After about six months of writing I have now written a total of 400 pages and 15 chapters about SharePoint 2010 Web Parts for my book called SharePoint 2010 Web Parts in Action. This is a book focusing on Web Part development in SharePoint 2010 and I think that it covers all that is needed for developers who wants to enhance their SharePoint 2010 and Web Parts development skills.

The chapters are:

  1. Introducing SharePoint 2010 Web Parts
  2. Using and configuring Web Parts in SharePoint 2010
  3. Building Web Parts with Visual Studio 2010
  4. Building the user interface
  5. Making Web Parts customizable
  6. Web Part resources and configuration
  7. Packaging, Deployment and Security
  8. Tools for troubleshooting and logging
  9. Caching for performance
  10. Dynamic interfaces in Web Parts
  11. Client Object Model and Silverlight Web Parts
  12. Making Web Parts Mobile
  13. Web Part design Patterns
  14. Connecting Web Parts
  15. Building Pages and Dashboards

I have submitted all my chapters to my publisher (Manning) and I am waiting for the final technical review of it before I can let it go (for this time). Once I have reviewed the reviews the book will be sent to typesetting and then it will be on the way to the printers. You will see the book in your closest book shop during this fall.

But, if you are interested you can actually grab the preview pieces of it right now. Manning has an Early-Access program (MEAP) that allows you to purchase the book right away as a preview e-Book and once the book is hot from the presses it will be sent to you. Head on over to http://www.manning.com/wilen to get your copy. Currently there are the first seven chapters available with two more on the way. If you do get it and you have feedback on it, contact me or discuss it at the Manning Sandbox forums.

While some really smart guys are doing the review, I’m shutting down for a while for a long awaited vacation. See you on the other side…

(written using the new Windows Live Writer beta…)