Comment Today ECMA International published the final responses to the more than 3.500 technical comments, submitted by the national bodies about four months ago, on Office Open XML (ISO/IEC DIS 29500).

This is a milestone in the Office Open XML standardization and it is now up to the participating countries to review the answer on the comments and see if the agree or still disagree.

The proposed dispositions are not public (they are only available to the BRM members) but ECMA has a summary of the major changes in their press release.

The major changes in the proposed standard, from the original ECMA-376 specification are:

  • Usage of already existing standards on

  • dates (ISO 8601)

  • formulas and field syntax (ISO/IEC 14977:1996)

  • passwords (ISO/IEC 10118-3)

  • colors (color definitions used in W3C SVG)

  • Specification conformance

  • The original ECMA-376 will be split into a mulit-part standard

  • DIS 29500-1: contains WordProcessingML, SpreadsheetML and PresentationML

  • DIS 29500-2: contains the Open Packaging Convention (OPC)

  • DIS 29500-3: contains the extensibility specifications

The BRM will be held in six weeks, so we all have to wait to see what the final result will be.