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  • Possible solution to the missing icons in the Vista Notification Area

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    Finally there is a possible workaround for the missing icons in the Vista Notification Area, see my post from march 2007. The workaround is documented in KB945011 - "System icons may not appear in the notification area on a Windows Vista-based computer until you restart the computer".

    System notification area It's the network, power and volume icons in the notification area that suffers from this problem. The KB article pins down the cause due to heavy processing on a Vista based machine during the first startup and that it typically not reoccur after the first reboot. This is because of the "welcome sequence" in Vista that initializes services and applications for the first time.

    My post on this is one of the most visited posts I've had the last year so I think it's more common than the KB article states...

    Anyway there are now a workaround, which involves some registry hacking, and killing the explorer process. This workaround has been documented for some time on Samuel's Blog, and I have tried it.

    But I'm sad to say that this one does not always work, it worked when the explorer process was started again, but after a reboot I had my problems once again.

    Anyway I have had little of these problems the last few months, so I guess my machine is now "initialized" - only took about eight months...

    Thanks to Jack that hinted me to the KB article.

  • News Reader SDK released - WPF sample

    Tags: .NET, WinFX

    A few months ago I wrote about the Architecture Journal Reader, a great demonstration app for a "occasionally-connected" Windows Presentation Foundation, WPF, application. I asked for source code and more samples like this, and sometimes dreams come true.

    Today Tim Sneath announced the public availability of a News Reader SDK and a Syndicated Client Experiences (SCE) Starter Kit and source code for it. At the same time the team created a MSDN Magazine reader application using the starter kit. The SCE is built upon the Microsoft Sync Framework and .NET 3.0.

    MSDN Magazine Reader

    You can now create your own rich user interfaces using WPF and RSS feeds, with support for offline reading.

    Read more about the SCE Starter Kit here and get the source code.

  • McAfee VirusScan Enterprise sucks

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    Here comes another "it sucks" post about McAfee anti-virus products.

    I recently was forced into using McAfee VirusScan Enterprise, due to domain policies at my new employer. This was not what I have wanted! For years I have been using Grisoft AVG both at work and at home (they have a great free product for personal use). AVG is great, I have not had a single virus or similar on any of my machines for six or seven years (that has not been intentionally installed - to see what will happen), and I'm sad to not use it on my primary working machine anymore.

    McAfee VirusScan Enterprise is not good in any way (at least I think) and the main reason is how it scans.

    It's slow!!!

    Snail in Harijan by Hamed Saber Scanning is incredible slow and CPU intensive. Standard schedule is set to scan at 9 a clock in the morning, just about that time when you have read through your mail and have started all you applications and ready to get to work. So you have to abort the scanning process, which is not good.

    I had almost the same settings using AVG, of course there was a performance downgrade when scanning, but the machine was still usable.

    When you are trying to abort the scanning process, you have to enter the VirusScan Console, which requires elevated privileges. So you have to wait for the UAC to pop up and then confirm, which on a heavy loaded machine can take forever (it feels like forever when your angry). This is of course not only McAfees fault, Vista could be a whole lot faster. Then you have to stop the scanning. I would have preferred a quick access to a Cancel Scan method directly on the icon in the notification area.

    I think the scanning process should first of all not run using Normal priority, it should use Below Normal, or at least configurable. It should detect if it's hogging the system and then pause until the machine is idle.

    Now it's configured to run late at night. Problem is that my machine is not running 24/7 - you have to think about the environment, so it will not run that often that I want to...

    Phew, just had to get it out of me...

    Have you had any similar experiences? Or can you tip me how to configure it for better performance and a safer experience?

  • All OOXML comments reviewed and answered

    Tags: Office Open XML

    Comment Today ECMA International published the final responses to the more than 3.500 technical comments, submitted by the national bodies about four months ago, on Office Open XML (ISO/IEC DIS 29500).

    This is a milestone in the Office Open XML standardization and it is now up to the participating countries to review the answer on the comments and see if the agree or still disagree.

    The proposed dispositions are not public (they are only available to the BRM members) but ECMA has a summary of the major changes in their press release.

    The major changes in the proposed standard, from the original ECMA-376 specification are:

    • Usage of already existing standards on
    • Specification conformance
      • The original ECMA-376 will be split into a mulit-part standard
        • DIS 29500-1: contains WordProcessingML, SpreadsheetML and PresentationML
        • DIS 29500-2: contains the Open Packaging Convention (OPC)
        • DIS 29500-3: contains the extensibility specifications
    The BRM will be held in six weeks, so we all have to wait to see what the final result will be.

  • Using the new ListView control in SharePoint

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    The Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 contains a great new ASP.NET control called ListView. When using the ListView control you have much more control over how the output HTML will look like, which I think still is the main problem with the ASP.NET controls. To learn more about the ListView control, head over to Mustafa Basguns blog and read his excellent articles on the control.

    The ListView control is great when working with SharePoint (WSS3 and/or MOSS 2007) custom pages, since designing SharePoint pages which adapts into the current administration or takes advantage of all the CSS styles demands you to have pretty good control of your HTML.

    To use the ListView control in SharePoint you must first of all download and install the .NET 3.5 Framework on your SharePoint servers. After that you have to edit your web.config manually to get the control to work, otherwise you will get the following error message (if you have enabled error messages, otherwise you will get Unknown Error).

    Unknown server tag 'asp:ListView'. 

    Open web.config in Notepad (or what you prefer to edit it in) and paste the following under configuration/system.web/pages (after the tagMapping element)

        add tagPrefix="asp"         namespace="System.Web.UI.WebControls"         assembly="System.Web.Extensions, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31BF3856AD364E35" />

  • Microsoft acquires Norwegian Enterprise Search company

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    image Microsoft continues to strengthen their position in the Enterprise Search segment by acquiring the Norwegian Enterprise Search company Fast Search & Transfer (FAST). FAST is, according to Gartner, leader in the enterprise search segment together with Autonomy, where Microsoft was considered Tier 2 players.

    After releasing the Microsoft Search Server (MSS) and the MSS Express version, I'm glad Microsoft continues to emphasize on this interesting and "hot" area. Forrester stated after the Microsoft Search Server release that:

    MSS is not a top-tier enterprise class search solution, though. The top-tier vendorsAutonomy, Endeca, and FAST offer much more scalability, performance, capability, andcustomization.


    Microsoft’s aggressive entry into the search market will have a significant impact on competitivedynamics in the industry.

    It will be really interesting to see what this leads to and see how it affects SharePoint Search and the MSS(X) products.

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