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  • Configuring Office 365 Groups creation the right way

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    Over the last few days the issue on how to prevent users to create Office 365 Groups has popped up in all sorts of conversations. This blog post will show you how to do it in the correct way, and serve as a future reference. I'm not the only one who have blogged about this, it's in many places including official documentation. But in many places both scripts and some caveats are either wrong or outdated. One post covers this topic really well, and in a good and correct way and it's this post by John P. White - Disable Office 365 Groups, part 2. Read it! This post however will show you how to do it in a more direct way, using PowerShell.


    We used to prevent end-users from creating Office 365 Groups (from now on referred to as only Groups) using an OWA Mailbox policy. Even I have a blog post on that topic. But this way to do it is outdated. That mailbox policy only applies to Groups being created from OWA (Outlook Web Access, Outlook on the web…whatever) and Outlook. It did not prevent people from creating Groups using Microsoft Teams, Planner, StaffHub, PowerBI, Dynamics 365 and what not.

    How to do it properly

    Instead of continuing to building the settings on the Mailbox policy setting, this setting has now moved to Azure AD. You can even see it in the "new" Azure Portal, although it doesn't really reflect the real settings and not all settings.

    Azure AD Settings for Office 365 Groups

    The way to do it is to use PowerShell and essentially follow the official documentation. The problem with that article however is that it contains a few errors, is not updated, has some weird scripts and is just to darn long to read through. So, here's a my PowerShell for this. You can find the complete script in this Gist.


    To be able to run the PowerShell you need to install some stuff

    • The Microsoft Online Services Sign-in assistant
    • The Windows Azure Active Directory Module for PowerShell - and here's a big thing. You MUST (at the time of writing) only use the preview version, with version number found here. Do not try to download the higher version with version number - it will not work.

    Now, we got that out of the way, let's get to the fun stuff.

    Scripting FTW

    First we need to log in to our tenant using an admin account. I prefer to use a the Get-Credential method over the dialog option, makes everything more smoother.

    # Store the credentials in a variable
    $creds = Get-Credential
    # Connect to the Microsoft Online services
    Connect-MsolService -Credential $creds 

    The next thing is to make sure that users are allowed to create Groups, we'll limit it later. Make sure you use the script below and not the one in the official article as they have spelling errors on the variable.

    # Get tenant setting (misspelled in official docs)
    Get-MsolCompanyInformation | Format-List UsersPermissionToCreateGroupsEnabled
    # If false, then use the following
    Set-MsolCompanySettings -UsersPermissionToCreateGroupsEnabled $true

    To limit the users allowed to create Groups we need to have a security group with members in Azure AD. And we need the Id of that group, so we'll grab it with some PowerShell:

    # Retrieve ID of Group that should have the option to create groups
    $group = Get-MsolGroup -SearchString "Group creators" 

    The settings we need to set are contained in an Azure AD object, created from a template. We retrieve that template using the following command and create our settings object like this:

    # Retrieve the Group.Unified settings template (assuming you have not done this before)
    $template = Get-MsolAllSettingTemplate | Where-Object {$_.DisplayName -eq "Group.Unified"}
    # Create the settings object from the template
    $settings = $template.CreateSettingsObject()

    Once we have the settings object, we can start setting properties.

    • EnableGroupCreation - should be set to false. We negate the tenant setting here, and we'll override it soon again for the specific security group
    • GroupCreationAllowedGroupId - this is the Id of the security group that are allowed to create Groups
    • UsageGuidelinesUrl - a URL pointing to your usage guidelines. Optional, but recommended
    • GuestUsageGuidelinesUrl - a URL pointing to usage guidelines for external users. This link will be shown in the external sharing e-mails and should of course be on a public available location. Optional, but recommended
    • ClassificationList - a comma separated list with your classification labels. Optional. Currently the first one in the list will be the default one. (does not work in all tenants at the time of writing)

    There's some more properties that you can take a look at, and over the last few weeks even some more popped up (without any documentation).

    # Use this settings object to prevent others than specified group to create Groups
    $settings["EnableGroupCreation"] = $false
    $settings["GroupCreationAllowedGroupId"] = $group.ObjectId
    # (optional) Add a link to the Group usage guidelines
    $settings["UsageGuidelinesUrl"] = 
    # (optional) Add a link to Guest usage guidelines
    $settings["GuestUsageGuidelinesUrl"] = 
    # (optional) Add classifications to be used for Groups
    $settings["ClassificationList"] = "Public,Internal,Top Secret"
    # Verify

    Now we have the settings and all we need to do is to add them to Azure AD:

    # Add the settings to Azure AD
    New-MsolSettings -SettingsObject $settings

    And from now on, only members of the security group can create Office 365 Groups using all endpoints such as Planner, Teams, PowerBI, Microsoft Graph REST etc. BUT StaffHub still ignores this setting!!!!! Aaargh!

    Need to update the settings?

    If you need to update the settings, or there are new properties that you want to configure, then use the PowerShell below. The one(s) in the official documentation is really weird written…

    # Retrieve settings
    $settings = Get-MsolAllSettings | Where-Object {$_.DisplayName -eq "Group.Unified"}
    # Check the values
    # Update a property
    $settings["GuestUsageGuidelinesUrl"] = ""
    # Save the updates
    Set-MsolSettings -SettingId $settings.ObjectId -SettingsValue $settings.GetSettingsValue()


    That's it. It's not rocket science. Looking forward to further settings and also a proper UI in the Azure portal for the lazy people.

    The PowerShell is a bit weird though, should have had a review by the PowerShell team before going into the production in my opinion.

  • The end of my Office 365 Roadmap updates

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    As many of you have noticed I have not been posting my What's new on the Office Roadmap updates. Well, I've been on a vacation not trying to think of Office 365 to start with, and then also, I'm ending my series of these posts. Sorry.

    I have to start with saying that I love the amount of changes we see now in the Office 365 service. The team(s) is/are doing an amazing job with kicking out new features and updates in some areas. Our favorite SharePoint is killing it with features at the moment, and more is to come. And do believe this will continue for the foreseeable future.

    Why? Why, do you do this? There's plenty of reasons for me ending this series. It's been going on now since March last year (which is way longer than I expected) and it was exactly 50 posts! So plenty of updates has been going on.

    First of all it still takes me humongous amounts of time compiling each post, figuring out what's changed, what each change actually means, filtering out false changes, going back to my old change posts, coping with errors in the changes etc etc.

