image The Windows Media Center Components Database is now live! MCE components is a site which targets Windows Media Center self-builders with help to choose components and to see how the components work together. To help build the database you can add your own system and grade it to help others out.

There are currently about 100 systems entered into the database and it will keep growing, as long as you help out. When you are adding your system you will rate it, on a scale 1 to 5, in stability, noise and performance. You can also enter your Windows Experience Index stats, if you are using Vista.

To use it you just select which component you are interested in. For example Graphics->NVIDIA->Ge Force 6600. This will show you that three other systems have that graphics card and from there you can see how well these systems perform and what other components these systems use.

The site is just launched but it is already a good source of MCE components, and there are still some Coming Soons. To keep you up to date of the site, subscribe to the feed.

With all that data gathered I really would like to see these features implemented:

  • Average stats/experience index for each selected component
  • Most highly performing components
  • The most quiet system

Good job Paul!