What's new in the Office Roadmap - 2015-06-10

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More updates to the Office Roadmap! This time around we have a few interesting new additions to the roadmap.

Changes 2015-06-10

This is what has been added to roadmap since the last couple of days. Notice that all of these are new things on the Roadmap.

Now Launched

  • DMARC Support in EOP: DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance, http://dmarc.org/) in EOP. Directly to launched!

Rolling out

  • OAuth and MFA for Outlook for iOS & Android: just as it sounds, the new ADAL based authentication is rolling out for iOS and Android

In Development

  • Advanced administrative controls for archiving: Enables SEC 17a-4 record retention. Allows you to make sure that policies as such are not turned off or removed
  • Skype for Business conversations in the web experience: This was shown in a video the other day. Nice additions to the web UX.
  • Office 365 Domain Purchase Experience: a better experience to get your hands on and purchase new domains without any 3rd party services
  • Office 365 Video - Embed: Allows videos to be embedded outside the video portal, for instance in a team site. But the big news here is that this allows Kiosk users rights to view videos.
  • Office 365 Store: This update will make it easier for users to buy third party applications directly from within Office 365. Users will see a new "store icon" in the Waffle. Finally some updates to the pretty lame and boring Office store.

Moved off into the previously released

  • Skype Developer platform


  • Alexander von Malachowski said

    Office 365 Video - Embed, Yay!, Have had the unprivilage of developing some Display Templates to surface company videos and this will be a welcome update. Don't get me wrong the other acronyms sure sound nice but that´s not really my cup of tea.

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