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  • Outlook 2007 Instant Search and Windows Desktop Search

    Tags: Windows XP, Microsoft Office

    I have installed the Office 2007 beta, including Outlook 2007, and I wanted to enable the Instant Search functionality and followed the instructions in the dialog that popped up in Outlook. It said that I had to go and download the Windows Desktop Search Beta 3.0 Engine Preview, read about it in Microsoft Help and Support. I did, but I had a previous version of Windows Desktop Search installed. There was no warning and when I tried to search in Outlook I recieved a message saying that Outlook cannot perform your search. And when I tried to use the Windows Desktop user interface that was still there (the 3.0 beta has no UI yet) the explorer.exe crashed.

    So, I went for an uninstall of the Windows Desktop Search. Same problems as before.And then I did a reinstall of the 3.0 beta - same problems!Another uninstall, just to get back to where I started - same problems!

    After a lot of fiddling and looking in the event viewer I gave up and started the System Restore (first time I ever had to use it) and restored to the point before where Windows Desktop Search 3.0 was installed.

    Then I uninstalled the 2.6 (I think it was) version of Desktop Search, and rebooted. Then I fired up Outlook 2007 answered yes to the question that I wanted to enable Instant Search and followed the instructions and installed the 3.0 beta.

    Woohaa - it worked! So uninstall any previous versions of Windows Desktop Search before installing Windows Desktop Search 3.0 Beta Engine Preview.

    It's worth installing - it is fast and the indexing of texts in images is really nice. When doing a search in OneNote 2007 I could find a lot of more information from my screen clippings.

  • Anatomy of a blog: What is a ping and how does it work?

    Tags: .NET, XML, Internet and the Web, Website

    During the creation of this site I wanted to know more about how the blog world works behind the scenes. I will make a few articles about my findings in this matter and what I have done to create this blog.

    The first article will describe on how you inform other sources and parties that your blog is updated. This is done through a Ping. You should ping whenever you have created or updated a post on your feed. Pinging is either done automatically or manually. Manual pinging is done by finding a site with a Ping interface, like, and then enter the Url to your feed. You can find some more on the Blog Ping List at AYWE

    If you would like to do an automatic Ping then the Pinging is done through an XML-RPC procedure, which is sending XML over and HTTP request. The XML contains information of your feed and the URL to which you send the request is called the endpoint. Read more about the specification here:

    In my implementation used an implementation like the one described by John in a post. For more exponation I set up my blog to ping a few other feeds using these endpoints:

    My site is implmented using .NET 2.0 and the sample I started from uses the XML-RPC.NET library which is based on .NET 1.1. To be able to create an implementation like John has you have to make your interface public, like this:

    [XmlRpcUrl("")] public interface IWeblogsUpdate {     [XmlRpcMethod("")]     WeblogsUpdateResponse ping(string weblogName, string weblogUrl); }

    That's it. I'll get back with some more articles on this matter.

  • Public release of Windows Live Gadgets SDK

    Tags: SharePoint, Windows XP, Internet and the Web, AJAX

    Microsoft has release the first public release of the Windows Live Gadgets SDK, you can find it You can also find the Gadgets Development Overview for Microsoft Sidebar for Windows Vista Beta 2 on the site.

    Developing Gadgets for both and Microsoft Sidebar will be really easy and fun. But I see a problem with only having as the only web-based Gadget host (host meaning where the Gadget can execute). I would like to see an implementation in either Microsoft SharePoint Services or as a standalone product, so you can host Gadgets in an Intranet scenario. There are some examples on how to host your own Gadgets; for example Donovan West has an example using an iframe solution. The problem is still that the Gadgets are hosted externally which is not that great if you think about security issues.

    Do you know of any other solutions or implementations of web-based Gadget hostings?

  • Internet Explorer Anti-Phising feature

    Tags: Business, Security, Internet Explorer, Internet and the Web

    I have been using Microsof Internet Explorer 7 beta for a while and I have noticed that some sites are reported as suspicious phising websites. The address bar turns yellow and a big popup informs you about it. A few days ago the popup appeard on one of my blog entries. The popup includes a link to a site in which you may inform Microsoft that you are the owner of the site and the site is not a phising site. I gave it a try and reported the site not to be phising site and that I am the owner. Within 24 ours I recieved a response from Microsoft that they had reviewd my request and a few ours later the warning was gone. Phew! I think it all worked very smoothly and I think it is a great feature of IE7. If you would like more information on the IE anti-phising filter, read about it here.

  • OneNote 2007 beta and Windows Desktop Search

    Tags: Microsoft Office

    When starting OneNote 2007 beta you will get a warning that informs you that OneNote 2007 requires Windows Desktop Search to fully support Instant Search and Searchable images and audio. This warning will pop up until you install the Windows Desktop Search 3.0 or until you edit the registry, which then will inform OneNote to use Slow Search.

    Here is how to modify the registryCreate a new text file called onenoteindex.reg and copy and paste below this text into it. Then double click the file and answer yes to the question.

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\12.0\OneNote\Options\Other]"EnableWDSIndexing" = dword:00000000"ShowWDSUpdateWarning" = dword:00000000


  • More nice OneNote 2007 features

    Tags: Microsoft Office

    I walked through the OneNote Guide for beta 2 and found even more interesting stuff, here are some of the nice ones:

    • Win+N creates a new sidenote
    • Writing and pressing the Tab key automatically creates a table

    Read through the guidelines before starting to use OneNote 2007

  • Built-In Calculator in Office OneNote 2007

    Tags: Microsoft Office

    The new Office OneNote 2007 has a built-in Calculator, really nice stuff!

