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Ok, let me first start by saying that I might have overreacted in the last blog post about the roadmap. I still don't think it is ok to have this kind of chaos on such an important and official document/page. But stuff happens, we all know that (I've done some pretty serious dumba** stuff with my blog posts over the years).

So back to the good news. We have an Office Roadmap update. And this time around it looks all fine! It's a bit long this time, due to stuff getting back to where they are supposed to be, but there are some really hidden gems in here. Have a nice read y'all.

Changes 2016-03-03


  • Android: Android for Work compliance with multi profile support: Office now supports Android for Work. (from rolling out)
  • Archive button in Outlook 2016: An archive button for archiving should be available (=launched) in the Outlook 2016 client. It isn't on mine at least. (from development)
  • Archiving in Office 365 for 3rd-party data: support for archiving information from external sources such as Tweetface, Chatter, BlackBerry, Dropbox. (from in development)
  • Auto Generated Project IDs in Project Online: The project id's again… (from rolling out)
  • Browse and join Groups in Outlook 2016: Another launched feature that I don't have in my Current Branch Outlook 2016. It looks like a great feature. (from in development)
  • Circular Yammer User Profile Pictures: Without further comments I'd like to quote this from the Yammer team: "Yammer is excited to announce the modification of its user profile picture". (My emphasis). (from in development)
  • Cloud PBX in Skype for Business: Watch out you old school landline phone operators (from in development)
  • Dark theme: aka developer theme. It would be cool but imo it looks awful since the e-mails, document backgrounds etc are all white so the dark theme doesn't work as well as in Visual Studio for instance (from rolling out)
  • Designer: The demo looks nice, it has never given me any advice on my PowerPoint decks though (from rolling out)
  • Easy Enable for Data Analysis Add-Ins: Power<View|Pivot|Map> at your fingertips in Excel (from rollin gout)
  • Embedded video in Universal app: Youtubein the OneNote universal app (new, directly to launched, but was actually rolling out before the mishap)
  • Exchange Online Protection- Zero Day auto-purge: I am impressed with all the small and large security and protection features the Office team adds (from in development)
  • FastTrack | Data migration to OneDrive for Business from File Shares: Onboarding center now offers file share migration (from in development)
  • FastTrack | Data migration to SharePoint Online Team Sites from File Shares: and they do it not only for OneDrive (from in development)
  • FastTrack | FastTrack Center services coming to smaller customers: and even if you're a small customer you get stuff for free (this one was launched, then gone and now launched)
  • FastTrack | Office 365 ProPlus Upgrade Assistance: and if you want help with your Office, that is for free too! (from in development)
  • Learning Tools for OneNote: There's two of them (new)
  • Learning Tools for OneNote: And here's the other one (also new)
  • Making it easier to share files and collaborate: The Share Pane in the Office client has been updated. It's a great feature that I use almost every day when collaborating with my colleagues (from rolling out)
  • Morph for iOS: It's the Morph animation (PowerPoint) on iOS - but what is more interesting is that I'm with the cool kids now sporting an iPhone so I actually care about new iOS features (more about that another day)
  • Multi-select Attachments in Outlook 2016: I thought you could do this before, but apparantley not. (from rolling out)
  • New Chinese and Japanese Default Fonts: a "Unified modern look" - wonder if they reinvented Mandarin as well? (from rolling out)
  • New Forecasting Capabilities: Some new really advanced Excel features, probably need a PhD in economics to use them (rom rolling out)
  • November Improvements in Excel Mobile for Windows: November(!) updates are here (from rolling out)
  • Office 365 Admin app - Push Notifications for Message Center filters: better control of your push notifications in the admin app (from in development)
  • Office 365 app launcher refresh: the new customizable app launcher is live. I like the idea but unfortunatley it only is customizable on half of the O365 services, so it doesn't make sense (from in development)
  • Office 365 Domain Purchase Experience: it's soo easy nowadays (from rolling out)
  • Office 365 Groups: naming policies for aliases: Some things here I really wonder about. This has worked since day 1 of Groups and the roadmap item points to an Exchange Technet article from 2012… (from rolling out)
  • Office 365 Groups: Outlook on the Web and Outlook Groups app user interface improvements: continued improvement of the Groups UX. I do hope that we see some of that UX trickel down to SharePoint for instance (from in development)
  • Office 365 help pane updates: better search with results from the applications and tell me support. Not launched in any of my tenants (from in development)
  • Office 365 Multi-Channel Catalog Support: the special segments (Edu, Gov etc) can now buy the commercial service as well (from rolling out)
  • Office 365 My Account updates: For me a very valuable page, but for normal end-users, this page is a bit to technical with app permissions and stuff (from rolling out)
  • Office 365 ProPlus Consumption Reports: A great new report to see how the ProPlus adoption goes (from rolling out)
  • Office 365 Video - Channel Recycle Bin: Never loose a video (from in development)
  • Office 365 Video - Deploy in US Government zone (GCC) & China datacenters: perfect for Mr Trump when he fiddle with his belly button in the oval office (from in development)
  • Office Online multi-user coauthoring in Yammer: I've complained about this one before - there should be no authoring in Yammer. Period. Btw, can you disable this, please? (from in development)
  • PowerPoint Designer - Desktop: The desktop edition of the PowerPoint Desighern (from in development)
  • PowerPoint Morph - Desktop: The desktop edition of Morph (from in development)
  • PSTN Calling in Skype for Business: was launched a month ago and back at launched
  • PSTN Conferencing in Skype for Business Online: was launched a month ago and back at launched
  • Quick Access Toolbar customization: Hmm, haven't you always been able to do this? (from in development)
  • Quick Shape Formatting: more shapes in Office (from rolling out)
  • Read-only mode for Excel: Another hmmm. "Open up an Excel workbook within SharePoint quickly in read-only mode to quickly get to what matters most." This happens all the time, don't it? (from rolling out)
  • Real time co-authoring in Word: We're getting there! (from rolling out)
  • Skype for Business One-time search notification: back at launched
  • Smart Lookup for Office: Sounds like the normal Research Pane in Office? (from rolling out)
  • Storage and file upload improvements for Sites and OneDrive for Business: 10GB file upload and minimum of 1TB of storage! (from in development)
  • Support for multi-selection of Slicer items using touch: Touch your Excel (from rolling out)
  • Tell Me: Ok, not new at all.. (from rolling out)

