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  • Windows Live Writer 1.0 beta and Metaweblog API

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    Windows Live Writer has been upgraded and I wrote a post on the Metaweblog standard conformance of WLW in a previously.

    The metaWeblog.getCategories I suggested to use to get it to work with Windows Live Writer will now fail since Writer expects that a description is passed in the response.

    That is your response has to look like this, watch the lines 18-21 and 32-35.

    1 <?xml version="1.0"?> 2 <methodResponse> 3 <params> 4 <param> 5 <value> 6 <array> 7 <data> 8 <value> 9 <struct>10 <member>11 <name>categoryid<name>12 <value>1</value>13 <member>14 <member>15 <name>title< span="">name>16 <value>Category 1< span="">value>17 <member>18 <member>19 <name>description< span="">name>20 <value>Description 1< span="">value>21 <member>22 </struct>23 <struct>24 <member>25 <name>categoryid< span="">name>26 <value>2</value>27 <member>28 <member>29 <name>title< span="">name>30 <value>Category 2< span="">value>31 <member>32 <member>33 <name>description< span="">name>34 <value>Description 2</value>35 </member>36 </struct>37 </value>38 </data>39 </array>40 </value>41 </param>42 </params>43 </methodResponse>

  • No Visual Studio support in Windows Vista...

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    Windows Vista will be released later this year to partners and volume license customers and in the beginning of 2007 to the masses. A successful release of a software product such as Windows Vista requires that a lot of consultants use it and can recommend it to the companies.

    The last few days it has come out in the open that Windows Vista will not support Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 until the first service pack is released, during the first half of 2007, and even then it will be compatibility issues. Visual Studio.NET 2002 and 2003 will definitley not be supported on the Windows Vista platform!

    I think this is outrageous, and I'm not alone!

    Visual Studio.NET 2003 is one of the most used development platforms today, and the lack of support for it in Windows Vista will result in that a lot of developers will not use Windows Vista as their primary development platform.

    Of course you can use Virtual PC or Virtual Server on Windows Vista and have all of you development done in them. But this requires that you have a good hardware platform and makes the development more lengthy.

    I really want to use Windows Vista on my development machine and therefore I ask Microsoft to tell us exactly what is not supported when using Visual Studio 2005, pre and post SP1 and what exactly is not supported when using Visual Studio.NET 2003.

    Sure, I can try it for myself, but that will not calm my clients nor myself!

    Last week I met with a company that the next year will change/upgrade their whole PC platform, more than 1.000 PCs, and they will probably not go with Windows Vista directly and they will definitly not go with it if not their suppliers and consultants don't.

  • Acronyms Plugin for Windows Live Writer updated and added to Windows Live Gallery

    Tags: .NET, Windows Live Writer

    Today the Windows Live Gallery was updated with a plugin gallery for Windows Live Writer and my plugin for Windows Live Writer is updated with a new and improved interface and functionality. The Windows Live Writer team has gone through the plugin and given me good feedback, which now are implemented.

    • Implementation as a simple content source
    • Possible to write your own custom description of an acronym
    • Improved user interface

    If you want to download it do it here or from the Windows Live Gallery.

    Acronyms plugin for Windows Live Writer

  • Delay write failed on Virtual Server 2005

    Tags: Virtual Server, Windows Server 2003

    I ran into some problems, that I thought I would share - with the reason, on one of our Virtual Server 2005 R2 machines, running Windows 2003 R2. We had problems copying files to the machine and recieved Delay Write Failed application popups, and it recorded the following event in the Event Log.

    Event Type: ErrorEvent Source: DiskEvent Category: NoneEvent ID: 11Date: 9/26/2006Time: 1:30:05 PMUser: N/AComputer: SERVERDescription:The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Harddisk1.

    The reason for this was that the Virtual Server host disk was running out of space and the harddisks were running dynamically expanding virtual disks.

  • Outlook 2007 Ribbon annoyance

    Tags: Microsoft Office

    Outlook 2007 RibbonI have been running Microsoft Outlook 2007 Beta 2 Technical Refresh now for a while and it's a great improvement to the Beta 2 but. There have been a lot of changes to the user interface in this release.

