Happy Holidays everyone!

At the upcoming SharePoint Conference, next year in Las Vegas, I will be presenting a session called Real World SharePoint 2013 Architecture decisions. The session will discuss and give examples of real world decisions and trade-offs you might be faced with as a SharePoint Architect. In order to make the session even more interesting I would like you all to help out with some statistics. Therefore have I created a small survey with a few questions. Filling it out should not take you more than an a few minutes, so there is no excuse not to do it.

You can answer the questions either with data from your own companys standpoint, or if you are a consultant you are free to answer with your current project(s).

The survey in it’s full glory can be found here: http://askwictor.com/SPC14Survey

Feel free to spread this link cross all your networks, the more data I have the more interesting it will be.

The results will contribute to the SPC334 session and will shortly after that be presented here on this blog.