    But most importantly the reason I stop doing this is that the Roadmap does not really reflect the changes going on (yea I know, Roadmap and changes are not the same). Using the Roadmap as a guide on what's to come is not that accurate that I hoped, sorry. And the #1 reason that I started this series was to get the Office 365 team to understand that we need a Roadmap where one can see changes, one that you understand the changes and one that you can trust, otherwise there's no point! There's no point giving you examples, there's to many. After a year and half very little has happened…

    I'm going to miss it though. I've had some fantastic online and offline support of these posts and I enjoyed adding some personal touch to my "analysis". Some liked it, and some despised it to the extent that I'm actually persona non grata in some "communities". I'm probably to close to the truth and far to many people have hard to understand irony…

    Nevertheless…if you still want to find out what's happening on the Office Roadmap site, the PowerShell script I had scheduled is available as a Gist on Github.

    Thanks for all the support!

  • What's new on the Office Roadmap - 2016-05-20 - SharePoint Saturday Stockholm Edition

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    Happy Friday and welcome back to another Office Roadmap update. This time the day before the big SharePoint Saturday, here in beautiful Stockholm, where we all are going to indulge on the goodness that was announced a couple of weeks back at the SharePoint Futures event.

    Lot of new stuff in the mobile space this time around.

    Changes 2016-05-20


    • Windows Universal App: OneDrive UWP (Universal Windows App) are now launched and live (new)
    • User Activity Reports: Compliance center improvements for OneDrive/SharePoint on document views/edits/downloads etc (from in development)
    • Intelligent Discover for Android: Discover (Office Graph) view in the Android OneDrive app (new)
    • Mobile Access to SharePoint Online for iOS: Access your SharePoint files from the OneDrive app (new)
    • Office 365 Groups: easily add users from a distribution list to a group: this is cool, now you can add all members from a DL to an O365 Group instead of one user at a time (new)
    • Self-service NGSC setup and goove.exe takeover: Simplified setup for NGSC (Next Gen Sync Client). Finally. Goove.exe (giggles) (new)

    Rolling out

    • Office 365 Groups: scripts to migrate Distribution Lists (DLs) to Groups: Some sweet scripts for migrating DL's to O365 Groups (new). Funny it's listed as rolling out, the script is there! What's missing.
    • Project Online - Developer Samples: Project Online goes Github: (new)
    • Project Online - OData performance improvements: and when they have some sample code, they of course want it to perform (new)
    • SharePoint home in Office 365: the new SharePoint Home tile is being rolled out. Check /_layouts/SharePoint.aspx in your tenant. (from in development).
    • Office integration added back to NGSC: improved office integration in the NGSC (Next Gen Sync Client) (new)
    • Improved image attachment viewing in Outlook on the web: Always nice to see improvements to the web client, it's now way ahead of the desktop one, this time big thumbnails and side by side view (new)

    In Development

    • Annotating and inking for Mac: Draw using your mouse on you Mac - cause you suck and don't have touch on that shiny thing (new)
    • Copy and move to SharePoint:
    • Intelligent Discovery for iOS: Discover (Office Graph) for the iOS OneDrive app (new)
    • Intelligent Discovery for Windows Phone: Discover (Office Graph) for the Windows Phone OneDrive app (new). Anybody want to buy a couple of Lumias, I have several as paper weights.
    • Mobile Access to SharePoint Online for Android: Access SharePoint files and not only OneDrive on your Android OD4B app. (new)
    • Mobile Access to SharePoint Online for Windows Phone: Access SharePoint files and not only OneDrive on your WP OD4B app (new)
    • Office 365 Groups: Exchange Admin Center (EAC) UI for migrating Distribution Lists (DLs) to Groups: Evolution of the migration scripts mentioned above. You will soon be able to migrate from DL's to Groups using a single button in the Exchange Admin Center. Nice! (new)
    • OneDrive for Business Shared folder Sync: this is a nice new feature. If someone shares a folder with you from their OneDrive you will be able to sync them (new)

  • What's new on the Office Roadmap - 2016-05-13

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    imageHey, happy Friday the 13th! Here's a small Office Roadmap update for all of you Jason fans!

    Not that many changes this time around, but still interesting, and a lot of Outlook 2016 for Mac releases.


    Changes 2016-05-13

    Now Launched

    • eDiscovery Case Management, Hold & Permissions: the new eDiscovery features are now fully rolled out (from in development)
    • Enter full screen view in Outlook 2016 for Mac: the full screen view for Mac Outlook as announced in January are now out. (new)
    • Find a meeting room in Outlook 2016 for Mac: and so is the possibility to find a meeting room on your Mac (new)
    • Office 365 Groups: ability to update privacy type: you can now as a Group owner change the privacy type of your Groups (public or private) (from rolling out)
    • One-click Archive: The on-click archive feature in Outlook on Mac are now also fully rolled out (from rolling out)
    • Outlook 2016 for Mac two step authentication: And you can also log in using two factor authentication on your Mac (new)

    Rolling out

    • New editor for Outlook 2016 for Mac: And if you're lucky you might even be getting the new editor in Mac so you can use "more fonts and colors". (new)
    • Project Online - Removing the upper limit on number of PWA instances per tenant: after this update you will be able to have unlimited number of PWA instances, was previously only 7. (new)
    • Right to Left language support in Outlook 2016 for Mac: and if you write your stuff from right to left you can now use Outlook 2016 on your Mac, without writing backwards (new)

    In Development

    • FastTrack | Dropbox to OneDrive for Business Migration: If you are using Dropbox you can soon get help from the FastTrack center to get yer files out of there (new)
    • New usage reports for SharePoint, OneDrive and Mailbox Storage: the new admin UI will get better and improved reports for storage usage in SharePoint and Exchange. (new)
    • Office 365 Usage Reporting APIs: and not only that, you can suck that data into your own apps as well (new)
    • SharePoint mobile app for iOS: Nothing new here, it's just a rename from "The new SharePoint mobile app" to "SharePoint mobile app"

  • What's new on the Office Roadmap - 2016-05-06 (Future of SharePoint edition)

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    The Office Roadmap updates with the new announcements from the Future of SharePoint event has arrived (they arrived May the 4th to be precise). I'm back from the event and San Francisco and I'm full of the energy that the SharePoint team transmitted.

    You should specifically take a look at the In Development part here. That's where we got the new and fresh stuff from the Future of SharePoint event.

