SPC 14 sessions, recordings and wrap-up

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Wow, that was an awesome conference! SharePoint Conference 2014 is over and I’m very glad I attended the conference – both as a speaker and attendee. Finally Microsoft and the SharePoint Product Group told us about their future and vision for SharePoint and SharePoint Online. If you knew how long we have waited for this…

I’m glad they start to sort out the service (ie Office 365) and now can add new capabilities into the platform.
I’m glad Jeff Teper officially said that there will be at least one more version of SharePoint on-premises.
I’m glad that the product group is listening to our and our customers feedback.
I’m glad that we have such a strong community
I’m excited about the future of SharePoint (to be honest, it’s been some time since I had that feeling).

My sessions

As a first time speaker at this event I was a bit nervous, which the ones who attended my sessions might have noticed. I’m proud that so many people turned up on my sessions, especially the Architecture session where we had people standing in the back and we had 90 minutes of Q&A at the end! That was cool! Unfortunately the room where I had all my three sessions suffered from severe microphone issues (which impacts my session ratings), apart from that everything except one demo was a success. Everything was recorded so if you did not have time to attend my sessions or just want to see them again here they are:

Real-world SharePoint architecture sessions (SPC334)

Mastering Office Web Apps 2013 operations and deployments (SPC383)

Designing, deploying, and managing Workflow Manager farms (SPC356)

Co-presented with Spencer Harbar.


If you have any questions on my sessions, feel free to post them here. And before you ask – yes, I will post all the PowerShell scripts I used, but in a separate blog post(s).

If you’d like to watch more videos from SPC14, head on over to Channel 9 and take a look at any of the keynotes and sessions for free. I’m really looking forward to see the what’s up next with SharePoint, I think the next conference (whatever it will be called) will be something very different from this one.


  • David Welker said

    Wictor, despite the nervousness, I came away from that conference using the information you educated me the most so far. Normally the Arcitecture decisions take a few weeks to iterate through but we immediately got to work on them as soon as I got back to build out our 2013 On-premise farm. You did a great job organizing the information and displaying it in a way to make it easy for all of us to quickly evaluate where we need to focus our needs. Thank you! Don't be nervous next time, you did great! :)

  • John Calvert said

    In SPC334 on slide "Planning the topology - tiers" you group search roles Admin, Index, and Query in the same layer whereas in the search components slides you place Admin away from Index and Query. Is this significant?

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