Such a great week this is, after being accepted into the Microsoft Regional Director community earlier this week, today marks the 11th time I’m awarded with the Microsoft MVP for Office Apps & Services.

Dear Wictor Wilen, We’re once again pleased to present you with the 2020-2021 Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award in recognition of your exceptional technical community leadership. We appreciate your outstanding contributions in the following technical communities during the past year:

I did not expect myself to be a part of this community for this long, but being awarded with the MVP title just encourages me to put in those extra miles needed. This past year has been one of the better in my opinion; I’ve been allowed to travel and present on the topics I’m very passionate about - Microsoft 365, SharePoint and Microsoft Teams.

Yes, I know, I’ve not blogged that much the last few years, but I’ve spent a significant amount of time working on open source projects. What I’m most proud of is the success of the Microsoft Teams Apps generator - Yo Teams, where the usage has sky-rocketed over the last few months. I’ve also moved the generator over to the Microsoft 365 PnP organization, and been fortunate to be selected as one of the PnP community team members.

Thanks everyone for their support, let’s make this year of 2020 into something better!