    Changes 2016-06-06

    Now Launched

    • Delve Analytics: Do you want all the details on how and when you work Delve Details and an E5 subscription is all you need (from in development)
    • Drive Shipping and Network Based Data Import for Office 365: Fast Track is getting more and more mature with import options (from in development)
    • FastTrack | Box to OneDrive for Business Migration: Still using Box? Get your files over to OneDrive with Fast Track (from in development)
    • FastTrack | Expanded language support: More languages available in the FastTrack (new)
    • FastTrack | Power BI onboarding support: And Fast Track Power BI is now live (from in development)
    • Multiple timeline bars in Project Online: This must be one of the features that's been jumping back and forth the most on the roadmap (from rolling out)
    • Office 365 Groups: multi-domain support: This is one of the most important feature releases of Groups. Read this article for full details and configuration options. (from in development)
    • Office 365 Reporting Dashboard: Better reporting in the admin center (from rolling gout)
    • OneDrive for Business Recent Files to Sway: Easier access to your OneDrive docs in Sway (from in development)
    • Skype for Business App SDK: Get your coding skills on and build some Skype Apps (from in development)
    • Skype for Business Mac Preview 1: The long awaited Skype Mac client is not out. Feedback on it has been moderate at best though (from in development)
    • Updated people profile experience in Office 365: The Delve profile page is now fully rolled out. I wonder if Delve will stay as the document discovery feature or if it just will be renamed to "My Profile" or "People" or something, which would make total sense(new)
    • Yammer user profile update from Azure AD: The one-time sync from Azure AD is now launched. Wonder if we ever will see a proper sync? (from in development)

    Rolling out

    • Basic Chat: Basic Skype chat from the Skype icon in mail - it doesn't say that it's web based, but I guess it is(new)
    • Office 365 Groups: usage guidelines: A very important update, this allows you to modify the usage guidelines for Groups (another feature copied from Yammer) (from in development)
    • SharePoint Online - modern document library experience: The new doc lib experience, mayhaps rolled out a bit early and without any guidance (new)

    In Development

    • eDiscovery Case Management, Hold & Permissions: more permissions control for eDiscovery and compliance stuff (from rolling out)
    • New AutoCAD file format support in Visio: AutoCAD file support in Visio… (from rolling out)
    • Office 365 Groups: search Groups files using Office Delve: Searching should now show documents from Groups (new)
    • SharePoint home in Office 365: Finally Office 365 and SharePoint will get a proper home page. The Sites tile will be renamed and now point to this page. You can read more about this feature here. (New)
    • SharePoint Online – Client-side Web Part for Existing SharePoint Pages: The new customization features announced at the Future of SharePoint Event. Client-side Web Parts created using the new SharePoint Framework on existing SharePoint pages. Read my post about it here (new)
    • SharePoint Online - modern lists experience: A new lists experience, very similar to the new doc lib experience. A great and modern looking UX. (new)
    • SharePoint Online - SharePoint Framework: The new client-side framework that will be used to make the future customizations and development of SharePoint. This is the Framework that Microsoft will build the new "NextGen" portals and the one we will use. There's much more to read about this here. (new)
    • SharePoint Online - Site activity and insights on the Site Contents page: Each site will get its own set of statistics that shows you how the site is used and what activities are going on (new)
    • SharePoint Online – Webhooks on SharePoint Document Libraries: One of the first new extensions to the SharePoint APIs. I'm glad they are using standardized Webhooks, instead of some weird remote event receivers. Hopefully we'll get the same for lists (new)
    • The new SharePoint mobile app for iOS: Announced as the "Intranet in your Pocket". The new SharePoint App will first come for iOS (actually I'm already using it) and then later for Android, and if Windows Phone is still alive by the end of this year those two users might get it as well (new)


    • Class Notebook: limit sharing and deletion of section groups: This is just weird, this was rolled out the other week and is now all of a sudden cancelled (from rolling out)

  • Web Parts are back at the center of SharePoint development!

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    Today at The Future of SharePoint event Microsoft have announced the next iteration in SharePoint development - the SharePoint Framework. As one of the old ones who started with the Digital Dashboard Resource Kit, to the COM+ event handlers in SharePoint 2001, over to custom built DDFs, to WSP's to Apps and Add-ins - this new framework is a very welcome change.

    For years SharePoint Developers have been forced to walk in shame in the outer rims of the developer guild. It's been so hard to get over the threshold and once you were over it, there was very few who actually returned to a normal life. I've been struggling for years to get ASP.NET or web developers to get on over to SharePoint development with no luck. The Add-in model did not help in any sense here and just introduced new pitfalls and confusions.

    Introducing the SharePoint Framework

    Last year at the MVP summit we were introduced by Jeff Teper (I'm so glad that he's back on the team) that they had some cool things cooking in Redmond. He, and the team, told us that they were here for the long run and that they were building something new that would supersede the current existing extensibility model. And in February this year I went over to Redmond to try this out with my own set of hands at an event called the DevKitchen. This event where we all were introduced to this new model is one of my top moments in my Microsoft developer career and the interaction we had with the engineers was just phenomenal, looking forward to the next one Dave! I do believe that our trial and errors and feedback made the end result so much better.

    What we got our hands at that DevKitchen was the new extensibility model, now called the SharePoint Framework. In my opinion this is an evolution of SharePoint, adapting to a more modern way of building applications. It's not replacing Add-ins, and they are not replacing WSP's and server side code. It's another tool in our toolbox - albeit it might be the one I will use first hand from now on.

    This new SharePoint Framework consists of a couple of different parts. You can read more about it in Bill Baers post - The SharePoint framework - an open connected platform.

    Web Parts are back!

    The one thing that excites me the most about this new SharePoint Framework is that Web Parts are back, with a bang! Web Parts was what brought me into SharePoint. In the previous millennium we built our Web Parts using VBScript and was pure client side code, until they appeared in SharePoint as a server side component, and then adopted in ASP.NET as a standard feature. Unfortunately Web Parts has had some very dark times, and that was when the Apps/Add-ins entered the scene and introduced App Parts - an abomination.

    Well, let's forget the past and look at the new client-side Web Parts. Web Parts are back as a client side thing. Client-side Web Parts are now built in (preferably and initially) in TypeScript. They are very similar in construct as you know Web Parts; they can be initialized, persisted, have properties and of course a way of rendering them. These new client-side Web Parts will live side by side with the old and traditional Web Parts.

    Fun fact is that I think I was the one, external from Microsoft, that actually built a client-side Web Part that worked.

    Using client-side technologies isn't something new, the only new thing here is that we now have a proper and supported framework for it. Client-side technologies isn't perfect either, with access to the DOM we are given great powers, but we do this all the time today.

    The SharePoint Framework is all built on open technologies and you can use whatever platform you prefer. The initial release of the SharePoint Framework will be built for TypeScript, node.js  Yeoman and npm. These are four technologies that you should read up on before the SharePoint Framework is starting to roll out this summer. All you need to build you solution is then an command prompt and Visual Studio Code.

    Since this is all client side rendering (ie JavaScript) you can use any framework of your choice; Knockout, Handlebars, jQuery, React, Angular 1.x and 2 you name it.

    The very first client-side Web Part

    Just to give you an example on how these client-side Web Part works and so that you can see how similar they are to the Web Parts we are used to build, here's how you would create a simple client-side web part.

    Disclaimer: things below here can most certainly change until GA of the SharePoint Framework.

    To prepare your environment you need to install node.js and npm and the Yeoman generator, which will take care of the project scaffolding for you. Then you download the specific SharePoint generator using Yeoman and start the scaffolding (exact command to be determined; hopefully yo sharepoint).

