Spring is closing in, astronauts are returning from a year in space, the US has an election going on and there’s update on the Office Roadmap.

The roadmap mess saga continues…with Microsoft making even more fools out of themselves!!!

Changes 2016-03-01


No new things are rolling out…instead they are rolling them back!

Rolling out

All of the following was previously Launched but are now rolling out instead. Microsoft, you need to think about how you update this page. The last month or so has been ver unreliable. Please, if you need help in managing a proper list of changes you have my contact details. Actually in Sweden there is a law that what you publish on your web site is what is included in the service/product/offering (not exactly the legal text) at the time of purchase…

  • Apps for Project Pro for Office 365 write support
  • Auto Generated Project IDs in Project Online
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) in SharePoint Online
  • Designer
  • DLP in SharePoint - Policy Management
  • First Release: Select People support for SharePoint & OneDrive for Business
  • Multiple timeline bars in Project Pro for Office 365
  • Next-generation OneDrive for Business sync client (PC & Mac)
  • Office 365 Groups: dynamic membership
  • Office 365 ISO 27001 and 27018 Audit Report
  • Office 365 Video - Yammer settings per channel
  • PowerPoint Designer - Desktop
  • PowerPoint Morph - Desktop
  • Preview_Office 365 Customer Security Considerations Refrence Guide
  • Red Alert Autoposting
  • SharePoint Online uses Exchange Web Services to send mail
  • Task Notifications in Project Online

The following are the real changes

  • Delve People Experiences - Praise: this was launched but withdrawn back to in development, but now it is rolling out again.
  • Removal of Delivery Reports from Outlook on the web: the delivery reports feature are being removed (from in development)
  • Yammer service on by default: The Yammer Service is now on by default for most customers. Ya’ll know what I think about that. Good luck Yammer. Good thing is that they fixed the licensing issue, so now you just remove the licenses from the users to prohibit Yammer. (from in development)

In Development

Here’s a set of features that is also retagged, from Launched and Rolling out to In Development

  • Cloud PBX in Skype for Business
  • Events from email
  • FastTrack | Data migration to OneDrive for Business from File Shares
  • FastTrack | Data migration to SharePoint Online Team Sites from File Shares
  • FastTrack | Office 365 ProPlus Upgrade Assistance
  • Manage Yammer licenses in Office 365
  • Mobile PDF annotation support for iOS
  • Office 365 Groups: files quota management
  • Office 365 Groups: multi-domain support
  • Office 365 local datacenter in India: WHAT, this is from Launched!?!?! I smell something fishy here
  • Office 365 Reporting Dashboard
  • Office Online multi-user coauthoring in Yammer
  • PSTN Calling in Skype for Business
  • PSTN Conferencing in Skype for Business Online
  • Real time presence for PowerPoint
  • Real Time presence in PowerPoint for desktop
  • Skype Meeting Broadcast
  • Sway recycle bin
  • Azure departmental template availability: and this one was previously cancelled!?!?

No longer on the list!?

  • Allow/Deny list external sharing domains
  • Bitcoin Currency Format Support
  • Embedded video in Universal app
  • Expiring Yammer Announcements
  • FastTrack | Expanded language support
  • Improvements to Outlook Add-in Store
  • Intune Mobile Application Management and Conditional Access for Skype for Business
  • Morph for iOS
  • Office 365 Groups: guest access support
  • Office Delve updated profile experience: this one I know for sure is launched
  • OneDrive for Business Web UX refresh
  • Removal of Delivery Reports from Outlook on the web
  • Search on Yammer iOS app
  • Set an expiry date for a guest share
  • Skype for Business Cloud Connector Edition
  • Skype for Business One-time search notification

SERIOUSLY! IS THIS A BAD JOKE!? Microsoft, are you trying to wear me out and messing this up just because you can’t handle the truth…