icon_vista Windows Vista is currently suffering from some major issues with performance and reliability when for example resuming from standby, when you are using graphic intensive applications (read playing games :-) or when you are copying files (especially over a network).

As of today Microsoft has two new updates for Windows Vista targets some performance and reliability issues.

Update for Windows Vista (KB938194)

This one covers some cases when Vista stops responding due to display driver problems as well as some other stuff.

Update for Windows Vista (KB938979)

This one fixes the estimated time remaining delay bug as well as some memory leaks and memory management issues.

The updates are not on Windows Update yet, but I expect them to appear there on patch tuesday!

These updates are a result of the Microsoft Error Reporting services built in to Vista. You can also help out by enabling this service. I currently have 411 reported problems…

Download them and tell me if you experience some improvements or not…