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  • Conference season, fall 2016, and where I'll be

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    Summer is over, slacking time is over, it's time to get up to speed and learn some new stuff. There's very much to talk about this fall if you're interested in SharePoint. And this fall I will do a couple of conferences as a speaker, which I very much looking forward to.

    TechDays 2016, Amsterdam

    For the first time I will attend and present at the TechDays 2016 in Amsterdam, the 4th and 5th of October. A local conference hosted by Microsoft. I will present three sessions:

    • Introducing the SharePoint Framework
    • Deep dive building client-side Web Parts using SharePoint Framework
    • SharePoint Futures - Christmas came early this year!


    The SharePoint and Office 365 track will be outstanding with where you also can listen to Waldek Mastykarz and Albert-Jan Schot.

    SharePoint and Exchange Forum, now SEF Unity Connect

    I don't know for how many years I've done this show, SEForum, 26th to 28th of October. It's the best conference for SharePoint, Office 365 and Exchange in Sweden, the Nordics, Scandinavia. And you'll find all the experts here, such as Spencer Harbar, Eric Schupps, Jesper Ståhle just to mention a few. This year I'm honored to do the keynote, together with Dan Holme (Microsoft). It will be a blast! And I will also do the following break-outs:

    • Building Modern Solutions with the SharePoint Framework
    • SharePoint as an Intranet


    If you're planning to attend, please use this code SEFWICW10 to get 10% off!


    If you're around, come by and say hi, looking forward to meeting you all out there on the road.

  • Presenting the new Office 365 APIs at TechDays in Sweden

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    TechDays 2014I’m thrilled to be presenting at TechDays 2014 in Stockholm the 19-20 November. This is the 5th time the TechDays conference is held here in Sweden and I know that this years edition will be even more awesome than the previous times. As usual the best speakers from Sweden will be there and some international really interesting speakers, such as the well-known Mary Jo Foley.

    I will be presenting a session about the new and interesting Office 365 APIs. We will walk through what these new APIs do, what they can be used for, how to do authentication and why you should invest your time in these APIs. It will be a developer focused session and we will look at code as much as possible – and we will have as much fun as possible.

    I really look forward to meeting you there, and if you’re not already booked, then head on over to your manager and say that if he or she doesn’t send you to TechDays, then you will in the wake of your competitors. Oh, and by the way, don’t miss out on the early bird offer which is valid until the last of august.

  • SPC14: Scripts for Mastering Office Web Apps 2013 operations and deployments

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    Here’s another post with scripts from my sessions at SharePoint Conference 2014 – this time from the Mastering Office Web Apps 2013 Operations and Deployments session (SPC383). To get a more in-depth explanation of all the details, please watch the recording at Channel 9.

    Let’s start…but first! OWA = Outlook Web App and WAC = Office Web Apps (Web Application Companion).

    Preparing the machine before installing Office Web Apps

    Before you install the Office Web Apps bits on the machine you need to install a set of Windows Features. The following script is the one you should use (not the one on TechNet) and it works for Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2.

    # WAC 2013 preparation for Windows Server 2012 (R2)
    Import-Module ServerManager
    # Required Features
    Add-WindowsFeature NET-Framework-45-Core,NET-Framework-45-ASPNET,`
    # Recommended Features
    Add-WindowsFeature Web-Stat-Compression,Web-Dyn-Compression
    # NLB
    Add-WindowsFeature NLB, RSAT-NLB
    Note, that I also add the NLB features here – it is not required if you use another load balancer.

    Starting a sysprepped WAC machine

    The following script is used when booting up a sysprepped machine that has all the Office Web App binaries installed (including patches and language packs), but no WAC configuration whatsoever. It will simply configure a NIC on the box and then join the machine to a domain and rename the machine. A very simple script that can be automated. Most of the scripts, just as this one, contains a set of variables in the beginning of the script. This makes it much more easier to modify and work with the scripts.

