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  • Windows Live Developer Community launched

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    A new developers community for Windows Live developers - Via Windows Live - has just been launched. The community site contains sections about Silverlight, Live ID, Live Writer, Messenger, Alerts and all the other Live products.

    As of now the content is quite thin, but it's up to you/us to fill it with useful information. Just register and then start using it. The site has a Wiki, a Gallery, Articles and more. And you can subscribe to the "aggregated blog of everything Windows Live".

    Why Via Windows Live uses their own login procedure instead of Live ID gives me a headache, but that's just me...

  • Silverlight 1.0 Released

    Tags: .NET, Internet Explorer, Silverlight

    Silverlight Finally Microsoft has released Silverlight 1.0 - Microsofts new streaming media platform which aims to compete with Adobe Flash.

    Silverlight is a cross-platform and cross-browser plugin with focus on delivering high performing graphical web interfaces, with support for Windows and Mac OS. Download the final release here. The download page still says Silverlight 1.0 RC , but the RC will automatically update to the final version.

    For Linux there is a project under the Mono umbrella called Moonlight which will provide a Linux implementation of Silverlight.

    Full press release here.

  • Dissecting XPS, part 8 - XPS Tools

    Tags: Microsoft Office, Windows Vista, Software, XPS, Silverlight

    This part of the Dissecting XPS series will focus on some XML Paper Specification tools that are available as of today.

    The success of XPS, vs PDF and others, are really depending on the number of supported devices, operating systems and tools. Right now the XPS support is limitied in applications outside the Microsoft Windows sphere, but there are plans for other operating systems. (Maybe Silverlight will boost this with the CoreCLR).

    Windows Vista

    Windows Vista has the tools you need to create XPS documents by using the Microsoft XPS Document Writer printer. Just hit Print in any application and select the XPS Document Writer and voila - you have a fixed page XPS document.

    Windows Vista also have a built-in XPS reader, which allows you to view XPS files.

    Microsoft Office 2007

    Microsoft Office 2007 has a free plug-in for publishing documents to XPS format. Propably the best way to create XPS files.

    XPS Essentials Pack

    XPS Essentials Pack deliviers a stand-alone XPS viewer and other utilites for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003, read my previous post about it.


    NiXPS NiXPS is an interesting software company, with a product with the same name that is used for changing and checking XPS files. NiXPS v1.0 is currently in beta and is available for Windows 2000/XP/Vista as well as for MacOS 10. This product is not for viewing XPS files, instead NiXPS is currently developing a shared C/C++ XPS library - so any creative developers out there: here is your chance to create some nice XPS viewers. Follow the development at their blog.

    Open Xml Package Explorer

    Not really an XPS tool but Package Explorer is a nice Office Open Xml application created by Wouter van Vugt. It is created for Office Open Xml documents but since XPS files are built on OPC, which Package Explorer supports, Package Explorer might be extended to support XPS files in the future. Package Explorer is available at CodePlex. Maybe if I get time and Wouter allows it I'll have a look at it :-)

    Other tools

    Here are some other useful XPS utilities

    Do you have any other tools worth mentioning, have I missed any?

  • Silverlight installation problems

    Tags: Internet Explorer, WinFX, Windows Vista, Silverlight

    I initially had some trouble installing Microsoft Silverlight on Windows Vista. It all installed perfectly without any warnings (not during setup nor in the Windows logs), but I could not get the Silverlight 1.0 beta applications to run. I guess that it had something to do with having installed WPF/E betas installed.

    To get it to work this is what I did...

    1: Start a command prompt using elvated privilegies

    Click the Start button, enter "command", right click Command Prompt and select Run as administrator and the click Continue in the User Account Control dialog.

    2: Navigate to "c:\Program Files\Microsoft Silverlight" and then write "regsvr32 npctrl.dll" and hit enter

     A confirmation dialog should appear if everything is ok.

    3: Try a Silverlight application, like this one.

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