If you have an Ahanix computer case (in my case an MCE 302-SA) with a Samsung VFD and have upgraded your HTPC system to Windows Vista you may have found out that the VFD does not work nor does the drivers available from the Ahanix web site.

The image has nothing to do with the text and the text has nothing to do with the image, but it’s there! But to your rescue there is FrontView for MCE by Media Center Magic. FrontView is an alternative to the default drivers for numerous LCD and VFD displays (CrystalFontz, Samsung, SilverStone etc) optimized for Media Center experience and with a highly customizable interface.

You can customize the display to show almost whatever you want in different scenarios like playing TV, music or movies.The advanced version has support for RSS feeds and other custom plug-ins.

FrontView is available in it’s professional version for a 30 days trial and then you can use it in free mode.