    $domain = "corp.local"
    $newName = "WACSPC2"
    $ou = "ou=WAC,dc=corp,dc=local"
    $ethernet = "Ethernet1"
    $ip = "" 
    $prefix = 24
    $dns = ""
    # Set IP
    Write-Host -ForegroundColor Green "Configuring NIC..."
    New-NetIPAddress -InterfaceAlias $ethernet -IPAddress $ip -AddressFamily IPv4 -PrefixLength $prefix 
    Set-DnsClientServerAddress -InterfaceAlias $ethernet -ServerAddresses $dns
    # Verify 
    # Get creds
    $credentials = Get-Credential -Message "Enter credentials with add computer to domain privilegies"
    # Join domain
    Write-Host -ForegroundColor Green "Joining domain..."
    Add-Computer -Credential $credentials -DN $domain -OUPath $ou 
    # rename
    Write-Host -ForegroundColor Green "Renaming machine..."
    Rename-Computer -NewName $newName
    # Reboot
    Write-Host -ForegroundColor Green "Restarting..."

    Once this script is executed the machine should reboot and be joined to a domain.

    Configure a new Office Web Apps Farm

    Once the machine is joined to the domain it is time to configure Office Web Apps. If you want more information about the variables/parameters I use I recommend watching the session! These variables are solely for demo purposes and you should adapt them to your needs. Also this step requires that you have a valid certificate (pfx file) that conforms to the WAC certificate requirements.

    # New WAC Farm
    Import-Module OfficeWebApps
    $farmou = "WAC"                           # Note the format!!
    $internalurl = "https://wacspc.corp.local"
    $externalurl = ""
    $cachelocation = "c:\WACCache\"           # %programdata%\Microsoft\OfficeWebApps\Working\d\
    $loglocation = "c:\WACLog\"               # %programdata%\Microsoft\OfficeWebApps\Data\Logs\ULS\
    $rendercache = "c:\WACRenderCache\"       # %programdata%\Microsoft\OfficeWebApps\Working\waccache
    $size = 5                                 # Default 15GB
    $docinfosize = 1000                       # Default 5000
    $maxmem = 512                             # Default 1024
    $cert = "wacspc.corp.local.pfx"              # File name
    $certname = "wacspc.corp.local"              # Friendly name
    $certificate = Import-PfxCertificate -FilePath (Resolve-Path $cert) -CertStoreLocation  Cert:\LocalMachine\My -ea SilentlyContinue 
    $certificate.DnsNameList | ft Unicode
    New-OfficeWebAppsFarm -FarmOU $farmou `
        -InternalURL $internalurl `
        -ExternalURL $externalurl `
        -OpenFromUrlEnabled `
        -OpenFromUncEnabled `
        -ClipartEnabled `
        -CacheLocation $cachelocation `
        -LogLocation $loglocation `
        -RenderingLocalCacheLocation $rendercache `
        -CacheSizeInGB $size `
        -DocumentInfoCacheSize $docinfosize `
        -MaxMemoryCacheSizeInMB $maxmem `
        -CertificateName $certname `
        -EditingEnabled `
    (Invoke-WebRequest https://wacspc1.corp.local/m/met/participant.svc/jsonAnonymous/BroadcastPing).Headers["X-OfficeVersion"]

    As a last step I do a verification of the local machine and retrieve the current Office Web Apps version.

    Create the NLB cluster

    In my session I used NLB for load balancing. The following scripts creates the cluster and adds the machine as the first node to that cluster. The script will also install the DNS RSAT feature and add two DNS A records for the internal and external names for the Office Web Apps Server. That step is not required and might/should be managed by your DNS operations team.

    # Create NLB Cluster
    $ip = ""
    $interface = "Ethernet1"
    # New NLB Cluster
    New-NlbCluster -ClusterPrimaryIP $ip -InterfaceName $interface -ClusterName "SPCWACCluster" -OperationMode Unicast -Verbose
    # DNS Bonus
    Add-WindowsFeature  RSAT-DNS-Server  
    Import-Module DnsServer
    Add-DnsServerResourceRecordA -Name "wacspc" -ZoneName "corp.local" -IPv4Address $ip -ComputerName ( Get-DnsClientServerAddress $interface  -AddressFamily IPv4).ServerAddresses[0]
    ping wacspc.corp.local
    Add-DnsServerResourceRecordA -Name "wacspc" -ZoneName "" -IPv4Address $ip -ComputerName ( Get-DnsClientServerAddress $interface  -AddressFamily IPv4).ServerAddresses[0]