    What you get is the a set of files, just like when creating a new project in Visual Studio. All code files are TypeScript files and the Yeoman generator will create one specific file for your Web Part TypeScript class. This TypeScript class will inherit from a base class as follows:

    export class FutureOfSpWebPartWebPart 
       extends BaseClientSideWebPart<IFutureOfSpWebPartWebPartProps>{ 

    As you can see, my client-side Web Part extends the BaseClientSideWebPart abstract class. The generated code also includes overrides of some of the methods. Also notice how there's an interface definition passed in as an template argument to the base class:

    export interface IFutureOfSpWebPartWebPartProps { 
        description: string

    This interface is used to define the properties of your Web Part, in this case only a description property of the type text.

    client-side web part in TypeScript

    In the generated file there are by default three overridden; the constructor, the render method and a property called propertyPaneSettings. For this post, let's just focus on the rendering of the Web Part.

    public render(mode: DisplayMode, data?: IWebPartData) {
        this.domElement.innerHTML = 
           `The Future of SharePoint is <b>awesome</b>!`;

    This method is responsible for rendering the client-side Web Part, and in order to do that we have access to the actual DOM element, through the this.domElement object. WIth that we can manipulate the DOM as we will and in this case just insert HTML directly into the element. We can also in this method setup any bootstrapping we want for our favorite framework, we can check the mode to see if we're in edit mode or not, and we can get properties using the data argument.

    Once we're done building our client-side Web Part we of course would like to take it for a test ride. And now over to something really cool. Remember building Web Parts and you need either your own virtual machine or an Office 365 subscription with internet connection. No more! You can sit on an airplane (like I do now) and just run the gulp task called serve. This task will wire everything up, start your browser and open up the Workbench, which is a local offline canvas for the new page model and you can work with your client-side Web Part. If you need any changes to it, just modify the TypeScript file and the task will take care of compilation and reload your browser. Can't be easier.

    Client-side Web Part in the Workbench

    Of course this method has no access to SharePoint data or the Graph, so you need to work with mock data - which generally is a good idea anyway!!

    Then when you're ready to go test with live data you can use the Workbench that will be present in SharePoint (not available until later this summer I'm told) and there's also gulp tasks for packaging it properly so that you can either upload and host your client-side Web Part script files in either a CDN or in SharePoint itself.

    I think this is more or less exactly what I've been longing for in this area. SharePoint team - you nailed it!

    Make sure to check in this video by Daniel Kogan in which he walks through the new framework, page model and how to to build a client-side web part.

    Client-side applications

    There's also a concept called client-side applications. This is the new way of customizing lists and libraries. In a nutshell you register a client-side application for a list or a library and then you are solely responsible for rendering the user interface, in a similar fashion as above. Can't wait to see what awesome stuff people builds with this. But, that's for someone else to write about, or me at another time.


    How do you feel about this? I think this is a fresh re-start of the SharePoint oil tanker and I welcome all the new thinking in this space. Yes we have to re-learn quite a lot of stuff, but I love that. And honestly people, SharePoint developers has been the laziest group of developers out there (except some Cobol veterans) and been very afraid of changes (remember when all people screamed for their life when the App model came?). Get out of your comfort zone, learn new stuff, build cool stuff and enjoy SharePoint land once again.

    SharePoint is back and Web Parts are back!

  • SharePoint Team Sites are back - stronger than ever!

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    SharePointAbout a year ago I wrote a blog article called SharePoint Team sites are dead. An article that stirred up many feelings in the community and started an interesting (and somewhat harsh) discussion - which was kind of the point. Fast forward to May 2016 and this is a totally different ball game! SharePoint Team Sites are back!

    Modern team sites

    Jeff Teper, CVP at Microsoft, writes in the just now published The Future of SharePoint blog post: "Team sites has always been at the heart of collaboration with SharePoint", a statement I absolutely agree with. Team Sites is what made SharePoint such a successful product. The post I wrote about how Team Sites are supposed to be dead are still true though - Team Sites are not what they used to be, they have transformed and merged with Office 365 Groups into something more powerful - the new Modern Team sites.

    For the last year or so I've been fortunate and been part of a smaller group that has had a continuous interaction with the product team (both marketing and engineering) and we've been shown what they have been working on and we've given them feedback. The product team has been awesome in this dialogue, and in the way they have taken Team Sites out of the dark ages and into a new more modern way of working and at the same time listening to our opinions.

    Team Sites and Office 365 Groups

    If you've been following my blog or me on Twitter, or met me in person, you couldn't have ignored the fact that I've been a huge fan of Office 365 Groups. Although I also been very transparent that they have not been the silver bullet, given some of their shortcomings, of which almost all has been resolved over the last few months. And the Roadmap of features and improvements of Office 365 Groups are just top notch. The power of these new Modern team sites is the fact that they have merged with Office 365 Groups, giving team sites many of the features that we previously had to build and customize.

    SharePoint team site and mobile app

    Yes, this new experience will prevent some customizations that we've previously been used to doing. But this is a good thing. This allows for a much better life cycle management of SharePoint Team Sites. We all know what's the most expensive part of any SharePoint project - the upgrade piece, the thing that happens a couple of years after the initial project. In this new world of evergreen services - I expect to see this coming to the on-premises version of SharePoint as well - we are in a continuous upgrade mode. We don't have time to spend on upgrades, it should just work. This new model; including the new page experience and extension framework; allows for this.

    SharePoint home and the SharePoint mobile app

    SharePoint homeAlso back in December 2013 I wrote another blog post (seems like ages ago) in which I questioned the fact that the brand SharePoint was going to survive. At that time there was no mention of SharePoint at all in the end user interface in Office 365 - it was just known as Sites and Microsoft was very mellow on the whole on-premises piece. Worth noting is at that time the leadership of the SharePoint team was not as it is today.

    Fast forward to 2016, Sites will be renamed to SharePoint. Finally! This is something that I have been longing for. But this is not only a rename of the tile in the waffle. SharePoint home is your new start page, an aggregated view of your most active sites as well as the ones recommended to you by the Office graph, from both the cloud and on-premises. Not only that, the SharePoint home is also a new entry point for enterprise search and I also believe that this is just the first of many steps.

    This SharePoint home experience is also the heart of the new SharePoint mobile app. Another experience that I've been trying out for a while. The "Intranet in your pocket" is what Microsoft calls this app. It's not really there yet (as an Intranet), but the vision and ideas they have look great. Currently the app gives me great insights in the Team sites I'm participating in, the activities happening in them, the documents and even plain ol' SharePoint lists, and I can search for documents and people. Another great feature is that they by default have built-in account switching and it works for Office 365 and on-premises. Good job!


