Inside Microsoft SharePoint 2013 is here, just in time for the holidays…

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Inside Microsoft SharePoint 2013I remember a person who clearly stated “I will never ever write a book again”. Yup, twas me. I managed to hold that promise for a year and a half. But when an interesting opportunity appears, I’m usually all-in again. And so it was.

Early this year I got the request from some dear friends to help with writing another book, fortunately this time not as the single responsible author but instead together with a really experienced bunch of SharePoint people, whose knowledge and resume are really impressive. I was asked to participate to write two chapters in the Inside Microsoft SharePoint 2013 book, published by Microsoft Press.

This is a book for every single developer out there, newbie, apprentice or master candidate (oh, there is no such thing anymore…), that has interest of SharePoint 2013 – yes, that is most likely you. This is the book that you should have in your toolset. It is packed with everything from the basics up to the more advanced scenarios, covering all the different workloads of SharePoint 2013.

If you take a look at the authors of this book you know it’s a keeper: Scott Hillier, Mirjam van Olst, Ted Pattison, Andrew Connell, Kyle Davis and little ol’ me.

If you order it now you will have it by Christmas!

Oh, and today you get %50 discount on the book here!

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  • Sanjay said

    And i remember asking you the same question whether you will publish more books in tne future and you said no :) glad that you did it again, looking forward to reading it !

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