    One thing that annoys me is the location of the Send button in a mail that you are composing. The most natural place should be where the Paste button is placed today.

    My suggestion is to insert a slot for the Send button to the left of the Clipboard in the Ribbon bar.

    What do you think?

  • Removing cached NTLM passwords in Internet Explorer

    Tags: Security, Windows XP, Internet Explorer

    I recently ran into a problem where I had by mistake checked the Remember password checkbox in Internet Explorer 7 (RC) when visiting a NTLM based website, then I wanted to get back to use my currently logged on user to access this website. There is no way to clear these usernames and passwords using the standard ways in Internet Explorer.

    First of all I tried to turn off the Automatic logon only in Intranet Zone and entering a new but faulty password for the user and checking the remember password checkbox. This cleared the old password but after resetting the automatic logon Internet Explorer always asked for my password for that site and I didn't want to enter my current logon information and save the password (this would only ask me for a new password whenever I change it).

    After some searching on the Internet I found no other solution than the one I tried above. But after digging into the problem for some time I found out where Internet Explorer 7 RC stores the cached credentials. They are stored in file (Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Microsoft\Credentials\SID>\Credentials) that I removed (of course after making a backup). Then I rebooted the computer and the automatic logon worked fine.

    If you are interested in what usernames and passwords that are stored on your machine you can check out Nir Sofers Password Recovery Utilities.

  • DSL Tools V1 Released!

    Tags: .NET, Visual Studio, Downloads

    I'm so happy, the DSL Tools V1 is shipped as a part of the Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 SDK V3. I've been waiting for such a long time, now we can finish up our designers and make them available to our developers, partners and clients so they will be able to develop more easily.

    I'm currently downloading it, so I'll have to see how much has changed since the last beta version, hopefully not that much.

    The Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 SDK Version 3 can be donwloaded from the VSIP Program site.

    Update: Remove all previous CTP versions of the V3 SDK before installing this release

  • Open Microsoft Office 2007 documents in Office 2000, XP or 2003

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    Microsoft just released the Microsoft Office 2007 Beta 2 Technical Refresh (download here) to the masses. One of the interesting parts Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel and PowerPoint 2007 File Formats, are also updated as B2TR

    With this download (available in English, Japanese, French, German and Spanish) you can open, edit, save and create  Microsoft Office 2007 files using Microsoft Office 200, Microsoft Office XP or Microsoft Office 2003.

    The following formats are supported:

    • Word - .docx, .docm
    • PowerPoint - .pptx, .pptm, .potm, .ppsx, .ppsm
    • Excel - .xlsb, .xlsx, .xslm, .xltx, .xltm, .xlam

    Great, this makes it more easy to deploy Microsoft Office 2007 within an organisation.

    Since the native PDF and XPS support is dropped in this release here are the downloads to the separate downloads for these addins

  • McAfee Security Center installation sucks

    Tags: Software, Upset posts, Network

    Here goes a post, in which I am really upset!

    One of our customers has implemented a new VPN solution that requires us to have McAfee or Symantecs anti-virus programs. I have been using Grisoft AVG for a long time and are very satisified with that one, but they don't accept it so I had to change. If you have not tried AVG out, then do it, it's free for personal use.

    Since I live in Sweden I wen't to the swedish McAfee site, signed up for the software and payed with my credit card, good rebates and everyting was fine. Then I logged in to my McAfee account and clicked on the link to start the installation.

    First annoyance: no option for a separate download only a direct in-browser installation was available.

    Second annoyance: I'm using Internet Explorer 7 and the menu appeared to far away from the link that it came out of focus when trying to click it so it disappeared. Solution: use the tab key and enter key.

    After a few blocked pop-ups and ActiveX control warnings it started downloading.

    Third annoyance: to many ActiveX controls were involved!

    The download started out fine; downloading virus signatures, program and setup script. Then it asked me to save a shortcut on the desktop to be able to continue installation after a reboot, I clicked yes. Then an actual program started and the installation continued. Bang - a dialog appeared stating that the installation cannot continue without reason why. The recommendation was to reboot and try again.

    I rebooted and looked for the shortcut on the desktop to continue, no shortcut but there were a lot of files remaining in the Program Files folder.