    Adding additional machines to the WAC farm

    Adding additional machines to the WAC farm is easy, just make sure you have the certificate (pfx file) and use the following scripts on the additional machines:

    Import-Module OfficeWebApps
    $server = "wacspc1.corp.local"
    $cert = "wacspc.corp.local.pfx"  
    Import-PfxCertificate -FilePath (Resolve-Path $cert) -CertStoreLocation  Cert:\LocalMachine\My -ea SilentlyContinue 
    New-OfficeWebAppsMachine -MachineToJoin $server
    # Verify

    Configuring NLB on the additional WAC machines

    And of course you need to configure NLB and add the new WAC machines into your NLB cluster:

    $hostname = "WACSPC1"
    $interface = "Ethernet1"
    Get-NlbCluster -HostName $hostname | Add-NlbClusterNode -NewNodeName $env:COMPUTERNAME -NewNodeInterface $interface

    That is all of the scripts I used in the session to set up my WAC farm. All that is left is to connect SharePoint to your Office Web Apps farm

    Configure SharePoint 2013

    In SharePoint 2013 you need to add WOPI bindings to the Office Web Apps farm. The following script will add all the WOPI bindings and also start a full crawl (required for the search previews):

    The first part (commented out in this script) should only be used if your SharePoint farm is running over HTTP (which it shouldn’t of course!).

    asnp microsoft.sharepoint.powershell -ea 0
    # SharePoint using HTTPS?
    #$config = Get-SPSecurityTokenServiceConfig
    #$config.AllowOAuthOverHttp = $true
    # Create New Binding
    New-SPWOPIBinding -ServerName wacspc.corp.local
    Get-SPWOPIBinding | Out-GridView
    # Check the WOPI Zone
    # Start full crawl
    $scope = Get-SPEnterpriseSearchServiceApplication | 
        Get-SPEnterpriseSearchCrawlContentSource | 
        ?{$_.Name -eq "Local SharePoint Sites"}
    # Wait for the crawl to finish...
    while($scope.CrawlStatus -ne [Microsoft.Office.Server.Search.Administration.CrawlStatus]::Idle) {
        Write-Host -ForegroundColor Yellow "." -NoNewline
        Sleep 5
    Write-Host -ForegroundColor Yellow "."

    Connect Exchange 2013 to Office Web Apps

    In the session I also demoed how to connect Office Web Apps and Exchange 2013. The important things here to remember is that you need to specify the full URL to the discovery end-point and that you need to restart the OWA web application pools.

    # WAC Discovery Endpoint
    Set-OrganizationalConfig -WACDiscoveryEndpoint https://wacspc.corp.local/hosting/discovery
    # Recycle OWA App Pool
    Restart-WebAppPool -Name MSExchangeOWAAppPool
    # (Opt) Security settings
    Set-OwaVirtualDirectory "owa (Default Web Site)" -WacViewingOnPublicComputersEnabled $true -WacViewingOnPrivateComputersEnabled $true


    I know I kept all the instructions in this blog post short. You really should watch the recording to get the full picture. Good luck!

  • SPC 14 sessions, recordings and wrap-up

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    Wow, that was an awesome conference! SharePoint Conference 2014 is over and I’m very glad I attended the conference – both as a speaker and attendee. Finally Microsoft and the SharePoint Product Group told us about their future and vision for SharePoint and SharePoint Online. If you knew how long we have waited for this…

    I’m glad they start to sort out the service (ie Office 365) and now can add new capabilities into the platform.
    I’m glad Jeff Teper officially said that there will be at least one more version of SharePoint on-premises.
    I’m glad that the product group is listening to our and our customers feedback.
    I’m glad that we have such a strong community
    I’m excited about the future of SharePoint (to be honest, it’s been some time since I had that feeling).

