WSS_Content_Hosting_1' `
        -DatabaseServer 'SharePointSql'
    # Get Certificate
    $certificate = Get-ChildItem cert:\LocalMachine\MY | 
        Where-Object {$_.FriendlyName -eq "spc.corp.local"} | 
        Select-Object -First 1
    $certificate.DnsNameList | ft Unicode
    # Add IIS Binding
    Import-Module WebAdministration
    $binding = "IIS:\SslBindings\!443"
    Get-Item $binding -ea 0 
    $certificate | New-Item $binding
    # Root site
    New-SPSite `
        -Url https://root.spc.corp.local `
        -OwnerAlias CORP\spinstall

    Creating Host Named Site Collections

    Secondly we created a Host Named Site Collection (HNSC) in our Web Application. For HNSC this can only be done in PowerShell, and not in Central Administration, and we MUST use the –HostHeaderWebApplication parameter and it MUST have the value of the Web Application URL.

    New-SPSite `
        -Url https://teams.spc.corp.local `
        -Template STS#0 `
        -OwnerAlias CORP\Administrator `
        -HostHeaderWebApplication https://root.spc.corp.local


    My Site host and Personal Sites

    If you would like to have Personal Sites and the My Site Host in the same Web Application (which in many cases are a good approach) then you must make sure to have Self Service Site Creation enabled on the Web Application and then use the following scripts. The script will first create a Farm level Managed Path for the Web Application by using the –HostHeader parameter. Then we just create the My Site Host as a Host Named Site Collection.

    # Personal Sites
    New-SPManagedPath `
        -RelativeUrl 'Personal' `
    # My Site Host
    New-SPSite `
        -Url https://my.spc.corp.local `
        -Template SPSMSITEHOST#0 `
        -OwnerAlias CORP\Administrator `
        -HostHeaderWebApplication https://root.spc.corp.local


    Configure search

    In the session I also explained why you should have a dedicated Content Source for People Search (watch the session for more info). And using the following script we add the correct start addresses to the two content sources, based on the Site Collections created above:

    # Configure Search
    $ssa = Get-SPEnterpriseSearchServiceApplication
    # The root web application
    $cs = Get-SPEnterpriseSearchCrawlContentSource -SearchApplication $ssa -Identity "Local SharePoint sites"
    # People search
    $cs = Get-SPEnterpriseSearchCrawlContentSource -SearchApplication $ssa -Identity "Local People Results"

    Once this is done, you just kick off a full crawl of the People Search and then wait for a couple of hours (so the Analytics engine does its job) before you start the crawl of the content.


    This was all the scripts I used during the demo in the SPC334 session. It’s a proven method and I hope you can incorporate them into your deployment scripts.

  • SPC 14 sessions, recordings and wrap-up

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    Wow, that was an awesome conference! SharePoint Conference 2014 is over and I’m very glad I attended the conference – both as a speaker and attendee. Finally Microsoft and the SharePoint Product Group told us about their future and vision for SharePoint and SharePoint Online. If you knew how long we have waited for this…

    I’m glad they start to sort out the service (ie Office 365) and now can add new capabilities into the platform.
    I’m glad Jeff Teper officially said that there will be at least one more version of SharePoint on-premises.
    I’m glad that the product group is listening to our and our customers feedback.
    I’m glad that we have such a strong community
    I’m excited about the future of SharePoint (to be honest, it’s been some time since I had that feeling).

    My sessions

    As a first time speaker at this event I was a bit nervous, which the ones who attended my sessions might have noticed. I’m proud that so many people turned up on my sessions, especially the Architecture session where we had people standing in the back and we had 90 minutes of Q&A at the end! That was cool! Unfortunately the room where I had all my three sessions suffered from severe microphone issues (which impacts my session ratings), apart from that everything except one demo was a success. Everything was recorded so if you did not have time to attend my sessions or just want to see them again here they are:

    Real-world SharePoint architecture sessions (SPC334)

    Mastering Office Web Apps 2013 operations and deployments (SPC383)

    Designing, deploying, and managing Workflow Manager farms (SPC356)

    Co-presented with Spencer Harbar.


    If you have any questions on my sessions, feel free to post them here. And before you ask – yes, I will post all the PowerShell scripts I used, but in a separate blog post(s).

    If you’d like to watch more videos from SPC14, head on over to Channel 9 and take a look at any of the keynotes and sessions for free. I’m really looking forward to see the what’s up next with SharePoint, I think the next conference (whatever it will be called) will be something very different from this one.

  • Presenting at TechX Office 365 January 23-24 2014

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    imageThis year has barely started but the conference season is already running at full speed. The first conference for me of this year will be the TechX Office 365, here in Stockholm, Sweden.

    This is a conference organized by Microsoft with sole focus on Office 365. There will be national and international speakers of top class. I will do two presentations, one about Building Apps for SharePoint [Online] 2013 and one about Building Apps for Office  2013.

    The conference is held January 23rd to 24th at the Microsoft offices in Stockholm (Akalla). There are still a few seats left, so hurry over to get your ticket.

  • SharePoint 2013 Architecture Survey

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    Happy Holidays everyone!

    At the upcoming SharePoint Conference, next year in Las Vegas, I will be presenting a session called Real World SharePoint 2013 Architecture decisions. The session will discuss and give examples of real world decisions and trade-offs you might be faced with as a SharePoint Architect. In order to make the session even more interesting I would like you all to help out with some statistics. Therefore have I created a small survey with a few questions. Filling it out should not take you more than an a few minutes, so there is no excuse not to do it.

