I got some news for you. The Office Roadmap is updated, actually it was updated yesterday but I had other stuff to do. Let’s jump right into the changes and look at them Groups thingies!!

Changes 2016-03-17


  • Dark theme for Outlook 2016: Somehow someone thought this was important. Personally I’m not a fan of the dark theme in Office, specifically not in Outlook - it looks all weird and funky since e-mails have a white background. (from in development)
  • Directory pictures in Outlook 2016 search suggestions: When searching in Outlook (on the desktop) you should see profile pics of people - I don’t, and I’m on the Office first release branch… (from in development)
  • Learning Tools for OneNote: There are some new Learning tools in OneNote for people with learning needs. (NEW)
  • Office 365 Groups: dynamic membership: Dynamic membership in groups should be rolled out. Love the feature! You configure the dynamic membership in the Azure AD portal and it also requires Azure AD premium if you wondered (from rolling out)
  • Office 365 Groups: files quota management: File quotas for group - one of those things we waited for are here, anyone seen it by the way. The description still says “we plan to” - but it is marked as launched (from rolling out)
  • SharePoint Online uses Exchange Web Services to send mail: SharePoint alerts and mails are no longer marked as spam (from rolling out)

In Development

  • Focused Inbox for Outlook for Windows, Mac and web: The focused inbox feature from the Outlook iOS/Android app will come to Outlook for Windows and Mac as well as web (NEW)
  • Message Center improvements Spring 2016: some filtering features and a new weekly digest e-mail incoming for the message center (NEW)
  • Office 365 Groups: guest access support: YES! YES! YES! FINALLY! (NEW)
  • One-click Archive: archive your stuff in Outlook if our using Outlook for Mac with a single click (NEW)
  • Outlook 2016 for Mac two step authentication: Modenr AuthN and two-FACTOR authentication for Outlook for Mac (NEW)
  • Upload local Outlook attachment to OneDrive & OneDrive for Business: automatically upload your attachments to OneDrive when sending e-mail using Outlook for desktop (NEW)

Moved off into the previously released list

  • Skype for Business for Android