I’m incredibly proud to announce that I’ve been accepted into the Microsoft Regional Director program.

Microsoft Regional Director

The Microsoft Regional Director (RD) program is a global community of passionate technology thought leaders, where Microsoft once a year appoints a small set of leaders as Regional Directors, to serve on a two years basis.

It’s a fantastic opportunity for me to play a small role in this group of people - that I look up to as leaders, superstars, humans..and friends.

This is a process that is extremely thorough and it took quite some time. After receiving the initial nomination I had to fill out a very verbose questionnaire digging deep into my career, experience and history. I thought it was great as it took me down the memory lane as well and gave me an opportunity to reflect on what I’ve done over the years. From being a part of the dotcom era, building CMS systems, to founding my own company, then entering the SharePoint scene and saw the cloud world emerge (PDC08 folks!). And where I am right now, leading innovation for modern workplace at Avanade. I’ve been presenting at so many conferences over the last decade that I almost lost track of them, I’ve met so many amazing people from all over the world from all cultures, I’ve written a couple of books - and I’ve learnt, and I’ve grown - as a human. I’ve not been doing this just for myself though, I want to make things better for everyone with the help of technology.

I want to thank Microsoft and the Microsoft RD program for giving me this opportunity, and I will keep being my honest self and change things for the better. This will be an amazing new ride. I also want to thank my buddy Eric Overfield who convinced and helped me pursuing this. And of course all the teams at Microsoft - SharePoint and Microsoft Teams specifically.

Once again, thank you. And I hope to see you all out there, once we defeat this ongoing pandemic.