After years and months and weeks of waiting it was time to finally install Windows Vista RTM.

I downloaded the ISO image from MSDN and burned it on a DVD, the download was fast but it took me hours of retries to get my hands on the license key, I guess the license servers was overloaded with requests.

After making one of my hard drives ready I started the installation. This will take me an hour or so maximum I thought after reading all about the new and fast installation and of my experiences with installing the release candidates on Virtual PC’s. All went pretty fine, except that it felt soooo slow, until Vista started the installation. It took minutes between the different screens.

Then the real problems started.

After a few minutes of looking at the Expanding Files (0%) message an error dialog popped up with the message stating that the installation files may be corrupt - please retry. And I did - several times. After a few times I burned a new DVD - same problem. So I tried to download a new image from MSDN.

The first informational messages shown when Windows Vista completes the setup and checks performance says:Time is precious… :-)

Suddenly there was no trace of Vista on the MSDN subscription site and I went over to TechNet where I could find it listed in the recent downloads. But when I clicked on the link it said Access denied. there something strange with this build so they (Microsoft) decided to withdraw the RTM?

Then I decided to give it another try and I let the setup program format the drive on which I should setup Vista, and it worked! Strange, I did format the disk just before restarting the machine and starting the setup. One reboot, some waiting (approx. 15 minutes), another reboot and I was up and running. 

Now I am up and running now and updating all the Unknown Devices on the machine - found all of them so far. Read more about it in Jim Allchins post.

It’s 2:41 AM here, and I have to get up early tomorrow…