Documents…SharePoint 2010 is just around the corner and Microsoft is starting to release guidance and planning documents for the new and shiny version. Up until now there has been little guidance on hardware and software limits/boundaries/recommendations of SharePoint 2010 and comparisons with SharePoint 2007. But now when the release is imminent is essential to get up to speed on this. Here is a compilation of some of them that I find really interesting and will take for weekend reading.

SharePoint Server 2010 capacity management: software boundaries and limits: A huge document with all details of boundaries, supported limits and thresholds of lists, sites, databases, network etc that you need to know about SharePoint 2010.

SharePoint Server 2010 performance and capacity technical case studies: Two different studies on performance and capacity. One for a publishing intranet and on a collaboration environment. These are actual used implementations of SharePoint at Microsoft.

SharePoint Server 2010 performance and capacity test results and recommendations: Nine different documents focusing on different scenarios and services with test results and performance characteristics.

Databases That Support SharePoint 2010 Products: A great Visio diagram describing all the databases in the SharePoint family. Something to decorate your living room with.

Have a nice weekend everyone. And I hope that the ash cloud disappears so that everyone attending the Evolutions conference will have a good time next week.