Certificate Certificate problems with Windows Mobile and Active Sync seems to be a pretty common cause of not being able to synchronize you mobile phone with Microsoft Exchange, but despite the number of web pages and posts found around the net there are no simple solutions or shortcuts.

I previously had some problems installing my certificate on to my Windows Mobile 5 phone, but now it’s upgraded to Windows Mobile 6, which has support for handling certificates. Today I had to update the certificate on our Exchange server since it was not valid anymore and after that my WM6 phone stopped syncing and giving me this error: The security certificate on the server has expired. Check that the date and time on your device are correct and the error code 0x80072f05. The Microsoft KB article 927465 did not help but led me to look for a utility called SslChainSaver which I found on the Windows Mobile Team Blog. The SslChainSaver utility traces all certificates to your server and saves them as files on your machine. It also produces an XML file which you can turn into a CAB file (instructions here) to install them on your Windows Mobile phone.

This worked like a charm and now I’m 24/7 online once again…

Note: the SslChainSaver utility was placed on the Gotdotnet which has been buried, but you can download it here.