What's new on the Office Roadmap - 2016-04-18

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Here's some really big updates of the Office Roadmap this time around. Two major themes of this update, part from the now more or less traditional copy paste errors;

Planner - the Planner team have tons of nifty and neat stuff coming our way.

Edu - Microsoft is all in on school and Edu features at the moment!

Check the "In Development" section - you will like it. Wonder how much more good stuff they are saving for the May 4th event!!

Changes 2016-04-18


  • Class Notebook Add-in for OneNote with LMS Connection: this seems like a big investment area for the Office team. I wish I had this when I want to school! More info here. (from in development)
  • Configurable push notifications for Office 365 Admin app: exactly what the title says (back from previously released)
  • Contact sync for Outlook for Android: sync with native contacts application. (back from previously released)
  • DKIM Outbound for Exchange Online Protection: more secure e-mail! (back from previously released)
  • EU Model Clauses and HIPAA BAA Availability for All Yammer Customers: (back from previously released)
  • FastTrack | Data migration to OneDrive from Google Drive: (back from previously released)
  • FastTrack | Adoption planning assistance: get to the cloud even better now with adoption planning assistance (from in development)
  • First Release: Office 365 ProPlus and Office 365 Business: (back from previously released)
  • Inline OneDrive attachment preview for Outlook on the web: (back from previously released)
  • Learning Tools for OneNote Preview: Just a name change and also a duplicate.
  • Lync Room Systems User Experience Update to Skype for Business: Hmm, this is about a change that is about to happen in November 2015… (from in development) 
  • March Updates in Office Mobile Apps for Android devices: the normal admin app updates for Android (from in development)
  • Modern Attachments for Skype Meetings: A new thing on the roadmap and an awesome feature! Attachments in meeting invites will be pre-loaded into the actual meeting!
  • Multi-Tier Cloud Standard for Singapore: New and without any comments.
  • New per-user licensing for Sway: (back from previously released)
  • Office 2013 Windows client modern authentication public preview: (back from previously released)
  • OneDrive for Business Windows 8.1 Support for Next Generation Sync Client: Finally the NGSC can be used on Windows 8.1. (from in development)
  • OneNote for iOS updates: Apple Pen support and more (new)
  • OneNote Online: Record Audio clips & Insert File: (back from previously released)
  • Project Online content pack for PowerBI: (back from previously released)
  • Skype for Business Cloud Connector Edition: Get some PBX and PSTN going on in Office 365 (from in development)
  • Sway admin controls over Insert tab content sources: (back from previously released)
  • Sway for iOS: Seamless account switching: Can't get enough of Sway in iOS - get some more accounts and just switch back and forth (new)
  • Sway in Windows: Easily get to the most recent or pinned Sways from the Windows Jump List: MRU list in Sway for Windows (new)
  • Sway Navigation: Choose the way you view a Sway: consume Sways the way you want; switch between horizontal and vertical. (new)
  • Word Online: Improving feature capabilities: (back from previously released)

Rolling out

  • Android: Easy Sign-in, Sign-up: (back from previously released)
  • Android: Presenter view: (back from previously released)
  • Apps for Project Pro for Office 365 write support: (back from previously released)
  • Colorful Office theme: (back from previously released)
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) in SharePoint Online: (back from previously released)
  • Delve People Experiences - Praise: Praise is now once again rolling out, from being In Development for a while. Let's see what governance controls we get this time around (from in development)
  • DLP in SharePoint - Policy Management: (back from previously released)
  • First Release: Select People support for SharePoint & OneDrive for Business: (back from previously released)
  • Higher DPI support for 250% and 300%: (back from previously released)
  • Math Input Control: (back from previously released)
  • Microsoft Classroom Preview: Edu subscriptions are now equipped with a homepage for teachers where they can manage classes and assignments (New)
  • Microsoft Forms Preview for Office 365 Education: This is really cool! A new forms engine are taking shape. Starting for Edu subscriptions only though. (New). Please take a look at Office 365 MVP Alex Pearces blog post on the topic.
  • Multiple timeline bars in Project Pro for Office 365: (back from previously released)
  • New AutoCAD file format support in Visio: the AutoCAD file format support improvements is rolling out (from in development)
  • New home page experience for Office 365 users: Another new feature! A new home page for Office 365. (new)
  • Next-generation OneDrive for Business sync client (PC & Mac): (back from previously released)
  • Office 365 Groups: ability to update privacy type: you can now change the privacy type of groups (new)
  • Office 365 ISO 27001 and 27018 Audit Report: (back from previously released)
  • Office 365 ProPlus Consumption Reports: (this feature is rolled back from launched)
  • Office 365 Video - Yammer settings per channel: (rolled back from launch)
  • One-click Archive: simplified archive managmenet (from in development)
  • OneDrive for Business Deny List of File Types for Sync: you can now actively block certain file types for OD4B  (from in development)
  • OneDrive for Business Pause Sync: The pause sync feature is rolling out (from in development)
  • Outlook 2016 for Mac two step authentication: MFA for Mac (from in development)
  • Pan and zoom while loading large charts/SmartArt: (back from previously released)
  • Preview_Office 365 Customer Security Considerations Refrence Guide: (back from previously released)
  • Red Alert Autoposting: (back from previously released)
  • School Data Sync Preview: The Edu suites are getting even more cool stuff. Now, a new sync engine for classes and rosters from "Student Information Systems" (new)
  • Task Notifications in Project Online: (back from previously released)

