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  • Summing up the year of 2009 and embracing 2010

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    The year of 2009 is about to close and it’s time for me to summarize this year, as I’ve done for the last few years (2006, 2007 and 2008). This year has been one of the most inspiring and exciting years for me in a very long time. I have been doing so much fun stuff this year.

    The most significant change has been starting to work for my new employer Connecta (after nine years at basically the same employer). I needed some new challenges and I now work with some really talented people from whom I learn and share so much. As you readers know, it’s all about SharePoint for me and I have done some awesome projects this year that I’m proud of and really looking forward to some SharePoint 2010 gigs. I also finally got my MCT certification and already scheduled a number of courses for next year, looking forward to meet some aspiring SharePoint students!

    Another really cool thing is that just a few weeks ago I signed a contract with Manning Publications about writing a book on SharePoint 2010, first chapter is due in a few days. This is something that I wanted to do for some time; it’s hard work but it makes me get even better – and that’s why I’m in the game. More details on the book in an upcoming post…


    I continued to blog about things that I’ve found interesting – not as much as I had hoped for. I’ll try to get better next year, even though focus will be on the book for the first few months. But if I take a look at the statistics it looks like it has been a great year – thank you all new followers. The most popular post this year has been:

    1. Running SharePoint on Windows 7 – one of the first things I did on Windows 7
    2. Creating SharePoint 2010 workflows with Visio 2010 – awesomeness in a box
    3. SharePoint Service Pack 2 known, found and experienced problems – there are always problems
    4. Web Part Properties - part 2 - Editor Parts – great response on this series
    5. Web Part Properties - part 3 - the .webpart file – a runner up…

    SharePoint Community

    I’ve made a big commitment to the SharePoint community this year – and I like it, I like it a lot! It has been so fun and rewarding commenting, tweeting and meeting with the incredible SharePoint community. Can’t imagine any other community that has so much fun together! Unfortunately I missed the highlight conference in Las Vegas and the chance to listen and meet the rest of you, due to the change of employer. I hope I can make it for another year.

    Here in Sweden we started the site to gather all SharePoint interested people and the Swedish SharePoint User Group under one umbrella and we have reached close to 500 members. The User Group here in Sweden have had some great meetings and presentations with a great number of people. Thank you again to all speakers and participants. Next year will be awesome!

    Speaking engagements

    I’ve been fortunate to have had a few presentations for the Swedish SharePoint User Group (in February two sessions and one in September) but the most fun presentations I’ve had was the one in Copenhagen at the first European SharePoint Saturday and the one at the Swedish SharePoint and Exchange Forum. It was awesome meeting all these cool people I only have had 140 characters discussions with. One of my first assignments with my new employer was a SharePoint 2010 seminar which we presented on a huge cinema screen in an almost full theatre – just loved it! I hope I will get more opportunities in 2010 do some more SharePoint love!

    Personal Projects

    As always I fiddle around with SharePoint as much as I can and I finished version 2 of ChartPart, which you can find on Codeplex. ChartPart v 1 had about 10.000 downloads and version 2 has had close to 3.000 now (and 4.000 in beta). Together with Keith Dahlby I got the SharePoint Extensions Library out – and I’ve received very good feedback on it. Two other projects also ended up on Codeplex; Windows Live ID Authentication for SharePoint and TweetPart. I will try to get these updated to support SharePoint 2010 to 100%.

    Last years predictions

    Last year I did some predictions, as I’ve done now for a couple of years. I guessed that 2009 will be a year of constant betas – and man I was right. Windows 7 betas, Office 2010 betas and SharePoint 2010 betas has been making my days wonderful/peculiar this year. I predicted that Office 14 would hit the streets – now we now that we won’t get the final bits until mid 2010. I was right about Internet Explorer 8 and Windows 7. I also predicted that Microsoft would go for more open source projects and I think they very well have lived up to that – just take a look at Codeplex where Microsoft have released a great amount of awesome projects.

    Predictions for 2010

    What about 2010 then? We all now that Microsoft is focusing everything on Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010 and they will continue grow even stronger. But I think that during the later parts of 2010 Microsoft will have something extraordinary coming in Windows Mobile 7. They must have, otherwise it’s game over for sure for Windows Mobile.

    Another thing we will see starting emerge from Redmond is a new Internet Explorer, it’s loosing market shares, so I expect some major improvements in standards compatibility and of course some new creative thinking.

    Thank you and a happy new year

    That’s all folks. The last year of this decade is over and it’s time to grab the bull by it’s horn and face a new one…

    Happy new year!

  • My mobile phone over the years

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    I recently received my new HTC Touch Pro smartphone, which is by far the best phone I ever owned so far – it has all that I need to complete my daily tasks. Over the years I had a few phones, of course the latest one has nearly almost been the best for me at that time. I decided to take a look down the memory lane and see what phones I have owned and used for daily usage. There are some in between that I used for shorter periods, but these are the major milestones in my mobile-life.