    You can answer the questions either with data from your own companys standpoint, or if you are a consultant you are free to answer with your current project(s).

    The survey in it's full glory can be found here:

    Feel free to spread this link cross all your networks, the more data I have the more interesting it will be.

    The results will contribute to the SPC334 session and will shortly after that be presented here on this blog.

  • I will be speaking at SharePoint Conference 2014 in Las Vegas

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    SharePoint Conference 2014I’m really proud to announce that I will be speaking at the long anticipated SharePoint Conference 2014 in Las Vegas, March 3-6 2014. The SharePoint Conference hosted by Microsoft is returning to Las Vegas, but this time located at the Venetian, bigger and perhaps more interesting than in a long time. If you are in the SharePoint business as a developer, IT-Pro, architect, business analyst, power user or executive, then this is the conference where you would like to be next year.

    For the first time I will be speaking at this conference, which I’m really excited and a bit nervous about. I will present two sessions of which I’m really passionate about:

    SPC383: Mastering Office Web Apps 2013 deployment and operations

    Tuesday 4/3 9:00-10:15 @ Lido 3001-3103

    Microsoft Office Web Apps 2013 is a crucial part of any SharePoint, Exchange and Lync on-premises deployment. In this session we will dive into the details of planning, deploying and operating your Office Web Apps server farm. Through a great number of demos we will create a new farm from scratch, make it highly available and then connect it to SharePoint and Exchange. We will cover aspects such as scale considerations, patching with minimum downtime and security decisions you have to take as a Office Web Apps farm admin.

    SPC334: Real-world SharePoint architecture decisions

    Wednesday 5/3 13:45-15:00 @ Lido 3001-3103

    Being a SharePoint architect can be challenging - you need to deal with everything from hardware, resources, requirements, business continuity management, a budget and of course customers. You, the architect, have to manage all this and in the end deliver a good architecture that satisfies all the needs of your customer. Along the line you have to make decisions based on experience, facts and sometimes the gut feeling. In this session we will cover some of the architectural changes in the SharePoint 2013 architecture, some of the new guidance from Microsoft and provide insight into a number of successful real-world scenarios. You will see what decisions were made while designing and implementing these projects with emphasis on why they were made.

    SPC356: Designing, deploying, and managing Workflow Manager farms

    Wednesday 5/3 10:45-12:00 @ Lido 3001-3103

    Workflow Manager is a new product that provides support for SharePoint 2013 workflows. This session will look at the architecture and design considerations that are required for deploying a Workflow Manager farm. We will also examine the business continuity management options to provide high availability and disaster recovery scenarios. If you want a deep dive on how Workflow Manager works, then this is the session for you.

    I very glad to be doing this Workflow session since it will be co-presented with my buddy, the almighty MCA/MCM/MCSM/MCx Spencer Harbar!

    I’m really looking forward to seeing you there, in my sessions, in the other interesting sessions, in the casinos and … I’ll better stop there – what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…

    [Updated 2014-02-19] Added rooms and time slots as well as the SPC356 session.

  • SharePoint Saturday - In Stockholm for the first time

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    imageFinally we’re getting SharePoint Saturday to Stockholm! Next year in January, or to be more precise the 25th of January 2014, the global SharePoint Saturday event will come to central Stockholm and World Trade Center.

    What is a SharePoint Saturday?

    SharePoint Saturdays are a free events that happens in cities around the world, unfortunately most of them are on the other side of the pond. But once in a while we see these great events pop up in Europe. It’s free in that meaning that it is organized by volunteers, the speakers do it because they have nothing better to do on Saturdays and there is no entrance fee and if you’re lucky you can get some swag as well! But, the events are sponsored, but just to get a good venue and of course the accompanying SharePint after a full day of sessions.

    SharePoint Saturday Stockholm

    As I said, now for the first time we will have our first SharePoint Saturday here in Stockholm. The event is organized by my colleague Hannah Swain, Mattias Einig and fellow MCM Erwin van Hunen – a great bunch of committed people They are currently setting up the speakers, agenda, venue and all of gazillion things that needs to be done. The event will be held at World Trade Center, which is right in the middle of Stockholm and as close as you can get to all the communications.

    You can be a speaker!

    One of the key things, and what I really like with these events, is that everyone can and should apply for a speaker slot. It’s a great opportunity to practice your speaking skills, learn more about how it is to contribute to the community, get your name out there and perhaps boost your ego a bit. I know that there are lots of people, including shy Swedes, that can, will and should be on our very first SharePoint Saturday as a speaker. Don’t just sit there – go and submit your sessions proposals right away!

    I’m really looking forward to meet all of you there!

  • SharePoint and Exchange Forum 2013 – wrap-up

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    Stockholm ArchipelagoTwo weeks ago the ship returned to Stockholm from a 48 hour cruise on the Baltic Sea hosting the 10th edition of SharePoint and Exchange Forum. As usual the conference was a great show arranged by MVP Göran Husman and his Humandata crew. Thank You!

    We enjoyed a lot of great sessions from well-known speakers around the world and we spent the nights in the bars (and on the tables) during the nights. I had a lot of fun even though it was a bit weird having my first session just as the ship left the harbor and turned sharply – as far as I could see no one got sick, at least not from the sea.

    My session slides, and from all the other speakers sessions, can be found on the SharePoint and Exchange Forum website – All my demo code can be found here.

    Hope to see you next year, who knows what we will be doing then!

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