    I find it very interesting that Microsoft finally talks about SharePoint as an Intranet. They haven't done that for a long time. The versatile SharePoint development platform is now being more streamlines to a specific set of workloads within the Digital Workplace and employee experience. I think this is a good move and hopefully customers can get started with SharePoint without spending to much money and time on building the Intranet features. I wouldn't be surprised if we see more Intranet features, like news and portals, in the near future.

    The SharePoint Framework

    Not only is this new modern team sites equipped with a great user experience, it is also customizable through the new page model and the new extension model called The SharePoint Framework. This new model allows you to still do the the customizations that once made SharePoint so famous and feature rich. This time the improved extension model is all based on client side technologies; no WSP, no sandbox, no weird SharePoint hosted apps. What we get is something more modern that potentially can attract new developers to the realm of SharePoint. This part I'm particularly excited about and please read this post I've written, that is dedicated to the SharePoint Framework.

    One of the most important aspects of the SharePoint Framework and the approach to base it on solely client side technologies, is that this allows the SharePoint team to slowly move away from the (deprecated) ASP.NET Web Forms model that has over the years caused us so much headaches.

    And what about Yammer

    These new announcements are all about SharePoint. Yammer is not a part of SharePoint. None of the blog posts from today mention the Yammer service and during the virtual event today, Yammer was just mentioned briefly. I draw my own conclusions from this and you have draw your own.


    What we've seen today and moving forward is just the beginning of the Future of SharePoint. I'm very excited about what we will get over the next few months and following that.

  • What's new on the Office Roadmap - 2016-04-17

    Tags: Office 365

    Updates, updates and updates. This time around there's a great deal of clean up on the Office Roadmap. Mayhaps they are adding space for all the neat SharePoint things we expect to see next week at the SharePoint Future event.

    There's also a bunch of new stuff added to the In Development category, scroll down and learn something.

    Also worth noticing is that the Yammer team has started to catch up on the feedback they received over the last few years. I think that in just a few weeks they made more than they actually been able to do for years. Good job - now if you only could focus on some proper integration; with identities, search, threading and stuff that matters.

    Changes 2016-04-17


    • Funnel Chart: New Funnel chart, rolling out for Excel 2016 and Excel for Windows Mobile first (new)
    • March Updates in Office Mobile Apps for Windows devices: Lots of updates for the Metro Office (new)
    • Project Online - Portfolio Dashboard: Really cool new Dashboard for Project Online (from in development)
    • Project Online - Portfolio Dashboard for iPad: As above, but for the iPad (from in development)
    • Public Folder eDiscovery & In-Place Hold: Compliance stuff for Public folders (from rolling out)

    Rolling out

    • Class Notebook: limit sharing and delition of section groups: blocks sharing from the Mac and iOS Apps cause it breaks the sharing model. Also moving section is blocked. And some "delition" stuff (new)
    • Content Search Export: export data (compliance) from mailboxes and SharePoint to your local machine (new)
    • eDiscovery Case Management, Hold & Permissions: More eDiscovery improvements (from in development)
    • Learning Tools for OneNote: GA for the Edu OneNote Learning tools (new, but was called Learning Tools for OneNote, which is moved to previously released)
    • New Yammer group experiences: We're starting to see some improvements to the Yammer service (finally), changing how you interact with groups (from indevelopment)
    • Office 365 Reporting Dashboard: I really like this new reporting dashboard in the new admin center, but can't wait for the PowerBI content pack (from in development)
    • Optimizing Yammer Inbox for Team Collaboration: More Yammer improvements. Did I read "mark group as read". Wow! (new)
    • Safety Tips for Office 365: warnings about suspicious e-mails (new)
    • Yammer Discovery Feed: Updates to the Yammer feeds to make it easier to discover new information (from in development)
    • Yammer Group UI Redesign: First big UX update since the Microsoft acquisition? (from in development)

    In Development

    • April Updates in Office Mobile apps for Android devices: Android App updates incoming (new)
    • April updates in Office mobile apps for iOS devices: And iOS (new)
    • April updates in Office Mobile Apps for Windows devices: And for you poor people who still are on this platform (new)
    • Bing Speller in Office Online: Office Online is now powered by Bing Spell Checker, brave! (new)
    • Chat while co-editing a document: direct access to Skype when co-authoring (new)
    • Classroom scale co-authoring in PowerPoint Online: improved scale in PowerPoint co-authoring (new)
    • Embed content into OneNote for iOS: embed stuff (Sway, Mix, videos) in OneNote for iOS
    • Embed content into OneNote for Mac: and on Mac (new)
    • Embed content into OneNote Online: and Online (new)
    • Embed Sways into Microsoft Classroom:  and some Sway embedding (new)
    • End of school year Class Notebook archive: Class Notebooks is getting a tremendous amount of improvements! (new)
    • Enhanced UML diagram support: Better UML support in …Visio? (new)
    • FastTrack | Box to OneDrive for Business Migration: Get yer files outta Box (new)
    • FastTrack | Power BI onboarding support: Onboard your E5 users faster (new)
    • Focused Inbox for Outlook for Windows, Mac and web: The Focused inbox is coming to Windows and Mac. It says "loved on iOS" - I'm not 100% agreeing on that one though. (new)
    • Improvements to Yammer notifications: Notifications; mobile and e-mail will be improved. (new)
    • Message Center improvements Spring 2016: Inline Bing translation, be careful! (new)
    • Office 365 Advanced Security Management - Alerting: Advanced threat detection alerts (new)
    • Office 365 Advanced Security Management - App Discovey Dashboard: Find out what other cloud services your organization is using. (new)
    • Office 365 Advanced Security Management - App Permissions: centrally block external apps from accessing your Office 365 tenant (new)
    • Office 365 Groups: guest access support: GUEST ACCESS IN GROUPS!!! NUFF SAID! (new)
    • Office Online accessibility: improvements for people with disabilities (new)
    • Offline Messages: Just look at that description, just mumbo jumbo. But this is about Skype Offline messages, cool! (new)
    • OneDrive for Business SharePoint Online Document Library Sync: Long awaited sync for SharePoint libraries (new)
    • OneNote: New special ink effects: LOL! Rainbow and Glitter ink. That's exactly what we need to be productive! (new)
    • Polls on Yammer iOS app: Reply to polls in the Yammer app, 'bout time (new)
    • PowerPoint Online Transitions and Animations: enhanced effects in PowerPoint Online (new)
    • Project Online - Financials: project level time-phased costs. Probably a super cool feature for Project peeps (new)
    • Project Online - Mobile apps for team members: Project Online Apps for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile! (new)
    • Send to Sway from OneNote: yup, send OneNote data to a Sway (new)
    • Skype for Business PSTN Conferencing with Toll Free numbers: Toll Free numbers to PSTN conferencing in Skype (new)
    • Smart Lookup in Office Online: Search in Bing from Office Online (new)
    • Upload local Outlook attachment to OneDrive & OneDrive for Business: Attaching files in Outlook 2016 can now directly upload to OneDrive (new)
    • Yammer Language Auto-detection: Yammer now detects language based on your browser setting. Hope you can change it though!! (new)


