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  • McAfee VirusScan Enterprise sucks

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    Here comes another "it sucks" post about McAfee anti-virus products.

    I recently was forced into using McAfee VirusScan Enterprise, due to domain policies at my new employer. This was not what I have wanted! For years I have been using Grisoft AVG both at work and at home (they have a great free product for personal use). AVG is great, I have not had a single virus or similar on any of my machines for six or seven years (that has not been intentionally installed - to see what will happen), and I'm sad to not use it on my primary working machine anymore.

    McAfee VirusScan Enterprise is not good in any way (at least I think) and the main reason is how it scans.

    It's slow!!!

    Snail in Harijan by Hamed Saber Scanning is incredible slow and CPU intensive. Standard schedule is set to scan at 9 a clock in the morning, just about that time when you have read through your mail and have started all you applications and ready to get to work. So you have to abort the scanning process, which is not good.

    I had almost the same settings using AVG, of course there was a performance downgrade when scanning, but the machine was still usable.

    When you are trying to abort the scanning process, you have to enter the VirusScan Console, which requires elevated privileges. So you have to wait for the UAC to pop up and then confirm, which on a heavy loaded machine can take forever (it feels like forever when your angry). This is of course not only McAfees fault, Vista could be a whole lot faster. Then you have to stop the scanning. I would have preferred a quick access to a Cancel Scan method directly on the icon in the notification area.

    I think the scanning process should first of all not run using Normal priority, it should use Below Normal, or at least configurable. It should detect if it's hogging the system and then pause until the machine is idle.

    Now it's configured to run late at night. Problem is that my machine is not running 24/7 - you have to think about the environment, so it will not run that often that I want to...

    Phew, just had to get it out of me...

    Have you had any similar experiences? Or can you tip me how to configure it for better performance and a safer experience?

  • When will NVIDIA release drivers for Windows Vista RTM?

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    It has gone several weeks since the launch of Windows Vista and I am still waiting for a non-beta release of the NVIDIA ForceWare drivers!

    What are you guys doing? Are you waiting for the release to the general public in January?

    On the NVIDIA website only drivers for RC2, from october 17th, are available. These drivers do not contain the functionality to fine tune my plasma TV, nor does the standard drivers in Vista, like it can be done in Windows XP.

  • Expression Design no longer a Photoshop contender!

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    Expression Design was released yesterday as the December 2006 CTP . The major change was a brand new user interface and a lot of missing functionality from earlier previews.

    According to the Expression team at the Microsoft newsgroups it just seems that the missing functionality in Design is simply gone due to lack of time.

    Currently I have noticed that the Live Effects are not present in this CTP, but they are documented in the help files. Pixel layers seems to be completely gone and no reference in the help file - so I doubt they will be back :-(

    Expression Design will also not be able as a single product and only available in the Expression Studio bundle - this is really awkward I think. It seems like Microsoft are making Expression Design as a vector graphics editor for Expression Blend - not the Adobe Photoshop contender as I hoped when it was still called Acrylic!

  • Bredbansbolaget - Telenor has an extremely bad password policy

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    Bredbansbolaget, one of swedens largest broadband provider owned by Telenor, has a remarkable lousy password policy.

    The password has to be between 5 and 8 characters, and valid characters are a-z, A-Z, 0-9 and _ (underscore).

    With your username and password you can access your personal information, your e-mail, buy music, videos and lots of stuff and have it all on you internet bill.

    Having this bad password policy goes against all recommendations nowadays and I think they really should consider changing it. Of course I am aware of that they will have less consumer support of people forgetting their password and things like that, but as a customer - should I feel safe? Guess not!

    Worht mentioning is that a few months ago they sent out a flyer using regular mail with some information on their new online music shop. The flyer was a folded paper with a small piece of tape holding it folded. The flyer contained your username and password easily visible by just opening the corner of the flyer!

  • No Visual Studio support in Windows Vista...

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    Windows Vista will be released later this year to partners and volume license customers and in the beginning of 2007 to the masses. A successful release of a software product such as Windows Vista requires that a lot of consultants use it and can recommend it to the companies.