    Wictors mobile phone timeline

    The first mobile phone that I owned was the Ericsson GH 688. This was during my time at the university, so since I had no job/income at the time my dad had to sign the subscription. I bought the phone after a summer at the Ericsson assembly line in Linköping – where I worked the five-shift during the summer assembling just the GH688. I have some nice memories of this – especially when another summer worker thought the oven, which soldered the parts on the circuit board, had to low temperature so he turned it up a few notches and burned a few hundred phones.

    The second phone, and my only Nokia phone was the Nokia 6110. Nokia has never been a favorite of mine, but this one had Snake. After starting iBizkit in 2000 I went back to the Ericsson phones and a Ericsson T28. This is still one of my favorites due to the small size and the incredible battery life. It had some flaws though and crashed (just like Ericsson phones use to).

    Then came the phones with color screens so I had the Ericsson T68 and then upgraded to the almost same phone which was the first Sony-Ericsson branded phone, Sony-Ericsson T68i. Now I could send MMS messages, but there was no camera yet. So I upgraded to yet another SE phone, Sony-Ericsson T610i. This was a really good phone and state of the art at that time.

    After parental leave, with Wilma, I returned to work and got me a brand new Sony-Ericsson P910i. Finally a phone that I could use to write and install my own programs to and that I could use to read and write documents with. I was really fast at typing at that small keyboard. I then decided not to go with the following P-series models, but instead choose the HTC TyTN; a better keyboard, Exchange integration and Windows Mobile. For some of you the Windows Mobile operating system is a minus, but not for me – I love it. It gives me opportunities to configure and extend using the same methods that I do every day at work.

    In the beginning of the summer the TyTN was worn out, and I used the old P910 (it still worked after a few years with my daughters playing with it) during the summer while waiting for my HTC Touch Pro to arrive. I now I have had it for a few weeks and I think there is currently no competition for this phone.

    I wonder what I will use next time?

  • Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 or HTC Touch Pro?

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    Wow, two heavy-weight Windows Mobile phones; Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 and HTC Touch Pro.

    In a few months I am ready to get me a new phone. I currently use the HTC TyTN, which has been a very pleasant ride (except for the glitching screen right now, to many drops…). When Sony Ericsson announced XPERIA X1 in march I got so excited and decided to get me one as soon as it hits the stores. Today HTC announced that they will continue their Touch series with the HTC Touch Pro, another sweet dream! So which one will be mine?

    Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 HTC Touch Pro

    Comparing them

    First of all here is a comparison of some of the specifications of the X1 and Touch Pro.

      SE XPERIA X1 HTC Touch Pro
    Size, mm 110 x 53 x 17 102 x 51 x 18
    Weight, with battery 158g 165g
    Screen 3 inch 800x480 touch screen 2.8 inch 640x480 (VGA) touch screen
    Processor Qualcomm MSM7200 528MHz processor
    Memory Internal memory: 400Mb RAM: 256Mb Storage: 512Mb ROM: 512Mb RAM: 288Mb
    OS Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional
    Features XPERIA panel interface TouchFLO 3D
      Full specification Full specification

    As you can see they are pretty similar in specifications and they share a lot of other common things like the camera (3.2 Megapixels), GPS etc, slide-out QWERTY keyboard. They only thing that they really differ is the screen size, a big plus for the X1 for the larger screen.

    The main difference is the interface, on top of the Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional OS; TouchFLO 3D vs XPERIA panel interface. HTC’s TouchFLO is the favorite here. But I have not yet seen or tested the XPERIA interface yet.

    So, by looking at the hardware XPERIA would be my winner and if I look at the software Touch Pro will be in my pocket (I will not carry them in the quite nerdy leather belt clip coming with these phones).

    I will wait out the first reviews after the product hit the shelves and run down to the store and touch them – one of them will be mine…

    Why not iPhone 2.0 some of you might think? First of all I have not seen the specifications (coming next week I guess). Second: I don’t like the methods Apple use to lock in developers and forcing them to sell their products through their channels so Apple can steal percentage of your income. Third: I don’t think that iPhone 2.0 will be ready for business usage, i.e. no central administration, no QWERTY keyboard etc.

    Which phone is your dream come true?

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  • Certificate problems with Windows Mobile and Active Sync

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    Certificate Certificate problems with Windows Mobile and Active Sync seems to be a pretty common cause of not being able to synchronize you mobile phone with Microsoft Exchange, but despite the number of web pages and posts found around the net there are no simple solutions or shortcuts.

    I previously had some problems installing my certificate on to my Windows Mobile 5 phone, but now it's upgraded to Windows Mobile 6, which has support for handling certificates. Today I had to update the certificate on our Exchange server since it was not valid anymore and after that my WM6 phone stopped syncing and giving me this error: The security certificate on the server has expired. Check that the date and time on your device are correct and the error code 0x80072f05. The Microsoft KB article 927465 did not help but led me to look for a utility called SslChainSaver which I found on the Windows Mobile Team Blog. The SslChainSaver utility traces all certificates to your server and saves them as files on your machine. It also produces an XML file which you can turn into a CAB file (instructions here) to install them on your Windows Mobile phone.