    My sessions

    As a first time speaker at this event I was a bit nervous, which the ones who attended my sessions might have noticed. I’m proud that so many people turned up on my sessions, especially the Architecture session where we had people standing in the back and we had 90 minutes of Q&A at the end! That was cool! Unfortunately the room where I had all my three sessions suffered from severe microphone issues (which impacts my session ratings), apart from that everything except one demo was a success. Everything was recorded so if you did not have time to attend my sessions or just want to see them again here they are:

    Real-world SharePoint architecture sessions (SPC334)

    Mastering Office Web Apps 2013 operations and deployments (SPC383)

    Designing, deploying, and managing Workflow Manager farms (SPC356)

    Co-presented with Spencer Harbar.


    If you have any questions on my sessions, feel free to post them here. And before you ask – yes, I will post all the PowerShell scripts I used, but in a separate blog post(s).

    If you’d like to watch more videos from SPC14, head on over to Channel 9 and take a look at any of the keynotes and sessions for free. I’m really looking forward to see the what’s up next with SharePoint, I think the next conference (whatever it will be called) will be something very different from this one.

  • SharePoint and Exchange Forum 2013 – wrap-up

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    Stockholm ArchipelagoTwo weeks ago the ship returned to Stockholm from a 48 hour cruise on the Baltic Sea hosting the 10th edition of SharePoint and Exchange Forum. As usual the conference was a great show arranged by MVP Göran Husman and his Humandata crew. Thank You!

    We enjoyed a lot of great sessions from well-known speakers around the world and we spent the nights in the bars (and on the tables) during the nights. I had a lot of fun even though it was a bit weird having my first session just as the ship left the harbor and turned sharply – as far as I could see no one got sick, at least not from the sea.

    My session slides, and from all the other speakers sessions, can be found on the SharePoint and Exchange Forum website – All my demo code can be found here.

    Hope to see you next year, who knows what we will be doing then!

  • TechEd New Zealand 2013 Wrap-up

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    It’s been over a week since I got home from an amazing trip to the other side of the globe (literally). It was a long way getting to New Zealand but definitely worth it. It was my first ever TechEd, both as attendee and presenter and first trip to New Zealand. I had a great couple of days meeting the SharePoint community and other Microsoft junkies, and also had the opportunity to have a quick breakfast with Scott Guthrie.

    I had three sessions and one panel session – and all of them was pure fun! Thanks for all the great questions and the feedback I received! The attendees and conference was just awesome.

    You can find my three sessions at Channel 9:


    Piha Beach

    Also a big thanks to my fellow MCA Wayne Ewington who was our personal guide and welcomed us with open arms to New Zealand.

    Update: the code for the solutions can be found here.

  • Conference season, fall of 2012

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    Here we go again! The conferences are piling up one after another now when we have our new and shiny toy (=SharePoint 2013). For me personally this is an exciting time and gives me the opportunity to travel, meet old and new friends, to network and first and foremost learn more about SharePoint. A lot of us are currently experimenting with the beta bits, actively running some projects on it and just wondering how it will work when Microsoft finally will make the golden master. The conferences gives you the opportunity to hear about the latest news, learn about some features that you haven’t got a chance to explore yet, learn from those who has been working with this new product for months and even years and also hear a different perspective of others experiences compared to yours.

    I have three planned conferences for the next couple of months and a couple of user group meetings (where the interest has been tremendous!).

    SharePoint and Exchange Forum 2012 – October 22-23, Stockholm


    The first conference to kick off this season is the largest yearly SharePoint conference in Scandinavia – SharePoint and Exchange Forum. It’s hosted by Office 365 MVP and my good friend Göran Husman, and he has been doing this conference since the dinosaurs walked the earth. Last year I thought the conference really had a fantastic bunch of speakers and this year it will be even better! I will do two sessions this year (but why do I always get my slots the day after the big party, Beatrice!!!).

    Office Web Apps Server – all you need to know

    This is a session where we dig into the new Office Web Apps Server (or WAC server) to see how it works, how it’s configured etc. We’ll discuss why Microsoft decided to make it into its own server product and how it can integrate with other servers (except SharePoint) such as Exchange.

