Here we go again! The Office team keep a steady pace of updates coming to the Office Roadmap. This time it’s a bit weird, but we have a lot of things being rolled back!? Also I noticed that the site was down today for maintenance. So, is this just a DR solution and they lost data or have they just messed things up? I smell that someone actually MANUALLY updates this list, but hey, they can’t be that crazy, can they?

Anyhow - this is NOT how a roadmap/changelog should work. Microsoft, you customers tries to listen to what you do, but this is just not acceptable. Last week I told a customer it was launched, and now it’s not….FIX THIS. Scrap this Roadmap site and make proper changelog - if you don’t know how, go ask your colleagues in the Microsoft Graph team and ask them how they do it.

Changes 2016-02-01


Nothing new launched this time around.

Rolling out

  • Apps for Project Pro for Office 365 write support: Rolled back from Launched!
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) in SharePoint Online: Rolled back from Launched!
  • DLP in SharePoint - Policy Management: Rolled back from Launched!
  • Multiple timeline bars in Project Pro for Office 365: Rolled back from Launched!
  • Next-generation OneDrive for Business sync client (PC & Mac): Rolled back from Launched!
  • Office 365 Video - Yammer settings per channel: Rolled back from Launched!
  • Red Alert Autoposting: Rolled back from Launched!
  • Task Notifications in Project Online: Rolled back from Launched!
    Yammer service on by default

In Development

  • Azure departmental template availability: was cancelled last week
  • Cloud PBX in Skype for Business: was launched last week
  • Manage Yammer licenses in Office 365: was rolling out last week
  • Mobile PDF annotation support for iOS: was launched last week
  • Office 365 local datacenter in India: well, do you have a datacenter in India or don’t you!?!?
  • PSTN Calling in Skype for Business: Was launched…
  • PSTN Conferencing in Skype for Business Online: was also launched…
  • Real time presence for PowerPoint: was rolling out
  • Real Time presence in PowerPoint for desktop: was rolling out
  • Skype Meeting Broadcast: was launched
  • Sway recycle bin: was launched

Things that just is a mess and a big questionmark

  • Allow/Deny list external sharing domains: was listed as in development last week but don’t exist no more…
  • Bitcoin Currency Format Support: and I just spent tons of money on Godizilla machines to mine some bitcoins…
  • Expiring Yammer Announcements: looks like they don’t expire after all, but hey ho, they are experimenting with Mark stuff as read in the inbox - the biggest improvement in this service for three years - AND THEY DON’T PUT THAT ON THE ROADMAP!!
  • FastTrack | Expanded language support: was iun development
  • OneDrive for Business Web UX refresh: was launched
  • Search on Yammer iOS app: was rolling out
  • Set an expiry date for a guest share: that explains why I didn’t see this last week, it is NOT launched
  • Skype for Business One-time search notification: magically disappeared from the previously released list!

Let’s keep an eye on that roadmap, I have a feeling something will happen soon again…