Rolling out

  • Delve Analytics: Supercool Delve feature, E5 or separate subscription required (from in development)
  • Improved image attachment viewing in Outlook on the web: OWA is being more and more capable, when will we stop using the Outlook client? (from in development)
  • Office 365 Groups: multi-domain support: Was on my wish list last year. Good job! (from in development)
  • Office 365 Video - Analytics, phase one: Stats on your vids (from in development)
  • Office 365 Video - Improved upload experience: responsive and more intuitive upload of videos (from in development)
  • Office 365 Video - Insert video from SharePoint edit page ribbon: Awesome! (NEW)
  • OneNote Universal app: sign-in update: Only org id required for the universal app. Previously you needed an MS account for the first time setup (NEW)
  • OneNote Universal app: sign-in update: Such a good feature it is mentioned twice
  • OneNote Universal app: sign-in update: Such an awesome feature it is mentiond three times
  • Sites Tile Page Update - Recent and Suggested Sites: The Sites tile has recieved a well welcomed update (from in development)
  • Updated people profile experience in Office 365: Oh, I just love this new Delve profile page!!! More like this (NEW)
  • User Activity Reports: better auditing in SharePoint, now with view auditing as well. In the compliance center only though, not the SP auditing thingie (from in development)

In development

  • Archive: An archive feature for Outlook 2016 for Mac (NEW)
  • Enhanced editor: Enchanced e-mail editor, similar to Word, for the Maclook (Outlook for Mac) (NEW)
  • FastTrack | Expanded language support: more language options for the onboarding center (NEW)
  • FastTrack | Power BI onboarding support: Get them PowerBI things on board (NEW)
  • New AutoCAD file format support in Visio: this is really cool. Visio will support the new AutoCAD formats including massive drawings. (NEW)
  • OFFLINE MESSAGES: Must be a superimportant feature since it is all caps. You will be able to send messages to people on Skype for Business even if they are not online.
  • Skype for Business Mac Preview: I wonder if this will make AC more happy, and get him on the beta program for it! (just a name change on the imte)
  • Sway *.sharepoint.com embed support:  title says it all (NEW)


  • Office 365 Message Encryption: End-User Triggered Encryption in OWA: :-(

Moved off the list into the previously released

  • Android: Deeper Integration with Outlook:
  • Android: Easy Sign-in, Sign-up:
  • Android: Presenter view:
  • Apps for Project Pro for Office 365 write support:
  • Colorful Office theme:
  • Configurable push notifications for Office 365 Admin app:
  • Contact sync for Outlook for Android:
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) in SharePoint Online:
  • DKIM Outbound for Exchange Online Protection:
  • DLP in SharePoint - Policy Management:
  • EU Model Clauses and HIPAA BAA Availability for All Yammer Customers:
  • Events from email:
  • FastTrack | Data migration to OneDrive from Google Drive:
  • First Release: Office 365 ProPlus and Office 365 Business:
  • First Release: Select People support for SharePoint & OneDrive for Business:
  • Higher DPI support for 250% and 300%:
  • Inline OneDrive attachment preview for Outlook on the web:
  • Korean language support:
  • Math Input Control:
  • Mobile offline files (read-only) for iOS:
  • Mobile PDF annotation support for iOS:
  • Multiple timeline bars in Project Pro for Office 365:
  • New per-user licensing for Sway:
  • Next-generation OneDrive for Business sync client (PC & Mac):
  • Office 2013 Windows client modern authentication public preview:
  • Office 365 ISO 27001 and 27018 Audit Report:
  • Office 365 local datacenter in India:
  • Office 365 Video - Yammer settings per channel:
  • OneDrive for Business Web UX refresh:
  • OneNote Online: Record Audio clips & Insert File:
  • Open OpenDocument files:
  • Pan and zoom while loading large charts/SmartArt:
  • Preview_Office 365 Customer Security Considerations Refrence Guide:
  • Project Online content pack for PowerBI:
  • Real time presence for PowerPoint:
  • Real Time presence in PowerPoint for desktop:
  • Red Alert Autoposting:
  • Set an expiry date for a guest share:
  • Skype Meeting Broadcast:
  • Sway admin controls over Insert tab content sources:
  • Sway recycle bin:
  • Task Notifications in Project Online:
  • Word Online: Improving feature capabilities:


  • Magnus said

    Hi Wictor!
    It would be interesting to hear about your view on Yammer from half a year ago, are you standing by your opinion or has anything changed you think?

  • Anna said

    Hello! Firstly, thank you for this post! Can you tell me please, if I want to migrate from office 2007 to office 2016 ( I have lisenced version) can i do it for free? I bought my certain version here hardware.nu and they suggest me to buy new one! But I heard that it is possible to migrate for free? Is it true?

  • Henrik Christensen said

    Hi Wictor
    Do you have any insights in when the user profile of Yammer will be synced from Azure AD (in the roadmap it only says "in development"

  • Wictor said

    @Henrik - I don't have any insights and I don't think I'm on the top of the Yammer teams list of people to keep informed. But, I would not hold my breath...it took them three years to get a half decent sign in experience...

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