    • Yammer Group Administrator Onboarding
    • Yammer Group Inbox View

    Moved in to Previously released

    • Analyze Office 365 data with Equivio Zoom:
    • Android: Android for Work compliance with multi profile support:
    • Android: Deeper Integration with Outlook:
    • Android: Easy Sign-in, Sign-up:
    • Android: Presenter view:
    • Apps for Project Pro for Office 365 write support:
    • Archiving in Office 365 for 3rd-party data:
    • Auto Generated Project IDs in Project Online:
    • Capacity Management capabilities in Project Online:
    • Chart Support for Office for iPad:
    • Cloud PBX in Skype for Business:
    • Colorful Office theme:
    • Compliance Search Conditions:
    • Configurable push notifications for Office 365 Admin app:
    • Contact sync for Outlook for Android:
    • Dark theme:
    • Dark theme for Outlook 2016:
    • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) in SharePoint Online:
    • Data Loss Protection (DLP) for Office desktop:
    • Directory pictures in Outlook 2016 search suggestions:
    • DKIM Outbound for Exchange Online Protection:
    • DLP in SharePoint - Policy Management:
    • DLP Policy Tips in Office Clients:
    • Easy Enable for Data Analysis Add-Ins:
    • Embedded video in Universal app:
    • Enforce Office 365 Identity in Yammer:
    • EU Model Clauses and HIPAA BAA Availability for All Yammer Customers:
    • Events from email:
    • Exchange Online Protection- Zero Day auto-purge:
    • FastTrack | Data migration to OneDrive from Google Drive:
    • FastTrack | Skype for Business Onboarding Expansion:
    • FastTrack | Azure Rights Management Onboarding:
    • FastTrack | Data migration to OneDrive for Business from File Shares:
    • FastTrack | Data migration to SharePoint Online Team Sites from File Shares:
    • FastTrack | FastTrack Center services coming to smaller customers:
    • FastTrack | Improving Intune onboarding with MDM:
    • FastTrack | Office 365 ProPlus Upgrade Assistance:
    • FastTrack | Project Online Onboarding:
    • February Updates in Office Mobile Apps for Android devices:
    • February Updates in Office Mobile Apps for iOS:
    • February Updates in Office Mobile Apps for Windows devices:
    • First Release: Office 365 ProPlus and Office 365 Business:
    • First Release: Select People support for SharePoint & OneDrive for Business:
    • Group Updates feed and Direct Messages for Yammer mobile apps:
    • Higher DPI support for 250% and 300%:
    • Inline OneDrive attachment preview for Outlook on the web:
    • January Improvements in Excel 2016 for Windows:
    • January Improvements in Excel Mobile for Windows:
    • Keyword & People search suggestions in Outlook 2016:
    • Learning Tools for OneNote Preview:
    • Likes Coming to Outlook on the web:
    • Lync mobile release - Android:
    • Lync mobile release - Windows Phone:
    • Making it easier to share files and collaborate:
    • Manage Yammer licenses in Office 365:
    • Math Input Control:
    • Mentions Available in Outlook on the web:
    • Mobile offline files (read-only) for iOS:
    • Mobile PDF annotation support for iOS:
    • Morph for iOS:
    • Multiple timeline bars in Project Pro for Office 365:
    • Multi-select Attachments in Outlook 2016:
    • New capabilities on Yammer Android app:
    • New Chinese and Japanese Default Fonts:
    • New Forecasting Capabilities:
    • New Functions for Shorter Formulas:
    • New per-user licensing for Sway:
    • Next-generation OneDrive for Business sync client (PC & Mac):
    • November Improvements in Excel Mobile for Windows:
    • Office 2013 Windows client modern authentication public preview:
    • Office 365 Admin app - Group functionality:
    • Office 365 Admin app - Push Notifications for Message Center:
    • Office 365 app launcher refresh:
    • Office 365 Domain Purchase Experience:
    • Office 365 Groups: auditing:
    • Office 365 Groups: dynamic membership:
    • Office 365 Groups: files quota management:
    • Office 365 Groups: naming policies for aliases:
    • Office 365 Groups: Outlook on the Web and Outlook Groups app user interface improvements:
    • Office 365 Groups: Support compliance requirements:
    • Office 365 help pane updates:
    • Office 365 ISO 27001 and 27018 Audit Report:
    • Office 365 local datacenter in India:
    • Office 365 Multi-Channel Catalog Support:
    • Office 365 My Account updates:
    • Office 365 Service Trust Portal:
    • Office 365 Video - Channel Recycle Bin:
    • Office 365 Video - Deploy in US Government zone (GCC) & China datacenters:
    • Office 365 Video - Improved upload experience:
    • Office 365 Video - Insert video from SharePoint edit page ribbon:
    • Office 365 Video - Video Viewer Statistics:
    • Office 365 Video - Yammer settings per channel:
    • Office Online multi-user coauthoring in Yammer:
    • OneDrive for Business Web UX refresh:
    • OneDrive for Windows Phone unified app:
    • OneNote Online: Record Audio clips & Insert File:
    • Pan and zoom while loading large charts/SmartArt:
    • Persian calendar support in Outlook 2016:
    • PowerPoint Designer - Desktop:
    • PowerPoint for iPad animations, themes, widescreen, backgrounds, and zoom support:
    • PowerPoint Morph - Desktop:
    • Preview_Office 365 Customer Security Considerations Refrence Guide:
    • Project Online content pack for PowerBI:
    • PSTN Calling in Skype for Business:
    • PSTN Conferencing in Skype for Business Online:
    • Quick Access Toolbar customization:
    • Quick Shape Formatting:
    • Read-only mode for Excel:
    • Real time co-authoring in Word:
    • Real time presence for PowerPoint:
    • Real Time presence in PowerPoint for desktop:
    • Red Alert Autoposting:
    • Resource Engagement Workflow in Project Online:
    • Set an expiry date for a guest share:
    • Set Automatic Replies in Outlook for iOS & Android:
    • SharePoint Online uses Exchange Web Services to send mail:
    • Skype for Business for Android:
    • Skype for Business One-time search notification:
    • Skype Meeting Broadcast:
    • Smart Lookup for Office:
    • Storage and file upload improvements for Sites and OneDrive for Business:
    • Support for multi-selection of Slicer items using touch:
    • Sway admin controls over Insert tab content sources:
    • Sway in Service Health Dashboard:
    • Sway recycle bin:
    • Task Notifications in Project Online:
    • Tell Me:
    • Word Online: Improving feature capabilities:

  • What's new on the Office Roadmap - 2016-04-18

    Tags: Office 365, Planner

    Here's some really big updates of the Office Roadmap this time around. Two major themes of this update, part from the now more or less traditional copy paste errors;

    Planner - the Planner team have tons of nifty and neat stuff coming our way.

