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  • What’s new on the Office Roadmap - 2016-01-26

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    Time for some updates on the Office Roadmap again, these updates was actually published yesterday, but since writing these blog posts isn’t what pays for the bread on my table I needed to do other stuff before writing this.

    Last week the location of the Roadmap changed and today there seems to be some issues with the site; you can now find it at

    There are some real highlights here and as usual some Yammer funkiness…

    Changes 2016-01-26

    Now Launched

    • Apps for Project Pro for Office 365 write support: write-back support for Project Pro Apps/Add-ins (from rolling out)
    • Cloud PBX in Skype for Business: Enterprise voice features is now live (from in development)
    • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) in SharePoint Online: The DLP features are now “done”. (from rolling out)
    • DLP in SharePoint - Policy Management: More SharePoint DLP (from rolling out)
    • Mobile offline files (read-only) for iOS: Mobile offline support for the OneDrive iOS App. Thanks Microsoft for caring for us still using the (dying?) Windows Phone platform (new)
    • Mobile PDF annotation support for iOS: edit PDF files on iOS (from in development)
    • Multiple timeline bars in Project Pro for Office 365: Project is getting even more advanced (from rolling out)
    • Next-generation OneDrive for Business sync client (PC & Mac): the so called next-generation sync engine is now rolled out. Such a disaster, the situation is no where near better. Sigh! (from rolling out)
    • Office 365 local datacenter in India: Office 365 is growing like crazy! (from in development)
    • Office 365 Video - Yammer settings per channel: small and good change to the Yammer and Video portal integration. The Yammer team is shaping up and really focusing on what’s important, well they fix stuff that we asked for for ages. (from rolling out)
    • OneDrive for Business Web UX refresh: The new OneDrive for Business experience is rolled out fully (new)
    • PSTN Calling in Skype for Business: US only PSTN calling (from in development)
    • PSTN Conferencing in Skype for Business Online: US only PSTN conferencing (from in development)
    • Red Alert Autoposting: certain alerts are now autoposted from the serivce to the Service Health Dashboard. Cool! (from launched)
    • Set an expiry date for a guest share: This is AWESOME news. Finally we have expiry dates on external shared files. But, I cannot see this in my tenants… (NEW)
    • Skype Meeting Broadcast: Time to broadcast your meetings, Skype Broadcast is here. (from in development)
    • Sway recycle bin: Now, you never get rid of your Sways that you throw away (from in development)
    • Task Notifications in Project Online: opt-in for even more notifications (from rolling out)

    Rolling out

    • Manage Yammer licenses in Office 365: you can now manage Yammer licenses and enforce that users have licens (ie, turn Yammer off) (from in development)
    • Real time presence for PowerPoint: live Skype presence in PowerPoint Online (from in development)
    • Real Time presence in PowerPoint for desktop: same as above but for the desktop client (from in development)
    • Search on Yammer iOS app: Whaddya need search for? Somebody didn’t read the memo. (NEW)

    In Development

    • Allow/Deny list external sharing domains: this is a very long anticipated feature that should have a top prio imo (NEW)
    • Bitcoin Currency Format Support: Native Bitcoin support in Excel on all platforms (NEW)
    • Expiring Yammer Announcements: THIS IS THE WAY to solve unread messages in Yammer. I’m cleary using Yammer wrong (NEW)
    • FastTrack | Expanded language support: The onboarding center will support more languages (NEW)
    • Office 365 Groups: guest access support: External sharing in Groups – oops another nail in the Yammer coffin. LOVE IT! (NEW)
    • Yammer service on by default: Ooops, this was rolling out and now rolled back (from rolling out)


    • Azure departmental template availability: a cancellation that I don’t understand really. Isn’t this already launched and working??

    Moved off into the previously released list

    • Skype for Business One-time search notification

  • What’s new on the Office Roadmap – 2016-01-14

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    Hello and welcome back to an awesome new year – 2016 is here and we have our first Office Roadmap update. First things first; the Office Roadmap URL has changed. Ye olde Roadmap siteThe new home for the Office 365 Roadmap is: As usual when it comes to changes on the Office level - the communication is kinda poor. Ye olde URL just now gives you an error. Didn’t someone think about having a redirect or something from to the new home at Anyways, let’s take a look on what has changed since the last post in December.

    Changes 2016-01-14

    Now Launched

    • Inline OneDrive attachment preview for Outlook on the web: this really nice feature, which makes Outlook on the web more and more attractive than it’s big brother Outlook not on the web (aka outlook.exe). From rolling out

    Rolling out

    • Auto Generated Project IDs in Project Online: “Just” a name change on this one. From “Unique Project IDs in Project Online”
    • Next-generation OneDrive for Business sync client (PC & Mac): Live MeshThe new amazing, working, fast and exciting OneDrive for Business sync client is rolling out. Isn’t this great? I can hear the angles crying of joy. NOT! Well it is a new sync engine, it’s based on the OneDrive for consumer sync engine instead of old Groove. And yes, we have selective sync. But that’s it. The OneDrive for consumer sync engine isn’t that fast, I still have errors and collisions, I knew people who lost files. AND we still need the Old-generation sync client to sync SharePoint sites, other than OneDrive. Oh, this is new on the Roadmap.
    • Yammer service on by default: No description of this one. But from the title you can see that Yammer is enabled by default. Personally I do think that this is stupid. No services, unless they are security or compliance, should be turned on by default. Espeially now when I see more and more customer considering not going for Yammer. I guess they are trying to survive. New on the roadmap.

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