    The last few days it has come out in the open that Windows Vista will not support Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 until the first service pack is released, during the first half of 2007, and even then it will be compatibility issues. Visual Studio.NET 2002 and 2003 will definitley not be supported on the Windows Vista platform!

    I think this is outrageous, and I'm not alone!

    Visual Studio.NET 2003 is one of the most used development platforms today, and the lack of support for it in Windows Vista will result in that a lot of developers will not use Windows Vista as their primary development platform.

    Of course you can use Virtual PC or Virtual Server on Windows Vista and have all of you development done in them. But this requires that you have a good hardware platform and makes the development more lengthy.

    I really want to use Windows Vista on my development machine and therefore I ask Microsoft to tell us exactly what is not supported when using Visual Studio 2005, pre and post SP1 and what exactly is not supported when using Visual Studio.NET 2003.

    Sure, I can try it for myself, but that will not calm my clients nor myself!

    Last week I met with a company that the next year will change/upgrade their whole PC platform, more than 1.000 PCs, and they will probably not go with Windows Vista directly and they will definitly not go with it if not their suppliers and consultants don't.

  • McAfee Security Center installation sucks

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    Here goes a post, in which I am really upset!

    One of our customers has implemented a new VPN solution that requires us to have McAfee or Symantecs anti-virus programs. I have been using Grisoft AVG for a long time and are very satisified with that one, but they don't accept it so I had to change. If you have not tried AVG out, then do it, it's free for personal use.

    Since I live in Sweden I wen't to the swedish McAfee site, signed up for the software and payed with my credit card, good rebates and everyting was fine. Then I logged in to my McAfee account and clicked on the link to start the installation.

    First annoyance: no option for a separate download only a direct in-browser installation was available.

    Second annoyance: I'm using Internet Explorer 7 and the menu appeared to far away from the link that it came out of focus when trying to click it so it disappeared. Solution: use the tab key and enter key.

    After a few blocked pop-ups and ActiveX control warnings it started downloading.

    Third annoyance: to many ActiveX controls were involved!

    The download started out fine; downloading virus signatures, program and setup script. Then it asked me to save a shortcut on the desktop to be able to continue installation after a reboot, I clicked yes. Then an actual program started and the installation continued. Bang - a dialog appeared stating that the installation cannot continue without reason why. The recommendation was to reboot and try again.

    I rebooted and looked for the shortcut on the desktop to continue, no shortcut but there were a lot of files remaining in the Program Files folder.

    Fourth annoyance: should not a failed installation remove all of the remains?

    I uninstalled my previous AV software and made sure all applications was shut down and redid the procedure again - same error.

    I booted into safe mode redid the procedure once again - same error.

    Okey, let's try Firefox: "please upgrade your internet browser" with a link to the Microsoft Internet Explorer site.

    Fifth annoyance: not supporting Firefox!

    By now I am furious, I have to get connected to my client since they have an urgent support incident! I took a walk around the office to calm down and went back to my computer.

    I went to the US McAfee site and logged into my account and there I finally found a normal download link in which I could download a small program that did the installation and after a while (while writing this post and rebooting once) I was up and running!

    But, yes a but, the ActiveShield features was not installed!

    Searched through the McAfee support database with no luck and finally came to the McAfee Virtual Technician (another ActiveX control) that scans your machine for problems with the McAfee software. It found some problems and fixed them. Now I could see a menu with the Virus Scan options but all of them led to a dialog stating that The feature is not install, please reinstall!

    This led med to uninstall McAfee Security Center. Control Panel -> Add Remove Programs! After uninstalling some of the components and restarting again (not everything could be removed at once) I tried to uninstall the last bits, the Security Center, it stated Legacy programs must be removed first. What the heck!

    After some fiddling I managed to find a folder under Program Files called that I removed and then I was able to remove the last bits and of course reboot once more.

    Sixth annoynace: Uninstall programs should be able to uninstall and requiring at the most one reboot and should not include any manual removal not mentioned anywhere!!

    So I downloaded it once more and proceded with the installation. This time it went fine! Phew...

    This costed me almost a whole day to figure out, to bad that our client won't be compensated by McAfee nor me for the lousy ActiveX based installation program used on the Swedish site. I feel sorry for all people trying to install an Anti-Virus program and are not that experienced with computers...

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