Hello everyone and hope you’re not reading this, it’s summer time and great weather, except in Sweden of course. We have some updates to the Office Roadmap today, the first set of updates in FY16 for Microsoft. Last week I complained about Microsoft changing URL’s to the roadmap site - they are now fixed ;-)

Changes 2015-07-09

This are the changes I’ve noticed since the 26th of June including my take on the additions and changes. A lot of Skype for Business stuff has been launched this time!

One other thing I’ve noticed is that the Delve picture is updated from blue pens to green hills.

Now Launched

  • Azure AD Reports: The new auditing reports are now fully rolled out
  • Exchange Online Advanced Threat Protection: Directly from In Development
  • MDM for OneDrive for Business: Now fully rolled out
  • Mobile Device Management: From rolling out
  • New Intune capabilities for Outlook on iOS and Android: The Outlook client on iOS and Android can now use built-in MDM for Office 365 or Intune. New on the Roadmap.
  • OAuth and MFA for Outlook for iOS and Android: From rolling out
  • Office 365 Video Embed: Everyone can now embed videos
  • Office Online Preview in Yammer: A new Yammer feature is launched (was some time since last). Yammer will now use Office Online to render Office and PDFs uploaded to Yammer
  • Skype for Business - Windows Phone: woohoo, same client different name.
  • Skype for Business Preview - Cloud PBX with PSTN Calling (US Only): 365 Admins living in the big land of the free can now sign up for this
  • Skype for Business Preview - PSTN Conferencing (US Only): Once again, US only Admins can sign up for this
  • Skype for Business Preview- Skype Meeting Broadcast: All admins should now be able to sign up for this preview. The sign up links doesn’t work on the Roadmap page, but use this one and you should be all ready to go: https://www.skypepreview.com/Register

Rolling Out

  • Custom Tiles: Huge news for all admins using Office 365. Finally an easy way to add a link to your intranet start page in the App Launcher. You can find the configuration under Admin > Company Profile > Custom Tiles (yea I know, not the most logical place…)
    Custom Tiles
  • Office 365 Admin App Updates for June: From In Development. The new push notifications are awesome (my phone has been beeping all my vacation!)
  • Office 365 Admin Center June Updates: New on the roadmap. A lot of updates to the user experience and user interface this time and also adding some new controls, such as turn on or off Sway.
  • Office 365 Setup Wizard: the brand new setup experience is rolling out replacing the old basic and advanced options.
  • Office 365 Store: The new Store is rolling out and you can find it in the Waffle for First Release customers. Currently only free apps are available.
  • Organization Support card: You can now configure your support information to be used in Office 365 and shown in the help pane. From In Development.
  • Cortana & Office 365 Productivity Scenarios: One really cool differentiator for Office 365 versus other productivity solutions. First release customers can enjoy Office 365 information in Cortana on Windows 10. [Added after initial post, since this was a late addition to the roadmap]

In Development

  • Cloud PBX in Skype for Business Online: no changes, except the word “Online” has been added to the title.
  • Delve People Experiences - Praise: Delve will be incorporating even more “social features” beginning with Praise functionality.  A Praise will trigger an e-mail to the manager (oh, how many of you out there has proper manager structures in AD :-). And no mention of anything with Yammer here, so likely we’re moving even further away from Yammer!
  • Office 365 Admin App Updates for July: Focus for this release will be Group Administration (Office 365 Groups!). New on the roadmap
  • Skype for Business for Android: New UI to Lync for Android. New on the list
  • Skype for Business for iOS: New UI to Lync for iOS. New on the list