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  • Windows Live Writer Updated once again

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    The Windows Live Writer has once again been updated, it’s still a Technical Preview. The new and updated version contains numerous improvements to the interface and introduces a brand new plugin model.

    New and improved features

    View tabs The interface has received some updates such as a tabs for switching between views and a nice feature which allows you to edit your post using your blog theme (might have been in previous builds, but this was the first time I’ve seen it).

    Border styles There are now more ways to edit the images/pictures that you copy and paste or insert into WLW; such as cropping, tilting and more border styles. So no more need for using external programs to get your post look nice, except for a screen clipping app (I use OneNote). There are also new support for inserting and embedding videos from various sources.

    While editing you now have support for automatic linking. The Glossary has now turned into a Auto Linking feature. Other nice features are typographic characters, which for example converts (c) to a ©, word counting, “curly quotes” support and support for split posts.

    My favorite so far is the tidy and nicely formatted code generated by Live Writer. Now it’s easier than ever to customize your blog post using your own code.

    Read more here.

    Changes to the Publishing API

    The Windows Live Writer team has also been updating the metaWeblog API, once again, so that the metaWeblog.newPost  now follows the specification and uses the dateCreated field instead of a pubDate field.

    SDK Changes

    Windows Live Writer contains a great extensibility model, using the WLW SDK, which previously has been quite limited. With the new build you can hook into the pre- and post-publish events and you can automatically add headers and footers to your posts.

    Read all about it here.

    Happy blogging!

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  • Windows Live Writer released!

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    The great blogging application Windows Live Writer has left the beta phase and is now released, as a part of the Windows Live Wave 2, with version 12.0.1366.1026.

    About Windows Live Writer

    Below is the previous About screen and as you can see there are no Beta remark anymore...

    About Windows Live Writer (Beta)

    I have not yet found any information on what's new or what's updated, but I guess we will soon here about it!

    Update 2007-11-07: The Writer team has written a post about this new release "Windows Live Writer: Out of Beta". There you have it all!

    You can find the installer here: (Thanks to LiveSide).

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  • Windows Live Developer Community launched

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    A new developers community for Windows Live developers - Via Windows Live - has just been launched. The community site contains sections about Silverlight, Live ID, Live Writer, Messenger, Alerts and all the other Live products.

    As of now the content is quite thin, but it's up to you/us to fill it with useful information. Just register and then start using it. The site has a Wiki, a Gallery, Articles and more. And you can subscribe to the "aggregated blog of everything Windows Live".

    Why Via Windows Live uses their own login procedure instead of Live ID gives me a headache, but that's just me...

  • New beta of Windows Live Writer

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    You probably already have read all about the new beta of Windows Live Writer. I thought I should write some lines about some of the new really nice features.


    image WLW contains an improved linking interface. You can easily link to your previous posts or to a link in the Link Glossary, using the Link to button, which allows you to write down (remember) a number of links that you often use in your blog posts. When you create a new link you can check the Add to link glossary checkbox and the link will be added to your glossary. The glossary is also accessible from the Tools->Options dialog.

    The WLW Customization API

    One of the coolest features is the WLW Provider Customization API, which allows you to customize the capabilities and of WLW and it's interface. Scott Hanselman writes all about it.


    image A minor, but good feature, is the remainders of titles, categories and tags.


    Plugins from the previous beta still works; you can get them from the Windows Live Gallery or download my own two from here; MSDN Locator and Acronyms.

  • Announcing: MSDN Locator plugin for Windows Live Writer

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    When writing blog posts I once in a while link to classes and methods in the MSDN Library. So why not simplify this job a bit by writing yet another Windows Live Writer plugin - MSDN Locator plugin for Windows Live Writer.

    Screenshot of the plugin

    The plugin allows you to search for a class, namespace, method or property using the full name and then inserts a link tag with a description (title attribute).

    Here are some samples:

    System.Console.WriteLine, System.IO.Packaging, System.Windows.Xps

    This is just the first version so please report any problems and/or any suggestions for improvements.

    Download the plugin here, it will shortly be available at the Windows Live Gallery.

  • Language problems with

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    Yesterday I sat at home using my XP Media Center and decided to check out the Windows Live Gallery if ther were any new interesting Writer Plugins. I fired up Internet Explorer and browsed to the gallery via the link from one of my earlier posts to my Acronyms Plugin.Windows Live Gallery menu in swedish

    I ended up in an error page that said that the request could not be handled, pleas try again in five minutes. The page was in swedish and provided a link to the Gallery start page, which also was in swedish and there were no links to the Writer Plugins. To bad for people in sweden! But, it all worked fine on my laptop a few hours ago and my first guess, which was right, was that Internet Explorer was defaulting to the Swedish language (found under Internet Options - Languages), and my laptop used English (United States).

    This, of course, made me to test some stuff - how do I change it to the english version without changing the browser!

    This seemed more problematic than I expected! I tried to search for the plugin and found nothing, even when I specified to search in Enligsh.

    I tried to sign in using my Windows Live account - did not matter. I tried to find some Settings on that could change the market for the Gallery (this only worked on not The help instructed me to change the IE settings.

    I think not having the option to change language or as it is right now, you get an error when trying to reach a page that don't exist in your language is embarrassing. I have worked with a lot of content management tools and they have at least a link to the page in the original language.

    Please team: implement an change language/market function for the different sites and a better exception handling for languages.

  • Windows Live Writer 1.0 beta and Metaweblog API

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    Windows Live Writer has been upgraded and I wrote a post on the Metaweblog standard conformance of WLW in a previously.

    The metaWeblog.getCategories I suggested to use to get it to work with Windows Live Writer will now fail since Writer expects that a description is passed in the response.

    That is your response has to look like this, watch the lines 18-21 and 32-35.

    1 <?xml version="1.0"?> 2 <methodResponse> 3 <params> 4 <param> 5 <value> 6 <array> 7 <data> 8 <value> 9 <struct>10 <member>11 <name>categoryid<name>12 <value>1</value>13 <member>14 <member>15 <name>title< span="">name>16 <value>Category 1< span="">value>17 <member>18 <member>19 <name>description< span="">name>20 <value>Description 1< span="">value>21 <member>22 </struct>23 <struct>24 <member>25 <name>categoryid< span="">name>26 <value>2</value>27 <member>28 <member>29 <name>title< span="">name>30 <value>Category 2< span="">value>31 <member>32 <member>33 <name>description< span="">name>34 <value>Description 2</value>35 </member>36 </struct>37 </value>38 </data>39 </array>40 </value>41 </param>42 </params>43 </methodResponse>

  • Acronyms Plugin for Windows Live Writer updated and added to Windows Live Gallery

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    Today the Windows Live Gallery was updated with a plugin gallery for Windows Live Writer and my plugin for Windows Live Writer is updated with a new and improved interface and functionality. The Windows Live Writer team has gone through the plugin and given me good feedback, which now are implemented.

    • Implementation as a simple content source
    • Possible to write your own custom description of an acronym
    • Improved user interface

    If you want to download it do it here or from the Windows Live Gallery.

    Acronyms plugin for Windows Live Writer

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