    SharePoint Apps – An introduction for developers

    This developer session will be an introductory SharePoint 2013 Apps development session. We’ll talk about why we would like to build Apps, the basic concepts and then of course build an app or two. My mate Eric Schupps will also do an App development session and we’ll make sure that you will benefit from visiting both of our sessions.

    SharePoint Conference 2012 – November 12-15, Las Vegas


    The SharePoint Conference 2012 is by far the largest conference this year and it will be the “coming out party” for SharePoint 2013. Everyone will be there – vice presidents, product group members, MCA’s, MCM’s, MVP’s…just everyone! Even though the Preview is out I expect to see some really cool stuff shown in the keynotes and sessions. I’m going there, and not speaking, with my great team from Connecta and we’ll do all that we can to suck in as much information as possible.

    SharePoint and Projects Conference Adriatics, November 28, Zagreb, Croatia

    SPC Adriatics

    This will be my first time at SPC Adriatics and I was invited by my good friend and SharePoint MVP Toni Frankola to speak here. This conference also has a great line-up of speakers and it’s going to be an intense day for everyone to learn the latest about SharePoint 2013. This time around I’ll do an upgrade/IT-Pro session.

    SharePoint 2013 – The upgrade story

    This session will cover what you need to do an upgrade from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013, You’ll learn the upgrade planning, methods and execution through a number of demos. During the session we will do a live upgrade from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013. We’ll also cover the Site Collection upgrade previews and health checks, which allows the site collection owner to determine when they are ready to move on to the new version.


    I hope to meet you out there on a conference shortly! Take care.

  • Presentations

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    This page contains references, links and info about my past and upcoming presentations, user groups and conferences.

    Upcoming Presentations


    2017-05-29--31 European Collaboration Summit

    Extend Microsoft Teams with connectors and Bots

    Past Presentations 


    2017-03-03 SharePoint Saturday Munich, Germany

    Power charging Microsoft Teams with Bots, connectors and Tab
    Office 365 Groups, Yammer and Teams dicussion

    2017-02-16 TechX Office 365, Stockholm

    Developing with Microsoft Teams
    Developing with SharePoint Framework


    2016-10-04--05 TechDays 2016, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    2016-10-25--28 SEF Unity Connect, Stockholm, Sweden

    2016-05-22 SharePoint Saturday Stockholm, Sweden

    2016-02-18 TechX Office 365, Akalla Sweden


    2015-10-10 SharePoint Saturday Münich, Münich, Germany

    2015-10-12--2015-10-14 Unity Connect Amsterdam 2015, Amsterdam, Netherlands

    2015-10-21--2015-10-22 TechDays 2015, Stockholm, Sweden

    2015-06-13 SPS IT Unity EMEA, Online

    2015-06-03-- 2015-06-04 TechX Office 365, Stockholm, Sweden

    2015-04-20-- 2015-04-22 SharePoint Evolution Conference 2015, London, UK

    2015-02-14 SharePoint Saturday, Stockholm

    2015-01-28--2015-01-29 TechX Azure, Stockholm, Sweden


    2014-11-25--2014-11-26 Share-The-Point Southeast Asia, Singapore

    2014-11-19--2014-11-20 TechDays 2014, Stockholm, Sweden

    2014-10-29--2014-10-30 SharePoint and Exchange Forum 2014, Stockholm, Sweden

    2014-04-09 TechX Azure, Stockholm, Sweden

    2014-03-03 -- 2014-03-06 SharePoint Conference 2014, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA 

    Wrap up, scripts for SPC334, scripts for SPC383

    2014-01-25 SharePoint Saturday Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden 

    2014-01-23 -- 2014-01-24 Tech X Office 365, Stockholm, Sweden


    2013-09-30 -- 2013-10-02 SharePoint and Exchange Forum 2013, Stockholm, Sweden - Helsinki, Finland 

