SharePoint 2010 The release SharePoint 2010 and Office 2010 is imminent and I can already smell them! Microsoft Sweden with André Henriksson will take a tour around our beautiful country and show all the good stuff that is coming for us developers called SharePoint 2010 - The Developer Tour.

Me and my awesome MVP mate Tobias Zimmergren will help out during some stops of the tour. It’s a half day full with developer goodies that you can’t miss out on! The tour will stop in Umeå, Göteborg, Sundsvall, Malmö and Stockholm. I will be doing the last stop and that one is after RTM and general availability of SharePoint 2010 so be sure that I will show you the latest and coolest bits of the fantastic SharePoint platform!

Update: Umeå has been changed to 19th of May and Göteborg has been changed to the 25th of May

And if you can’t get enough of all the great stuff that is crawling out of Redmond there is a full afternoon with web-development by Johan Lindfors (Microsoft).

See you there!