What's new on the Office Roadmap - 2015-07-16

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A week has gone since last update to the Office Roadmap and it looks like the Office 365 team is on a good pace.

Changes 2015-07-16

These are the changes I've noticed on the Roadmap, including my personal comments/take on some of them. One big shocker here and it's in the Cancelled section, check it out!

Now Launched

  • Multi-Tier Cloud Standard for Singapore: something brand new that is just for Singapore that is launched? No description at all on the Roadmap - I'll get back with details.
  • Quarantine Message Body Preview: last week rolling out and now fully rolled out. Exchange admins can now really easy preview stuff in quarantine.
  • SharePoint Online storage usage model: "Auto" quotas are now fully rolled out
  • Workload-specific admin roles: Also the new admin roles are fully rolled out

Rolling Out

  • Office 2013 Windows client modern authentication preview: new ADAL based AuthN is rolling out

In Development

  • Office Online Edit in Yammer: Allows you to edit documents directly in Yammer. New on the roadmap
  • PSTN Calling in Skype for Business: US Only, more countries coming up, PSTN Call in feature. More awesome S4B features!
  • Public Folders: adding and removing favorites in OWA: Who said Public Folders was dead!


  • Document Conversations for OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online: CANCELLED! No surprise to me. Another Yammer feature that is going in to the bin. If Microsoft can do a big write-down on Surface, they sure should do it on Yammer as soon as possible. From Rolling Out.

Moved off into Previously Released

(Added since original post)

  • Add external collaborators to your internal Yammer conversations
  • Boards for Office Delve
  • De-clutter your Inbox
  • Delve (Codename Oslo) & Office Graph
  • DLP in Office 365 to protect Externally classified content
  • DMARC Support in EOP
  • First Release Select people
  • Office 2013 client update to support passive authentication using SAML
  • Partner Admin Center New Customer List Filters
  • Recommend OneDrive for Business for Large Attachments
  • Share OneDrive for Business folders externally
  • Skype for Business desktop application update


That's it for this time folks!


  • John Vanderkamp said

    Hi, thank for your great service. Appreciate to get this great overview of services.

    Why do you think Yammer is dead? Just a few months ago MS told us if we want to go social we should go Yammer. Now we are thinking whats the right path if we want to do enterprise social with MS technlogies?

  • Wictor said

    Yammer isn't dead (yet) but I don't have big hopes for it. All investvements are done in the other products;

    -new social feeds in Groups (based on Exchange)

    - new praise functionality in new app and Delve

    - group creation - Office 365 Groups

    - etc etc

    And not considering all stuff that isn't working with Office 365 and Yammer - like identities and profiles and groups

    I would not invest to much in Yammer - but that is just me - others might have other ideas...

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