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  • Microsoft Acquires Winternals Software

    Tags: Microsoft, Business, Windows XP

    Winternals Software LP is aquired by Microsoft! Winternal (previously known as NTInternals) is most known by their freeware site Sysinternals a site containing numerous awesome and crucial applications to be used with Windows operating systems such as; RegMon, FileMon, Debug Viewer etc.

    The aquisition is great for Microsoft as they will get their hands on Mark Russinovich and Bryce Cogswell and their knowledge in how to create small, efficient and safe applications. Microsoft really knows how to get the best people and tools...

    I really hope that the Sysinternals applications still will be available to the general public; either as a separate download or integrated in the next generation of Windows operating systems. I don't know how meny times these applications saved my day...


  • Microsoft Partner site does not support Internet Explorer 7

    Tags: Microsoft, Internet Explorer

    My company is partners with Microsoft and I am the one responsible for managing the partnership and now and then have to log in to the Microsoft partner site to manage the partnership (check out the status of references, products and MCP's). Since I have been using Internet Explorer 7 (beta) for a few months I have not been able to use the site with the browser, unless I fire up my test machine with W2K and IE6.

    A few weeks ago there was an error message saying that I had a non supported browser, but today I discovered that the message says that I have to use the most recent non-beta version of Internet Explorer. Progress! I suspect that the development team of this site is planning an upgrade of the partnership management pages.

  • JavaScript closures

    Tags: Scripting, AJAX

    Ever wondered what JavaScript closures are? Morris Johns has put togehter a nice introduction to the mysterious closures - JavaScript closures for dummies. Make sure to read it before you do any more JavaScripting.

    Understanding JavaScript closures will make your JS programming more efficient and you can avoid the dreaded memory leaks in Internet Explorer especially when making home brewed Ajax applications. And of course learning this stuff is fun for us developers...

  • Microsoft Ultimate Keyboard

    Tags: Microsoft, Windows XP

    Microsoft Ultimate Keyboard

    Microsoft Hardware will later this year release a new keyboard - Ultimate Keyboard. The keyboard is a wireless (bluetooth) and ergonomical keyboard with backlight functionality that senses the light in the room and when you use the keyboard.

    The keyboard are designed for Windows Vista and the Microsoft Live services (Messenger etc).

    I really like the design and that it is an ergonomical layout of the keys. I use that kind of keyboard at work but at home or when sitting at my laptop my fingers more thatn often slip. The Ultimate Keyboard seems to be working fine when not sitting at a desk - like when you are sitting in you sofa with Windows XP Media Center or soon Windows Vista Ultimate!

    I miss the numeric keyboard though, and it took me some time before I learned to use my current (the home, end, pgup etc was changed from 3x2 to 2x3 design) but it always painful (but fun) adapting to new stuff.

    This piece will not be a mainstream gamers device, but more for the plain workstation or sofa sitting Media Center users. It would be fun to watch the employees at finance department working with this keyboard :-)

    Sign me up for one...

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