What's new in the Office Roadmap - 2015-04-15

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It was a couple of weeks since last, but this time we got some major updates on the Office Roadmap, following the recent announcement on the Office blogs.

Changes 2015-04-15

Since the 26th of March, these are the changes. Quite a few of them…

Now Launched

  • Bulk Updates in Project Online: Directly to launched status
  • Improvements to Demand Management in Project Online: Another Project thingie, directly to launched
  • Changing support for LinkedIn in Outlook: LinkedIn connections in Outlook no longer supported, another that went directly to launched
  • Clutter Control and admin capabilities: from rolling out
  • Document deletion policies for OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online: A really interesting and important feature, now live
  • Lync Online Active User Activities Report: previously rolling out
  • MAPI over HTTP for Outlook 2013 and Exchange Online: one of the oldest things on the roadmap now rolling out
  • More control over Sent Items for Shared Mailboxes: from in development
  • New preview features for Power BI: from rolling out
  • Option for Passwords to Never Expire: new on the list the last time, but now launched
  • Removing Deleted Items Retention Period: from in development. This one is a huge one!

Now Rolling out

  • About Me Update and New Authoring Tool: Big news yesterday on the Office Blogs. From In development.
  • Lync Web App support for Mac and Windows Chrome users: from in development. Everyone is now invited to the party!
  • MDM for OneDrive for Business: Another great OneDrive feature now rolling out
  • Mobile Device Management: Changed name from "Mobile Device Management for Office 365" to "Mobile Device Management". From In Development.
  • NDR backscatter protection: more Exchange goodies, new on the list
  • Office 365 Groups: improving visibility and management: new on the list. Finally some improvements in this feature for enterprises. We might not need to turn it off at every client anymore.
  • Public Folder calendar and contact access in OWA: from in development
  • Skype for Business desktop application update: New Skype for Business is now rolling out since yesterday.

In Development

  • Evolving the Outlook Web App options page: OWA is evolving. New on the list
  • Improved image attachment viewing in Outlook Web App: OWA team is on fire. New on the list
  • Optimize File Picker in Outlook Web App: Keep it coming OWA team! New on the list
  • Recommend OneDrive for Business for Large Attachments: Go OWA! New on the list.
  • Save to OneDrive for Business: Speechless! New on the list
  • Storage and file upload improvements for Sites and OneDrive for Business: Yay! Let's upload those big video files… New on the list
  • Office 365 Groups: adding Like to Conversations: Ooops. This was just rolling out the other week - back to the drawing board?
  • Office 365 Help pane: A new and better way to introduce features for the end-user. I like it. New on the list
  • Office 365 Notification pane: Another Ooopps. This was also previously Rolling out, with mixed feelings in the community. Better make it work and look good before launching…
  • Task Notifications in Project Online: Another new Project thingie

Moved off the list into Previously released

  • eDiscovery Center Scale Increase
  • My apps for Office 365 app launcher
  • Office 365 Admin Center for Business
  • Office 365 ISO 27018 Privacy Compliance
  • OneNote Staff Notebook for Education
  • Outlook for iOS & Android
  • Partner admin mobile app
  • PIN lock and other updates for Outlook for iOS & Android
  • Quarantine Bulk Release
  • RMS Departmental Templates

No longer at the list at all

  • Forms on SharePoint Lists - bye bye, for good?


Phew! Good Job Microsoft!


  • Kristoffer said

    Can you offer any more info on "Removing Deleted Items Retention Period" ? Does this mean that there will be no retention at all, meaning once an item is deleted it's gone right away? Sounds quite harsh and will force alot of "litigation hold" (which one might think is the point since that requires a license that has that feature)

  • Kristoffer said

    Never mind that previous comment about retention, found the post on MS blog and it's the opposite of what I feared. Good job MS :)

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