Apple have now released the final version of the Safari browser to Windows, which has not gone unnoticed since they are pushing it as a pre-selected optional update to QuickTime or iTunes. I still refuse to install iTunes on my machines so this approach from Apple wants me to install iTunes… Apple is not new to me. As soon as there are any updates to QuickTime Apple recommends me to install iTunes, via Apple Software Update.

But anyway’s, this time I wanted to install the Safari browser.

As usual I did not read the EULA (who do read all these agreements). If I would have then I would have found out that I was not allowed to install it on my Dell Windows Vista machine!

Take a look at this piece in the License Agreement (Help->License in the Safari browser).

Apple Safari EULA

You are not allowed to install Safari on non-Apple branded computers. (Thanks to Sandi for bringing this to my attention).

Safari will not be my preferred browser for a long time, I just don’t like the interface, the hijack of the controls (look at the image below) or the rendering of text.

Comparing browser controls

But it is installed now - and I’m happy with that. Now I can test drive sites on different browsers without having multiple virtual machines or computers.

PS. I will add Safari to the memory usage and JavaScript performance tests of Firefox 3 and Internet Explorer 8 when new betas/versions arrive.