NVIDIA has released ForceWare Release 100 as a beta for Windows Vista, mainly to support the 8800 graphics cards but it works with all the 6/7/8 series.

The Release 100 contains an updated NVIDIA Control Panel which contains new functions for scaling the display so finally I can use 100% of my plasma screen. So far it has been working fine, except for when you once have made your settings do not enter the Control Panel again cause it will the revert to default or faulty settings!

Why NVIDIA has decided to only let us control the NVIDIA properties using the Control Panel is a mystery, I think it has bad usability and navigation. The result is just a bunch of happy programmers dreaming on making their own control panel application.

The NVIDIA Control Panel should instead take a look on the Windows Control Panel (Vista version preferred) and use that concept, which has a better navigation, a quick search etc etc. The Control Panel as it is today is difficult to use, gives you a bad overview of the settings and is impossible to navigate without a mouse. Shape up NVIDIA!