Business Card in Outlook 2007Microsoft Outlook 2007 introduces a new view for the contacts called Business Cards. It’s a view, much like the old Adress Cards view, but the business cards view lets you customize how the different contacts look - just like a business card. You can customize the business cards and give each one a unique look. This can make finding contacts easier, if the business cards resembles the real ones.

Nice looking e-mail signaturesWhen sending messages you can attach your business card to the message, as a signature, which attaches a .vcf file and attaches an image of the business card. This will make your e-mails look really nice.

**Useful or not?**The view could be useful to get a nice overview of your contacts, but at it’s present functional level, I think it will be pretty useless. Of course if you like a lot of fancy user interfaces you certainly will like it or if you have the time to edit the business cards of all your contacts you will get something out of it.

The business cards view is the default view for contacts in Outlook 2007, but I have switched over the the Address Cards view, since it gives you a better view over the contacts.

Suggestion to the Outlook 2007 teamSo what I would like the Outlook 2007 team to do is include a function that let’s you save the layout of a business card as a template and the be able to apply that template to other business cards.There are templates on the Office Online site, but they are just dummy contacts.