    Edu - Microsoft is all in on school and Edu features at the moment!

    Check the "In Development" section - you will like it. Wonder how much more good stuff they are saving for the May 4th event!!

    Changes 2016-04-18


    • Class Notebook Add-in for OneNote with LMS Connection: this seems like a big investment area for the Office team. I wish I had this when I want to school! More info here. (from in development)
    • Configurable push notifications for Office 365 Admin app: exactly what the title says (back from previously released)
    • Contact sync for Outlook for Android: sync with native contacts application. (back from previously released)
    • DKIM Outbound for Exchange Online Protection: more secure e-mail! (back from previously released)
    • EU Model Clauses and HIPAA BAA Availability for All Yammer Customers: (back from previously released)
    • FastTrack | Data migration to OneDrive from Google Drive: (back from previously released)
    • FastTrack | Adoption planning assistance: get to the cloud even better now with adoption planning assistance (from in development)
    • First Release: Office 365 ProPlus and Office 365 Business: (back from previously released)
    • Inline OneDrive attachment preview for Outlook on the web: (back from previously released)
    • Learning Tools for OneNote Preview: Just a name change and also a duplicate.
    • Lync Room Systems User Experience Update to Skype for Business: Hmm, this is about a change that is about to happen in November 2015… (from in development) 
    • March Updates in Office Mobile Apps for Android devices: the normal admin app updates for Android (from in development)
    • Modern Attachments for Skype Meetings: A new thing on the roadmap and an awesome feature! Attachments in meeting invites will be pre-loaded into the actual meeting!
    • Multi-Tier Cloud Standard for Singapore: New and without any comments.
    • New per-user licensing for Sway: (back from previously released)
    • Office 2013 Windows client modern authentication public preview: (back from previously released)
    • OneDrive for Business Windows 8.1 Support for Next Generation Sync Client: Finally the NGSC can be used on Windows 8.1. (from in development)
    • OneNote for iOS updates: Apple Pen support and more (new)
    • OneNote Online: Record Audio clips & Insert File: (back from previously released)
    • Project Online content pack for PowerBI: (back from previously released)
    • Skype for Business Cloud Connector Edition: Get some PBX and PSTN going on in Office 365 (from in development)
    • Sway admin controls over Insert tab content sources: (back from previously released)
    • Sway for iOS: Seamless account switching: Can't get enough of Sway in iOS - get some more accounts and just switch back and forth (new)
    • Sway in Windows: Easily get to the most recent or pinned Sways from the Windows Jump List: MRU list in Sway for Windows (new)
    • Sway Navigation: Choose the way you view a Sway: consume Sways the way you want; switch between horizontal and vertical. (new)
    • Word Online: Improving feature capabilities: (back from previously released)

    Rolling out

    • Android: Easy Sign-in, Sign-up: (back from previously released)
    • Android: Presenter view: (back from previously released)
    • Apps for Project Pro for Office 365 write support: (back from previously released)
    • Colorful Office theme: (back from previously released)
    • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) in SharePoint Online: (back from previously released)
    • Delve People Experiences - Praise: Praise is now once again rolling out, from being In Development for a while. Let's see what governance controls we get this time around (from in development)
    • DLP in SharePoint - Policy Management: (back from previously released)
    • First Release: Select People support for SharePoint & OneDrive for Business: (back from previously released)
    • Higher DPI support for 250% and 300%: (back from previously released)
    • Math Input Control: (back from previously released)
    • Microsoft Classroom Preview: Edu subscriptions are now equipped with a homepage for teachers where they can manage classes and assignments (New)
    • Microsoft Forms Preview for Office 365 Education: This is really cool! A new forms engine are taking shape. Starting for Edu subscriptions only though. (New). Please take a look at Office 365 MVP Alex Pearces blog post on the topic.
    • Multiple timeline bars in Project Pro for Office 365: (back from previously released)
    • New AutoCAD file format support in Visio: the AutoCAD file format support improvements is rolling out (from in development)
    • New home page experience for Office 365 users: Another new feature! A new home page for Office 365. (new)
    • Next-generation OneDrive for Business sync client (PC & Mac): (back from previously released)
    • Office 365 Groups: ability to update privacy type: you can now change the privacy type of groups (new)
    • Office 365 ISO 27001 and 27018 Audit Report: (back from previously released)
    • Office 365 ProPlus Consumption Reports: (this feature is rolled back from launched)
    • Office 365 Video - Yammer settings per channel: (rolled back from launch)
    • One-click Archive: simplified archive managmenet (from in development)
    • OneDrive for Business Deny List of File Types for Sync: you can now actively block certain file types for OD4B  (from in development)
    • OneDrive for Business Pause Sync: The pause sync feature is rolling out (from in development)
    • Outlook 2016 for Mac two step authentication: MFA for Mac (from in development)
    • Pan and zoom while loading large charts/SmartArt: (back from previously released)
    • Preview_Office 365 Customer Security Considerations Refrence Guide: (back from previously released)
    • Red Alert Autoposting: (back from previously released)
    • School Data Sync Preview: The Edu suites are getting even more cool stuff. Now, a new sync engine for classes and rosters from "Student Information Systems" (new)
    • Task Notifications in Project Online: (back from previously released)