    To try it out, just write a mathematic formula in a page and end with an equals sign followed by enter or space, for example:3+2=This will result in a row like this:3+2=5

    It is quite powerful, it can handle operations like:

    • +, -, /, *
    • parenthesis so you can do formulas like this (3+3)*3=18
    • ^, for example 10^3=1 000
    • sqrt(n) for square root
    • sin(n), asin(n), cos(n), acos(n), tan(n), atan(n)
    • mod for modulus

    And I'm sure there are more...

  • Office OneNote 2007

    Tags: Microsoft Office

    I'm a huge fan of Microsoft OneNote since a few years back and I use it to store anything about everything. It all started 10 years ago with a simple Notepad document in which i kept all important notes; such as programming tips, important Urls etc. When OneNote came I felt that I was a few years behind :-)

    The new Microsoft Office OneNote 2007 (beta 2) is such a nice upgrade to the 2003 version. The most interesting things I found after using it for a day is:

    • Easier to sketch using the new shapes - creating sketches using non-tablet laptop was a mess
    • The nice integration with Outlook - and yes it works with Outlook 2003. Read more about it in Chris Pratley's OneNote Blog.
    • The new and improved left navigation - moving between notebooks (top-level sections) and section was very inefficient in the 2003 version
    • Tables! Yes! Now you can create tables in your pages!

    But, it's a beta and there are some annoying things:

    • There seems to be some loss of data when importing your old Notebooks, espescially text that has been copied from a website. Make sure to backup your Notebook folder, because the upgrade is not reversible.
    • The background images/themes on imported Notebooks disappear and the background is by default white. So pages that have white text or sketches can be hard to read..

    Now it's time to get some more of the Office 2007 beta programs...

  • Windows Vista Beta 2 for MSDN and TechNet subscribers

    Tags: Windows XP, Windows Vista

    Microsoft announced at WinHEC 2006 that Windows Vista Beta 2 is available for MSDN and TechNet subscribers. The beta will be more broadly available through the Windows Vista Customer Preview Program in the next few weeks.

    The timeline is still November 2006 for business and January 2007 for consumers.

    You can find some more information about the release in this Fact Sheet.

    Go to the Windows Vista Get Ready site to check if you are ready for Windows Vista. You can find the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor program there to test if your Windows XP supports Vista.

    We have a few days off here in Sweden, so I'll have to play around with all the new betas and CTPs from Microsoft this weekend!

  • Microsoft Office 2007 Preview

    Tags: Microsoft, SharePoint, Windows XP, Microsoft Office

    So, Microsoft Office 2007, applications and servers, are finally here for download at

    Expect some huge downloads; Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services is at 75 MB and the SharePoint Server at 1.000 MB. The Office Suite and programs is a tiny download of 2.049 MB. That would be a massive hive of 3.5" disks :-). I think a lot of bandwidth will be used on the backbones tonight, and this is just a faint hint of what will happen in a few weeks when the new public Vista beta will arrive.I still remember when I installed Visual C years ago, that was somwhere around 40 disks, thats about 60 MB!

  • Great hosting site - DotNetPark

    Tags: Personal, SharePoint, Visual Studio, SQL Server, Website

    I have moved this blog to my own domain, and I decided to have it hosted at DotNetPark.

    DotNetPark has an excellent service at great prices. For me it was important to have ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server where I hosted my site and they have all that and more. I can easily publish the site using FTP from Visual Studio and connect to the SQL Server using the Enterprise Manager or Visual Studio. Their interface, called DotNetPanel, provides you with everything you need to host your site.You can also have a number of services installed at your request, for example how about Windows SharePoint Services!

    I just want to say thanks to DotNetPark!

  • Welcome to my new space

    Tags: Personal, Website

    Welcome to my new space and domain at This new place will host my blog (previously at the next few days all old posts and comments will be moved to this location.

    Having my own place will make it more easy for me to create what I want and to present and blog about more stuff. This site will be an experimental playground for me and I will blog about some of the interesting stuff that I stumble upon. So expect some changes to the site and functionality.The site is just a hobby, besides my work and family, which both takes a lot of time, but it is fun to have something to rest your mind on.

    This site is based on ASP.NET 2.0 and SQL Server 2000 hosted at DotNetPark. All code is custom made and experimental. Currently I have implemented a simple blog interface with pingback, trackback and comments functionality.

    If you find any troubles with this new site, please contact me at



  • First Impression of Microsoft Expression Web Designer

    Tags: Microsoft Expression, Personal, .NET, C#

    So, after some installation trouble the Microsoft Expression Web Designer was installed, read more about it in the EWD Discussion group.The Expression Web Designer is for me a new and improved FrontPage more focused on the layout. I made some initial pages/sites and I feel that it works pretty smoothly to work with. The target group for this product is purely front-end/html programmers.The EWD will complement the Visual Studio development but the lack of source control integration is not just irritating - it's a "application breaker". I think the usage of EWD when building large and complex projects will not be that high if this is not implmented. I think my company will still be using Visual Studio for editing webpages for a while....I also lack a nice integration with the Expression Graphics Designer, it would be nice to right-click an image and open the EGD editor within EWD! (When is the next CTP/beta/Gold for EGD coming???) But, I think I'll give it a shot and try to use it some more before I give it my final judgement. Do you agree or disagree?       

  • Microsoft Expression Web Designer CTP - finally!

    Tags: Microsoft Expression

    Finally there is a CTP of Microsoft Expression Web Designer.I have been working with the Microsoft Expression softwares now for a while and I like what I see and use. I really hopes that this version of the Expression suite really fits my needs, since I work a lot with web development. The Expression Graphics Designer, which is the one i have used a lot the last few months is really nice, but I think making (small) pixelbased images which are used for web is not that smooth.Download is complete, time to install it. I will get back with some more Impressions of Expression in a while.Update: The download from the Microsoft download site did not work out correctly, but the download from installed fine!

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