    Wrap up

    2013-09-10 -- 2013-09-13 TechEd New Zealand, Auckland, New Zealand

    Wrap up

    2013-04-15 -- 2013-04-17 SharePoint Evolution Conference 2013, London, UK 

    Presentations and Links


    2012-11-28 SharePoint and Project Conference Adriatics 2012, Zagreb, Croatia

    2012-10-22 -- 2012-10-23 SharePoint & Exchange Forum 2012, Stockholm, Sweden

    2012-10-04 SSUG: En introduktion til SharePoint 2013, Malmö, Sweden

    2012-09-24 SSUG: En introduktion til SharePoint 2013, Stockholm, Sweden

    2012-04-23 -- 2012-04-25 International SharePoint Conference 2012, London, UK

    Follow-up post


    2011-11-14 -- 2011-11-15 SharePoint and Exchange Forum 2011, Stockholm, Sweden

    2011-11-08 -- 2011-11-09 Southeast Asia SharePoint Conference 2011, Singapore

    2011-10-17 -- 2011-10-20 European SharePoint Conference 2011, Berlin, Germany

    2011-03-29 -- 2011-03-30 TechDays Sweden 2011, Örebro, Sweden

    Videos, presentations and code.


    2010-10-26 -- 2010-10-27 Southeast Asia SharePoint Conference 2010, Singapore

    Slides and demos

    2010-10-18 -- 2010-10-19 SharePoint and Exchange Forum 2010, Stockholm, Sweden

    Slides and demos

    2010-06-01 Devsum 2010

    Slides and demos







  • International SharePoint Conference 2012 wrap-up

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    It’s been almost a week since the International SharePoint Conference ended, the first of its kind – and what a conference it was!

    I was honored to be part of the developer track, together with top-notch speakers and developers such as Andrew Connell, Ben Robb, Eric Schupps, Matthew McDermott, Mirjam van Olst, Paul Schaeflein, Todd Carter and Waldek Mastykarz. We’ve been working together on this “project” for a couple of months having weekly calls trying to build a solution that we would use for the developer track. I really think that we did a good job and that we covered a lot of the important pieces in a SharePoint project – that normally isn’t covered on conferences. And I do hope that you who attended it, enjoyed the track and what we tried to show you.

    Everything that we built and presented is available for download. We’ve created a CodePlex project where we have uploaded the functional specs, all the session demos and the final solutions demoed. Go grab the stuff here: And if you have any comments or questions – use the CodePlex discussion features and let the discussion start.

    Waldek and I started the dev track by building a couple of Visual Studio Extensions. After some initial problems with the Visual Studio Gallery site we finally got them published. Just search for “ISC” in the Extension Manager. And if you wait just a couple of more days – all this will be integrated into CKS:Dev.

    The ISC extensions in the Visual Studio Online Gallery

    Next year, our amazing host Steve Smith, will host the SharePoint Evolution Conference 2013. I would not miss it for the world!

  • Speaking at the International SharePoint Conference London 2012

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    Square_web_banner_2bIn less than a month the greatest SharePoint conference on this side of the pond will take place in London - the International SharePoint Conference (ISC). The ISC is the new name for the conference held in London and previously called Best Practices Conference and Evolutions Conference. This will actually be my first year at the conference, but I always wanted to go there - and now I'm one of the speakers in the fantastic line up!

    This conference will not be just an ordinary conference - instead of having the traditional one hour demo sessions we will over the course of three days go from a functional specification to a deployable solution. The sessions will vary in length from less than one hour to a couple of hours long. There will be two parallel tracks like this - one focused on development topics and one focused on IT-Pro stuff.

    I will together with some fantastic SharePoint MVP colleagues and friends participate in a couple of sessions ranging from Visual Studio extensibility, to BCS and Managed Metadata thingies. It will be a blast presenting and I do think that the audience will enjoy this show. So, if you haven't already booked your tickers - now is the time!

    Se you there!

About Wictor...

Wictor Wilén is the Nordic Digital Workplace Lead working at Avanade. Wictor has achieved the Microsoft Certified Architect (MCA) - SharePoint 2010, Microsoft Certified Solutions Master (MCSM) - SharePoint  and Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) - SharePoint 2010 certifications. He has also been awarded Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for seven consecutive years.

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