Once in a while even a SharePoint addict does something else but SharePoint and so has I. I’ve been fiddling a bit with a Windows Phone 7 application. Actually the application has been available in the Windows Phone marketplace for two months now (thanks to those who downloaded it or even purchased it). But now it’s up to version 2.0 where all my initial wanted features are in place, thanks to a huge delay when flying into Seattle this weekend.

The application is called Session Timer. It’s a WP7 app that allows you to plan your presentation sessions into segments and time them so that you can use your WP7 as a counter while presenting. Why you say, isn’t that what PowerPoint presentation mode is for? Yea - if you’re only using PowerPoint! I often do presentations where I have PowerPoint on the big screen and the outline on my laptop. But when it comes to doing demoes in virtual machines, Visual Studio or other non-presentation-mode aware applications you have to either stand looking over your shoulder on the big screen or flip back and forward between extended or duplicate screen. And this is where this application fits. Or when you’re doing presentations without PowerPoint presentation mode - which in many cases is better (I remember the keynote from PDC08 where Chris Sells and Don Box did a command prompt and notepad only session - one of the best shows I’ve seen ever).

So, in Session Timer version 2.0 you can create multiple sessions (trial limited to two) and each session has none or more segments (trial mode is limited to three). Each session has a running time and a title and each segment has a start time, title and color. The screen will always show your session and counting down the time for the whole session and for each segment individually. You can also see the title of the upcoming segment. Since each segment has a color that is reflected as the background color for the segment. This allows you to easy see what parts of your presentation you are in - for instance your demos might always have red background. You can also turn on vibration for each segment as an extra reminder.

Here’s some screenshots of the application.


Do you think this sounds interesting, then download the trial on the Windows Phone Marketplace by clicking on the tile below:

If you have any feature requests or find any anomalies - please head on over the the Session Timer Facebook page and discuss it.