RoadmapIt’s not easy to keep up on what is happening in the Office and Office 365 world. Everything is changing so fast. Fortunate for us Microsoft and the Office product group has created the Office Roadmap site ( with all (almost at least) the details on what is in development and rolling out etc. It became quite famous the other week when the new forms solution went from In Development to Cancelled.

Unfortunately it is quite hard to stay up to date on what’s changing in the Roadmap, and until Microsoft provides us with better details with regards to this, I thought that I could help out. Actually a while back I built a PowerShell script that automatically notifies me of any changes to the Roadmap – and why keep that a secret?

I’ll try to blog the changes as soon as I discover them, and I’ll add my personal thought on the change…

Changes 2015-03-13

(Sorry, about the wrong date at the first edition of this post…)

These are the changes as of today and I divide them into a couple of sections

New stuff on the roadmap

  • AzureAD sync for Yammer: (In Development) We’re getting there
  • Clutter for your inbox on by default: (In Development) I don’t generally like stuff turned on by default, but this might be an exception
  • Office 365 ProPlus user activation management: (In Development) looking forward to this!
  • OneNote Staff Notebook for Education: (Launched) Brand new addition to the roadmap
  • Quarantine Message Body Preview: (In Development)

Now launched

  • Exchange Transport Rule: Recipient Notification Action: From In Development
  • Improved Yammer thread visuals with Card View for iOS/Android: From In Development
  • OneDrive for Business Sync for Mac: Wonder if we’ll see the OD4B app on the fancy watch?
  • Outlook Web App options update:
  • PIN lock and other updates for Outlook for iOS & Android: directly to launched
  • Quarantine Bulk Release: Another direct to launch feature
  • RMS support for document libraries: From In Development, awesome stuff!
  • Touch Design Enhancements for SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business

Features now rolling out

  • Compliance Center for Office 365: Went from In development to rolling out
  • DLP in Office 365 to protect Externally classified content: Now rolling out
  • eDiscovery Center Scale Increase: Went directly from In development to Launched
  • Partner Admin Center New Customer List Filters: From In development.
  • Partner admin mobile app: From In Development
  • Workload-specific admin roles: From In Development. This is the best news this time! Finally!
  • Yammer groups prioritization: From In Development

Other changes

  • SharePoint Online storage usage model: Moved from Rolling Out to In Development?

Moved off the list, into the previously released bucket

  • Enhanced Bulk Mail Protection for Exchange Online Protection
  • Group Search in Yammer
  • Groups in Office 365 for Outlook Web App and OneDrive for Business
  • New wave of Yammer web and mobile language localization updates
  • Office 365 IRS 1075 Compliance Support
  • Office 365 Message Encryption- Apps for iOS and Android
  • Office 365 services hosted from Microsoft Japan datacenters
  • Office 365 sign-in for Yammer
  • OneDrive for Business for Office 365 ProPlus subscription plans