In Development

  • Android: Deeper Integration with Outlook: (back from previously released)
  • Assign a task to multiple individuals in Office 365 Planner: Yes! Been waiting for this. Really cool to see the next wave of Planner features being built (new)
  • Class Notebook add-in for OneNote on Mac: More class and Edu features (new)
  • Class Notebook API enhancements: Specific class notebook API's - I think we can see Microsoft aiming in really hard on schools and Edu right now (new)
  • Custom backgrounds in Office 365 Planner: Branding of Planner site (new)
  • Delve Analytics: Hmm. Delve Analytics is now back at In Development from Rolling out.
  • Embed content into OneNote: Embed videos, sways etc in OneNote (3 copies of the same item, new)
  • Events from email: (back from previously released)
  • External (Guest) user access in Office 365 Planner: More Planner goodies (new)
  • General Availability of Office 365 Tasks API: Access to Planner via the Microsoft Graph I presume (new)
  • Improved image attachment viewing in Outlook on the web: was previously rolled out
  • Integrating Office 365 Planner with Professional Learning Communities (PLC): a combo of learning/Edu and Planner - this must be the theme of this big update of the Roadmap (new)
  • Korean language support: (back from previously released)
  • Manage Yammer licenses in Office 365: (rolled back from rolling out)
  • Mobile experiences in Office 365 Planner: mobile web experience for Planner AND a Windows Universal App (new)
  • Mobile PDF annotation support for iOS: (back from previously released)
  • Office 365 Groups: expiring groups: just a name change from "expiring inactive groups" to "expiring groups"
  • Office 365 Groups: multi-domain support: rolled back to in development
  • Office 365 local datacenter in India: (back from previously released)
  • Office 365 Message Encryption: End-User Triggered Encryption in OWA: was previously cancelled (someone been fatfingering again)
  • Office 365 Planner accessibility: accessbility improvements of Planner (new)
  • Office 365 Planner Apps for iOS and Android: Awesome - Planner Apps are coming our way (new)
  • Office 365 Reporting Dashboard: was rolling out
  • Office Lens iOS feature updates: Improved Office Lens features (new)
  • Office Lens now available for Windows 10: Office Lens UWP (new)
  • OneDrive for Business Recent Files to Sway: get your OneDrive stuff into Sway more easuer (new)
  • OneNote Class Notebook teacher transfer: More Edu goodness (new)
  • OneNote collaboration: share a notebook in Windows 10: easier sharing in the Windows 10 OneNote app (anyone actually using that in favor of the real OneNote app??) (new)
  • OneNote Grouped inking: ink improvments, very welcome (new)
  • OneNote Universal mobile: audio recording: not only take notes during the meetings, record it with your Windows Phone (new)
  • Open OpenDocument files: (back from previously released)
  • Optimizing Yammer Inbox for Team Collaboration: Yammer inbox improvments. Funny they mention a "Mark all as read" (the most requested feature) and say "no, you don't need that, you need a read it later button". Sigh. (new)
  • Plan creation restriction and Naming policy: Funny they didn't have this one in to start with given the feedback about this on Office 365 Groups. (new)
  • Preview of PSTN Calling for UK: We're getting there, US and now UK (new)
  • Professional Learning Community Groups: "Professional Learning Communities" - seems like a big deal. Groups, Skype, Planner and OneNote together. (new)
  • Real time presence for PowerPoint: (back from previously released)
  • Real Time presence in PowerPoint for desktop: (back from previously released)
  • Sites Tile Page Update - Recent and Suggested Sites: back in development after being rolled out for a while.
  • Skype for Business App SDK: Native iOS and Android SDK's for Skype! Cool! (new)
  • Skype for Business for Android: (back from previously released)
  • Skype For Business Mac: "We are designing a new Skype For Business Mac client to replace the Lync for Mac 2011 client." (new)
  • Skype for Business Mac Client Preview: They will not only build it, they will build a preview (new)
  • Skype Meeting Broadcast: (back from previously released)
  • Smart Lookup with OneNote: I guess a Bing search in OneNote. (new)
  • Sway recycle bin: (back from previously released)
  • Templates in Office 365 Planner: WOW. Just wow! Some really funky Planner templates are coming our way (new)
  • Timeline view in Office 365 Planner: And a timeline view. Go Planner! (new)
  • User Activity Reports: back from rolling out

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