    Fourth annoyance: should not a failed installation remove all of the remains?

    I uninstalled my previous AV software and made sure all applications was shut down and redid the procedure again - same error.

    I booted into safe mode redid the procedure once again - same error.

    Okey, let's try Firefox: "please upgrade your internet browser" with a link to the Microsoft Internet Explorer site.

    Fifth annoyance: not supporting Firefox!

    By now I am furious, I have to get connected to my client since they have an urgent support incident! I took a walk around the office to calm down and went back to my computer.

    I went to the US McAfee site and logged into my account and there I finally found a normal download link in which I could download a small program that did the installation and after a while (while writing this post and rebooting once) I was up and running!

    But, yes a but, the ActiveShield features was not installed!

    Searched through the McAfee support database with no luck and finally came to the McAfee Virtual Technician (another ActiveX control) that scans your machine for problems with the McAfee software. It found some problems and fixed them. Now I could see a menu with the Virus Scan options but all of them led to a dialog stating that The feature is not install, please reinstall!

    This led med to uninstall McAfee Security Center. Control Panel -> Add Remove Programs! After uninstalling some of the components and restarting again (not everything could be removed at once) I tried to uninstall the last bits, the Security Center, it stated Legacy programs must be removed first. What the heck!

    After some fiddling I managed to find a folder under Program Files called that I removed and then I was able to remove the last bits and of course reboot once more.

    Sixth annoynace: Uninstall programs should be able to uninstall and requiring at the most one reboot and should not include any manual removal not mentioned anywhere!!

    So I downloaded it once more and proceded with the installation. This time it went fine! Phew...

    This costed me almost a whole day to figure out, to bad that our client won't be compensated by McAfee nor me for the lousy ActiveX based installation program used on the Swedish site. I feel sorry for all people trying to install an Anti-Virus program and are not that experienced with computers...

  • IPSEC Services could not be started

    Tags: Windows XP, Network

    I ran into some troubles with the IPSec Services on my Windows XP SP2 machine today. This service was needed by a VPN application that I installed to connect to one of our customers. But during the last re-install of my machine, I set this service to manual startup, and now when I tried to start it It could not start. I recieved the following error message when trying to start it:

    Error message 10048: Only one usage of each socket address (protocol/network address/port) is normally permitted.  

    The Event Viewer displayed the following:

    Event Type: ErrorEvent Source: Service Control ManagerEvent Category: NoneEvent ID: 7023Date: 2006-09-11Time: 10:08:10User: N/AComputer: LAPTOPWWDescription:The IPSEC Services service terminated with the following error: Only one usage of each socket address (protocol/network address/port) is normally permitted.

    To find out which application that used the ports that the IPSEC Services needed I started up a command prompt and used netstat, as below, to find out the PID of the process. This command below will display all the active UDP connections and the PID (-o). The findstr function searches the output from the netstat and shows the lines containing the text "500" - which is the UDP port the IKE uses.

    c:\> netstat -p UDP -n -a -o | findstr 500UDP *:* 316UDP *:* 316

    Using the Task Manager I found out that PID 316 was used by the Cisco VPN Service and I shut it down and then IPSEC services started fine!

  • XML Notepad 2006 - what's the fuzz about?

    Tags: .NET, C#, XML, Visual Studio, Windows Live Writer

    There seems to be some kind of software release frenzy at Redmond right now. Microsoft are spitting out application after application and I don't mean the two huge ones; MIcrosoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Office (Server) System. Applications, small and big, like Internet Explorer 7, Windows Live Writer, XNA Game Studios, different Microsoft Live applications, Windows Desktop Search and now XML Notepad 2006 are dropping out from the software factory. It's fun, but it takes me so much time reading and catching up on the releases.

    XML Notepad 2006 is a small Windows application, built upon the Microsoft.NET 2.0 framework using the C# language by Chris Lovett, that provides "a simple and intuitive User Interface for browsning and editing XML documents". My first reaction, before I downloaded it, was  - yeah, great - finally a structured XML editor. But after installing it and running it for just few minutes I realized that this was not the software I was waiting for. It has a lot of good things;

    • Strucutred view of an
    • Schema validation
    • XSL
    • Find and replace functionality

    Ok, this looks fine at the first glance, but what I really wanted was a structured XML tree view with some kind of synchronized XML-source view. If you try to view the source then it just fires up Notepad. I think the current Tree View of XML Notepad 2006 with just the XML node text''s are pretty useless.