    In Development

    • Android: Deeper Integration with Outlook: (back from previously released)
    • Assign a task to multiple individuals in Office 365 Planner: Yes! Been waiting for this. Really cool to see the next wave of Planner features being built (new)
    • Class Notebook add-in for OneNote on Mac: More class and Edu features (new)
    • Class Notebook API enhancements: Specific class notebook API's - I think we can see Microsoft aiming in really hard on schools and Edu right now (new)
    • Custom backgrounds in Office 365 Planner: Branding of Planner site (new)
    • Delve Analytics: Hmm. Delve Analytics is now back at In Development from Rolling out.
    • Embed content into OneNote: Embed videos, sways etc in OneNote (3 copies of the same item, new)
    • Events from email: (back from previously released)
    • External (Guest) user access in Office 365 Planner: More Planner goodies (new)
    • General Availability of Office 365 Tasks API: Access to Planner via the Microsoft Graph I presume (new)
    • Improved image attachment viewing in Outlook on the web: was previously rolled out
    • Integrating Office 365 Planner with Professional Learning Communities (PLC): a combo of learning/Edu and Planner - this must be the theme of this big update of the Roadmap (new)
    • Korean language support: (back from previously released)
    • Manage Yammer licenses in Office 365: (rolled back from rolling out)
    • Mobile experiences in Office 365 Planner: mobile web experience for Planner AND a Windows Universal App (new)
    • Mobile PDF annotation support for iOS: (back from previously released)
    • Office 365 Groups: expiring groups: just a name change from "expiring inactive groups" to "expiring groups"
    • Office 365 Groups: multi-domain support: rolled back to in development
    • Office 365 local datacenter in India: (back from previously released)
    • Office 365 Message Encryption: End-User Triggered Encryption in OWA: was previously cancelled (someone been fatfingering again)
    • Office 365 Planner accessibility: accessbility improvements of Planner (new)
    • Office 365 Planner Apps for iOS and Android: Awesome - Planner Apps are coming our way (new)
    • Office 365 Reporting Dashboard: was rolling out
    • Office Lens iOS feature updates: Improved Office Lens features (new)
    • Office Lens now available for Windows 10: Office Lens UWP (new)
    • OneDrive for Business Recent Files to Sway: get your OneDrive stuff into Sway more easuer (new)
    • OneNote Class Notebook teacher transfer: More Edu goodness (new)
    • OneNote collaboration: share a notebook in Windows 10: easier sharing in the Windows 10 OneNote app (anyone actually using that in favor of the real OneNote app??) (new)
    • OneNote Grouped inking: ink improvments, very welcome (new)
    • OneNote Universal mobile: audio recording: not only take notes during the meetings, record it with your Windows Phone (new)
    • Open OpenDocument files: (back from previously released)
    • Optimizing Yammer Inbox for Team Collaboration: Yammer inbox improvments. Funny they mention a "Mark all as read" (the most requested feature) and say "no, you don't need that, you need a read it later button". Sigh. (new)
    • Plan creation restriction and Naming policy: Funny they didn't have this one in to start with given the feedback about this on Office 365 Groups. (new)
    • Preview of PSTN Calling for UK: We're getting there, US and now UK (new)
    • Professional Learning Community Groups: "Professional Learning Communities" - seems like a big deal. Groups, Skype, Planner and OneNote together. (new)
    • Real time presence for PowerPoint: (back from previously released)
    • Real Time presence in PowerPoint for desktop: (back from previously released)
    • Sites Tile Page Update - Recent and Suggested Sites: back in development after being rolled out for a while.
    • Skype for Business App SDK: Native iOS and Android SDK's for Skype! Cool! (new)
    • Skype for Business for Android: (back from previously released)
    • Skype For Business Mac: "We are designing a new Skype For Business Mac client to replace the Lync for Mac 2011 client." (new)
    • Skype for Business Mac Client Preview: They will not only build it, they will build a preview (new)
    • Skype Meeting Broadcast: (back from previously released)
    • Smart Lookup with OneNote: I guess a Bing search in OneNote. (new)
    • Sway recycle bin: (back from previously released)
    • Templates in Office 365 Planner: WOW. Just wow! Some really funky Planner templates are coming our way (new)
    • Timeline view in Office 365 Planner: And a timeline view. Go Planner! (new)
    • User Activity Reports: back from rolling out

  • What's new on the Office Roadmap - 2016-03-28

    Tags: Office 365

    Here's some more updates on the Office Roadmap. A couple of days late due to me being offline and chasing bunnies and chickens. Highlights of these updates are the awesomeness going on in the Office 365 Video team and also that the OneDrive sync team is back!

    Changes 2016-03-28


    • Class Notebook Add-in for OneNote: The Class Notebook add-in for Onenote is released. (NEW)
    • February Updates in Office Mobile Apps for Android devices: Android apps received some updates with auto-save and collab authoring in Word and PowerPoint (NEW)
    • February Updates in Office Mobile Apps for iOS: And iOS got some as well with Box integrations (NEW)
    • February Updates in Office Mobile Apps for Windows devices: And Windows Phone did too (these users can be counted on one hand nowadays); inking and Excel updates was on the menu (NEW)
    • Office 365 Admin app - Group functionality: Group admin options in the admin app, nice but for me the UX works fine with 10-15 groups, imagine an enterprise with thousands (from in development)
    • Office 365 Admin app - Push Notifications for Message Center: Get them push notifications from the admin app and always know when there is Office 365 issues. Great! (from in development)
    • Office 365 Admin app for Windows 10: The Windows 10 Universal App for Office 365 is here. Currently in Beta, but (NEW)
    • Office 365 Video - Choose Your Own Thumbnail: A great video addition (from in development)
    • Office 365 Video - Improved upload experience: easier to upload videos, one step forward to a real video internal Youtube (from rolling out)
    • Office 365 Video - Insert video from SharePoint edit page ribbon: use videos in your SharePoint sites (from rolling out)
    • Office 365 Video - Upload your own subtitle files: Wow! Awesome addition to the video portal! (from in development)
    • Office 365 Video - Video Viewer Statistics: I like this, but I'd like to see better overall statistics. Right now its a copy paste job from many sources (NEW)
    • Office 365 Video - Yammer settings per channel: about time, and the best thing is that you can turn the Yammer integration off! (back from previously launched)

    Rolling out

    • Manage Yammer licenses in Office 365: To Yammer or not to Yammer - that is no longer the question, but up to you! (from in development)
    • Office 365 Reporting Dashboard: This new reporting dashboard is awesome! (from in development)
    • Search on Yammer iOS app: giggles, not commenting on this one (NEW)

    In Development

    • Allow/Deny list external sharing domains: long awaited feature (NEW)
    • Bitcoin Currency Format Support: Bitcoins is back( NEW, well it was here before but disappeared for a while)
    • Delve People Experiences - Praise: Prais feature is now back in development (from rolling out)
    • Expiring Yammer Announcements: Instead of fixing the read item count issues (any of them) the Yammer team thinks, hey let's focus on something else instead… (NEW)
    • Improvements to Outlook Add-in Store: better in-Outlook experience when getting Add-ins (NEW)
    • March Updates in Office Mobile Apps for Android devices: RTF support for Android devices and SmartArt editing (NEW)
    • March Updates in Office Mobile Apps for Windows devices: RTF and Sway features in the WinPhone apps (NEW)
    • OneDrive for Business Deny List of File Types for Sync: Allows admins to deny certain file types (NEW)
    • OneDrive for Business Pause Sync: looks like the OneDrive sync team is back from the coffee break (NEW)
    • OneDrive for Business Shared folder Sync: sync someone elses folder (NEW)
    • OneDrive for Business SharePoint Online Document Library Sync: The end of groove.exe? (NEW)
    • OneDrive for Business Windows 8.1 Support for Next Generation Sync Client: Anyone still on 8.1, slackers! (NEW)

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Wictor Wilén is the Nordic Digital Workplace Lead working at Avanade. Wictor has achieved the Microsoft Certified Architect (MCA) - SharePoint 2010, Microsoft Certified Solutions Master (MCSM) - SharePoint  and Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) - SharePoint 2010 certifications. He has also been awarded Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for seven consecutive years.

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