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  • Changes in the SharePoint 2010 Cumulative Update packaging since August 2011

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    A couple of days ago the SharePoint 2010 Cumulative Update for August 2011 was released. Always a good time to see some things fixed and some things break. Installing a Cumulative Update is always a risky business, and you should only install them if you any experience problems that the CU resolves and only when you thoroughly tested it.

    One CU to rule them all!

    Without going into details about the content and fixes in the August 2011 CU there is one other thing that is of real interest - and that is how MIcrosoft has changed the packaging process for the Cumulative Updates. Since the release of SharePoint 2010 there has been talk and discussions about über-packages. That is Server Cumulative Packages that contains both the Server hotfixes as well as the Foundation hotfixes, which makes the update process a bit easier and faster - you only need to install one package. Up until now there has been mixed messages on the über-packages and caused some confusion. The recommendation has been that you need to install both SPF and SPS CU's on a SPS installation and all three if you're using Project Server.

    Since yesterday (that's when I noticed it at least) the SharePoint Updates page on MSDN has been updated with new information regarding this packaging with this:

    The packaging of cumulative updates changed as of August 31, 2011. [...] As a result of the new packaging, it is no longer necessary to install the SharePoint Foundation cumulative update and then install the SharePoint Server cumulative update.

    It looks like we have a new guidance in town!This has been "promised" before and I hope that it will work as planned this time, only time will tell. For more history and information read Spencer Harbars post on the SP1 and June CU discussion.

    What this essentially comes down to is that you only need to download one of these patches (links to August 2011 CU within parenthesis) from now on...

    • SharePoint Foundation 2010, contains SPF CU (KB253050)
    • SharePoint Server 2010, contains SPF + SPS CU (KB253048)
    • SharePoint Server 2010 with Project Server 2010, contains SPF + SPS + Project Server CU (KB253049)

    This will save you a couple of minutes/hours downloading and you'll save a few minutes installing multiple CU's on each server.

    Note: The correct version of this CU should be 14.0.6109.5002, if you were really quick you might have downloaded the 14.0.6109.5000 build.

    But...there's always a but. Please, please, please test all CU's, SP's, patches, hotfixes, shoes and whatever very thoroughly!

  • Conference and presentation season - fall 2011

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    This fall is going to be pretty busy in terms of conferences and presentations and I'll have my fair share. Here's what I've planned for this fall, so far.

    Webinar: No Farm Solution in sight!

    On Tuesday the 6th of September I will do a webinar discussing SharePoint Online and Office 365 and how you can build solutions using SharePoint Online, Silverlight, Windows Azure and more without creating any farm solutions:

    When and where: 6th of September at 11:00 CET. The interwebz

    Register online at

    SharePoint in the cloud!? Does it work?

    This is a breakfast seminar that my company Connecta is arranging with Cornerstone where I will present Office 365 and SharePoint Online specifically. I will show you how SharePoint Online works and what you need to do to get it to work, and I will also share our experiences moving from an on-premise solution with SharePoint and Exchange to the Office 365 platform.

    When and where: 16th of September at 8:00 or 13:00. Stockholm at the Connecta office

    More information at

    European SharePoint Conference, Berlin

    European SharePoint ConferenceFor the European SharePoint Conference I will have two sessions, which I already written about.

    When and where: 17th - 20th October. Berlin, Germany

    More information:

    SharePoint Conference Southeast Asia, Singapore

    SharePoint Conference Southeast AsiaFor the second year I will go down to the beautiful Singapore for the SharePoint Conference in Southeast Asia. This year I will also have two sessions.

    • Mastering customizations of the SharePoint 2010 Ribbon Menu
    • Enhancing Office 365/SharePoint Online using Windows Azure

    I'm sure that the conference will be as great as last year!

    When and where: 8-9 November. Singapore.

    More information here:

    SharePoint and Exchange Forum 2011, Stockholm

    SEF 2011The SharePoint and Exchange Forum is the SharePoint and Exchange conference in Scandinavia and of course if you're in the vicinity you should head on over to Stockholm. This year Göran Husman and the crew has managed to get a really good line of presenters - it will be a blast! I will present one session at this conference, and it will not be a development topic, but instead a session about Service Application Federation - the good, the bad and the ugly!

    When and where: 14-15 November. Stockholm, Sweden

    More information here:

    I hope to see you on the road somewhere!

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