    I work a lot with XML documents of all types and usually use Visual Studio 2005 (or the Express products) to edit them, it works fine and I think I will still use VS2005 to edit XML documents or plain ol' Notepad.

    It's not all bad, it can be a good application if this is adressed as well as an intellisense based XML source editor. If I see to myself I find it somewhat easier to work with a text editor, but having the tree view at hand will allow me to navigate through the documents faster.

    You should give it a try and download it here.

  • Custom implementation of the Metaweblog API and Windows Live Writer

    Tags: XML, Windows Live Writer

    This blog has been powered by my own custom implementation of the Metaweblog


    , because I wanted to test Windows Live Writer. As I posted before the current implementation of the Metaweblog API by WLW is not correct in the beta. According to the WLW newsgroup, on this issue, the team are taking a second look at the Metaweblog specifications. Funny thing is that WLW does not even follow the specifications found at MSDN.

    The big problem is the metaWeblog.getCategories method which should return the categories of a specific blog. The response should, according to the Metaweblog specs, contain description, htmlUrl and rssUrl, but Windows Live Writer wants a response with categoryid and title. It seems like all of the different blog providers implemented by WLW has this issue; Movable Type (mt.getCategoryList expects categoryId and categoryName) and even Windows Live Spaces (which uses the metaWeblog.getCategories).

    Today I got a comment on a previous post from Michael Ekegren who also stumbled upon the same problem as I did. So, if you would like to use WLW to your own homebrewed Metaweblog API, you have to return a response like this to the metaWeblog.getCategoris XML-RPC call.

    Disclaimer: This is just how I got it to work on the current beta of Windows Live Writer and this will probably get fixed in the future and it is not the way it should be done according to the Metaweblog specifications.

    1 <?xml version="1.0"?> 2 <methodResponse> 3 <params> 4 <param> 5 <value> 6 <array> 7 <data> 8 <value> 9 <struct>10 <member>11 <name>categoryid</name>12 <value>1</value>13 </member>14 <member>15 <name>title</name>16 <value>Category 1</value>17 </member>18 </struct>19 <struct>20 <member>21 <name>categoryid</name>22 <value>2</value>23 </member>24 <member>25 <name>title</name>26 <value>Category 2</value>27 </member>28 </struct>29 </value>30 </data>31 </array>32 </value>33 </param>34 </params>35 </methodResponse>

    Another problem with the categories in WLW is that the metaWeblog.getPost and  metaWeblog.getRecentPosts shall return an XML-RPC struct for the categories for each post. Accordning to the specification the struct should contain an array of the titles of the catgeories as below:

    1 <member> 2 <name>categories</name> 3 <value> 4 <array> 5 <data> 6 <value>Category 1</value> 7 <value>Category 2</value> 8 </data> 9 </array>10 </value>11 </member>

    But Windows Live Writer expects it to be an array of the id's of the categories instead, like this:

    1 <member> 2 <name>categories</name> 3 <value> 4 <array> 5 <data> 6 <value>1</value> 7 <value>2</value> 8 </data> 9 </array>10 </value>11 </member>

    Hope this helped someone out there :-). If not I have it all documented so I know why I did this when there is a new version of Windows Live Writer out...

  • DSL Tools version 1 soon here!

    Tags: .NET, XML, Visual Studio

    Finally! According to Stuart Kent, program manager at Microsoft, the DSL Tools V1 will be a part of the Visual Studio 2005 SDK Version 3 at the first part of september.

    I have now a long time waited for this release so we can build our own designers for Visual Studio 2005. Currently my company have a huge demand from our customers that our application should be more easily customized, and the DSL tools will really help us out.

    I have been trying the CTP's for DSL tools throughout this last year, and I have big hopes for this part of the SDK. The CTP's required a lot of XML editing and some really hard-to-understand error messages. So, let's wait a few more weeks and see what the DSL team has come up with.

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