    This worked like a charm and now I'm 24/7 online once again...

    Note: the SslChainSaver utility was placed on the Gotdotnet which has been buried, but you can download it here.

  • Office 2007 file format support for Windows Mobile Office 2007

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    I previously blogged about the lack of Office 2007 file format support in Windows Mobile 6. Today Jason Langridge revealed that you will not longer need any third party application for this - but instead Microsoft will provide an update to Microsoft Office Mobile 2007 with support for the new Office 2007 file formats (.docx, .xlsx, .pptx).

    A free update will be available for Windows Mobile 6 and 5 devices and all new shipped devices will have it in the ROM, all starting in Q3 of 2007.

    This is really good news for all us Windows Mobile and Office 2007 users and I think it's great that the update is supported on Windows Mobile 5 also.

    I was just going to write that the Windows Vista Mobile Device Center was in need of an upgrade for better synchronization and device identification - then I found that John Kennedy announced the Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1 for Windows Vista has been released.

  • Office 2007 file support on Windows Mobile

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    DataViz have released a new version of DocumentsToGo for Windows Mobile with support for viewing Office 2007 files (.docx, .xlsx, .pptx etc). This is great, I have not used DocumentsToGo since my Sony-Ericsson p910i days but instead relied on the Office Mobile suite embedded in Windows Moblie 5.

    The current version only supports viewing of Office 2007 documents as of today, but if you purchase the application you will get free upgrades and the coming versions will support creation and editing of Office 2007 documents.

    The upgrade to Windows Mobile 6 does not support the Office Open XML format which I originally hoped for but now DocumentsToGo has come to rescue...

  • Invalid certificate when using ActiveSync

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    HTC TyTNI have been trying to setup my HTC TyTN to get the synchronization to work over the air using 3G or Wifi so I'm really connected to work 24/7 :-) After setting up the Exchange 2003 servers using the excellent step-by-step guide on TechNet for this purpose I was ready to test it all.

    But I ran into trouble directly and the ActiveSync reported an error: 0x80072F0D - invalid certificate. No problem, just install it to the trusted certificate store on the Windows Mobile phone...I thought. But the problem is that it's not that easy done. After some googling I ran into Ant Drewery's entry Windows Mobile 5.0 & ActiveSync which discussed this problem. I used his method to install the certificate into the Windows Mobile phone and it worked fine, after some initial trouble. I made the mistake first and tried to install the certificate that you get from the padlock icon, which will not work. You have to get it from the Trusted Root Certificate Store or from your administrator (which should have a backup of the original certificate installed on the OWA IIS).

  • Abandoning Sony-Ericsson in favor of HTC

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    Yesterday I abandoned my streak of Sony-Ericsson mobile phones which started many years ago. In fact it started when I was studying and working for the summer at one of Ericssons mobile phone assembly lines with the GH-688. Since 1996 I have been using them, except for a short period when my employer forced me to use a Nokia.

    I was choosing between upgrading my Sony-Ericsson P910i to a Sony-Ericsson P990 or the HTC TyTN. After some consideration I went to the mobile phone store and made a deal with the salesman.

    Sony-Ericsson P990 HTC TyTN

    So now I'm in posession of a brand new HTC TyTN a Windows Mobile 5.0 based Pocket PC phone and I really like it so far!

    The reason for purchasing the TyTN was:

    Operating System

    The TyTN uses Windows Mobile 5.0, which should suite me better since I now can use the .NET Compact Framework to develop applications. The Sony-Ericsson P-series uses Symbian-OS with the UIQ platform. UIQ is not bad, but has it's limits in programmability (compared to the well known .NET world). Unfortunatley Sony-Ericsson aquired UIQ Technology AB a few weeks ago, which I think is troublesome since UIQ will probably not appear in other phones than Sony-Ericsson phones.


    The TyTN feels much more modern than the (really long delayed) P990. If P990 appeared a year ago, when first promised, I think I would have got one.

    Keyboard and screen

    I'm pretty convenient with and fast writer of the P910 keyboard so the P990 keyboard is okey, but the TyTN keyboard is so much better. It's larger and you flip it out on the side and the screen rotates 90 degrees, so you have a much more better screen to read and write on.


    Since the Pocket PC/Windows Mobile world is larger than the UIQ, there are more software available.


    The Sony-Ericsson synchronization suite is really bad. It has always been troublesome getting it to synch correctly and you always get doubles of all appointments in your phone. The TyTN uses the Microsoft Active Sync which works really smooth with the Microsoft products (Outlook, OneNote etc). Active Sync also acts Active compared to the SE synchronization suite which you manually have to synchronize.

    Only about a day and a half has gone since I got it so I guess there is more to discover.

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