Office Web Apps Server will only be available for Volume License customers shortly

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Office Web AppsToday the Office Updates blog added a new blog post titled “Web Apps Server Removal from Download Center”. The contents of that blog post is short:

As of 11-24-2014 Office Web Apps Server will be removed from the Microsoft Download Center.  At that time it will only be available for download under Volume Licensing agreements.  For more information please visit the site Volume Licensing Service Center.

Office Web Apps Server, used by SharePoint, Exchange and Lync to view, preview and edit Office documents is and has been one of the key features/add-ons of these products and allows for browser based editing and collaboration. It has up until now been available as a free download, free from licensing for reading but requiring Office client licensing for editing.

So from the 24th of November you will not be able to download Office Web Apps Server (WAC) from the Microsoft Download center. To download it you will be required to have a Volume License agreement with Microsoft and you will only be able to download it from the Volume Licensing Service Center.

Why this move? I don’t know. I will try to find out though… This will most likely cause a annoyances for developers and when testing, but I assume that most organizations using WAC likely have a Volume License agreement anyways. What do you think?

[Update 2014-10-29]: The original blog post has been updated with a small FAQ. The interesting things to note there is that for evaluation there will still be a downloadable copy for MSDN subscribers, and “EXISTING [my emphasis] Web Apps Server installations will continue to be licensed for viewing”. That leaves us with the question – will Office Web Apps Server NOT be free for viewing from now on?


  • Greg Burns said

    I think it sucks. I think it will make it harder to convince customers to use it. I think Microsoft wants to make on-prem SharePoint less valuable. Connecting WAC to a SharePoint farm isn't just about editing documents in browser, it also greatly enhances search.

  • Greg Jones said

    Absurd, there is no doubt they are driving value out of Enterprise investments already made by making things harder to get. They go from completely free to extremely difficult to get. I'm surprised that corporations haven't investigated suing Microsoft for clearly taking value out of already made investments and instead driving companies to a more costly model (at leas initially since most large companies can't just flop cost models and structures).

  • Rasmus said

    This is really confusing, does it seam to be free for view-only Dave? I created a MSDN-post regarding this:

  • Thom said

    Having the download located with Office 2013 Pro+ seems odd. I've been searching for this download for a week now and I just happen to stumble upon this blog. Thanks Dave B for the answer to this perplexing download.

    My only hope is that MS will update their documentation to reflect this.

  • Ticked Off said

    Microsoft really need to get their act together. Hiding OWA under Office Professional 2013 is just stupid. It took me 30 minutes to find it and that was using Google to find answers.

    I think Microsoft support is crap.

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